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3 days in Bari itinerary – What to see in 3 days?

Are you looking to spend 3 days in Bari? We’ve always found quick trips a ton of fun. You don’t need to take a lot of time off yet you can go exploring a new place. Let’s see what a three-day itinerary for Bari looks like.

Spending 3 days in Bari will let you explore some amazing places. By following our smart itinerary you can cover a lot of attractions in this short period of time. So do not hesitate to book a 3 day trip to Bari as it’s an awesome place to visit.

Keep one thing in mind when reading our itinerary. We’ve put it together with 3 full days in mind. This means arriving in the morning on the first day and leaving in the evening on the last. In case your plane has a different schedule you can always adjust the itinerary to your requirements.

How to get to Bari from Bari Airport?

Let’s start with the basics! When you are doing 3 day Bari trip you will arrive at the local airport. It’s one of the biggest among the airports of Puglia, so it will be the easiest finding cheap tickets for anyway.

In order to get from Bari Airport to Bari town, you can grab a taxi at the airport. This is not a budget option but this is definitely the most convenient. The taxi will take you into the city and drop you off in front of your hotel.

The economical option is taking the Train. The station is just outside of the airport. It’s very easy to find and the train will take you directly to Bari. You can purchase your tickets at the station.

We don’t recommend pre-purchased tickets for the airport train as plane delays can happen. You lose nothing if you buy the train tickets at the station so that’s the best way.

When you arrive at Bari early in the morning you might be looking at a few hours of free time before you can check-in to your hotel.

In this case, we recommend that you find a place to store your bags and go exploring. You can always use RadicalStorage for an easy and convenient way to find storage for your luggage.

3 days in Bari itinerary

Bari Center

You’ve arrived in Bari from the airport. You’ve managed to find storage for your luggage or simply checked in to your hotel. It’s time to start exploring! Of course, we’ll start day 1 in Bari. It makes the most sense.

Day 1 – Bari Historic Center

Where else should we go first if not the historic center of the city? It’s a compact center with a lot of narrow streets and old buildings. It’s very walkable and has an inviting atmosphere. You’ll love walking around the cobblestone streets while checking out all the attractions.

Basilica San Nicola

The Basilica San Nicola is an excellent place to start your visit. It’s a remarkable church that has iconic fame in Bari.

It’s a Romanesque church that was built in 1197. Many people think of the Basilica as a pilgrimage site and it’s an extremely popular visit for religious tourists.

Don’t forget to check the interior as well. There are great statues and frescoes all around and you’ll be able to see the tomb of Saint Nicolas as well.

Museo Nicolaiano

Next up is the Basilica’s own museum just outside. It’s dedicated to relics and liturgical art. If you are interested in the topic you will find a visit to this museum amazing.

It’s a small museum that explores the history of Bari and the church next door. You’ll find paintings, relics, and other artworks. You’ll be able to see the whole museum in around 30 minutes. The entry ticket is 8 euros.

If you are not too keen on museums like this one, it’s safe to skip it.

Museo Archeologico di Santa Scolastica

Another museum, but we can safely recommend this one to anyone. It’s an archeological museum with all the finds from the region.

From the basilica, we recommend that you take onto the small streets of Bari and continue north towards the Archeological museum.

You can pass by Ruderi di Santa Maria del Buon Consiglio on your way there which is an open-air ruin. It’s an old church with only a few columns and the base standing right inside the old town of Bari.

From there it’s just a short walk to the Archeological Museum. It’s a modern museum with great displays and a lot of information. Even if you only spend 3 days in Bari we recommend a visit here.

You can learn so much about the history of not just Bari but Puglia as a whole.

Chiesa rettoria Santa Scolastica da Norcia is a church next to the museum. It’s a simple yet charming building that will inspire you to take some photos.

Castello svevo di Bari

Now you’ll be heading towards the Castle of Bari. It’s one of the biggest castles in Puglia and definitely an impressive structure.

It was used to defend against threats from the sea and other nations. It’s a reminder that medieval times were not as peaceful as our modern days.

You’ll be able to walk around the outside and see the huge walls and bastions. We recommend that you walk all the way to the entrance for the best photo opportunities.

The entry ticket is 6 euros, but if we are honest it’s not much inside. You can check out the interior if you are a fan of medieval history but other than that it’s safe to skip.

Strada delle Orecchiette

From the castle, you need to start heading inside the center. You’ll have a great opportunity to pass by Strada delle Orecchiette.

It’s a narrow street that’s famous for handmade pasta. The locals will line up with their little stands selling all kinds of pasta you can imagine.

It’s a great spectacle even if you don’t have a place to cook it. On the other hand, if you’ve booked a hotel with a fireplace we highly recommend that you pick out a pasta to take home. You can cook it for dinner and enjoy authentic local pasta, made by you.

Eating at Largo Albicocca – Piazza degli Innamorati

It’s about time to grab some food. After looking at all the mouthwatering pasta we are sure that you are also getting hungry.

We recommend that you head over to Largo Albicocca – Piazza degli Innamorati a cute little piazza or square if you want the English word for it.

You can grab some food here. One great restaurant is Pizzeria di Cosimo which was even featured in our list of the best pizza in Bari.

Another excellent pick is Le Sgagliozze di Donna Carmela. They serve homemade Puglian food. A menu will cost you 10 euros but you will walk away with a full stomach.

Basilica Cattedrale Metropolitana di San Sabino

Now it’s time for the other most famous church of Bari. The Basilica Cattedrale Metropolitana di San Sabino is a magnificent sight and you might have already seen the tower when walking around town.

Its tower is an important landmark inside the city that can be seen from many streets. It’s another Romanesque church with the usual modest exterior and decorative interior.

Museo Civico Bari

After walking around the Cathedral you should head over to the Civic Museum of Bari. It’s a small museum that you can see in about one hour.

The items on display are extremely diverse. Everything from potter to statues and paintings. It’s a great way to connect with the city and learn a bit more.

Piazza Mercantile

As the last major stop today you can visit Piazza Mercantile. It’s a very local spot where people come to have a drink and meet during the evening.

An interesting feature is the Column of Shame on the square. In the old ages, people who owed a debt and couldn’t pay were tied to the column. They were then left there all day for everyone to look at them and feel their shame.

Just behind the square is also Il Fortino di Sant’Antonio a small fortification. It played a defense role in medieval times.

Self-Guided Exploration

Above is our full plan for sightseeing on the first day of your 3 day in Bari trip. It’s time to return to your hotel and recharge a bit. Maybe plan your dinner and get ready to do some exploration on your own.

If the weather allows we highly recommend a visit to Pane e Pomodoro beach. It’s featured in our best beaches near Bari guide and it’s the local beach. Even if you won’t go into the water it’s a nice place to watch the sun go down.

Once the sun goes down we also recommend a small walking trip back into the historic center of Bari. It’s a very romantic place during the evening with all the lights and narrow streets.

Bari at Evening

Day 2 – Alberobello and the Trulli

On your second day of the 3 days in Bari itinerary, it’s time to get out of town. This is how you can get the most out of your stay in such a short period of time. This second day is more tailored towards the people who haven’t been to Puglia yet.

If you’ve already seen Alberobello then we’ll have some recommendations after at the bottom of our second-day schedule.

Visit Alberobello

We recommend this activity for the first half of the day. It will fill you up with amazing experiences and memories to remember. When you return to Bari after this day trip you can decide to keep on exploring or take a relaxing evening in the town.

One thing is sure: the UNESCO World Heritage Site in Alberobello is an absolutely magical place. You need to see it if you’ve not been there already.

There are two options: either you choose a guided tour for a streamlined experience or travel by yourself.

Alberobello Truli
Alberobello Guided Tour

When we were in Bari we’ve decided to take a guided tour of Alberobello. It’s great as transport is included and you’ll get a nice tour guide to tell you all the info you would need.

You can find many tour agencies when walking around Bari and chances are you’ve already seen some on your first day. If you want to take the trip with a local agency then you should inquire at the offices during the first day of your 3 days in Bari trip. This will ensure that you get a spot the next day.

We’ve taken a guided tour from GetYourGuide. It was a very easy process. After ordering we were told the pickup point and the next morning we were picked up by the driver. It was a small group so we didn’t feel too bad being on a guided tour and we got to see everything. The whole trip took around 5-6 hours.

These guided tours are great but if we are honest the price point is a bit steeper than we like. It’s definitely a lot cheaper to do it yourself.

Self Guided Tour to Alberobello

You can do the self-guided tour by public transport or a rental car. The Bari to Alberobello train line is a regional one so if you want this option we recommend consulting your hotel reception the previous day.

They’ll tell you the current updates on the line and what is the best train station to go to. You’ll be able to purchase tickets at the train station.

As highlighted in our guide about getting around in Puglia renting a car is a valid option. You can visit Alberobello and even more if you decide to rent a car of your own. It might even come off cheaper to rent for one day than doing a guided tour.

Afternoon activities + Tips for those who’ve seen Alberobello already

Now the Alberobello trip will take a good chunk of time. Probably the quickest is a guided tour at around 5 hours. If you rent a car and decide to explore more small towns it might already be a night when you are back at your hotel.

Regardless let us give you some tips for the afternoon in case you’ve got some extra hours. These are good programs for those who’ve seen Alberobello on a previous trip already.

  • Palazzo Fizzarotti
    • Marvelous Palace in Bari. It’s one of those places that we’ve couldn’t fit into day 1 but it’s definitely worth a visit
  • Museo Teatro Margherita
    • Old theatre turned into contemporary art exhibition center. This one is for the art lovers. If you are fascinated by contemporary creations then you must not skip this one.
  • Visit Trani
    • Trani is a town north of Bari. It’s a charming little seaside settlement. There is a stunning church, a big fortress, and amazing seafood. You can reach it by train very quickly. More info in our travel guide to Trani.
  • Polignano a Mare
    • Got a lot of time on your hand? Then it’s a perfect opportunity to visit Polignano a Mare. It has one of the most famous beaches in Puglia which is a great sight even if it’s not beach weather. In case you want to make this a full day trip continue into Monopoli which is the next town after Polignano a Mare.
Poligano a Mare

Day 3 – Lecce and goodbye to Bari

On day 3 we’ll advise you to see the other prominent city in Puglia. Lecce is well known for travelers due to its amazing old town.

As usual, you can get train tickets on ItaliaRail. They cost around 24 dollars for the high-speed rail and 14 dollars for the standard train. We recommend a standard train on the way there and a high-speed one on the way back. It’s just a 20 minutes difference, but the first high-speed rail to Lecce is at 12:10 which is quite late for the last day.

You’ll have to buy a few weeks in advance if you are looking to secure your seats. Don’t forget RadicalStorage in case you need a place for your luggage.

We recommend around 4 hours in Lecce so it will be a short visit. Let’s see some of the places you should not miss.

Walking in Lecce

Basilica di Santa Croce

One of the most impressive and beautiful churches in Puglia. The facade is awe-inspiring and highly decorated. We’ve absolutely loved this Basilica.

Inside you’ll find many more wonderful artworks from paintings to statues. We urge you to explore the church both from the inside and outside.


You can see the remains of a Roman amphitheater in the middle of Lecce. It’s a great way to imagine what the city would have looked like in Roman times.

Castello Carlo V

The huge castle of Lecce is an impressive building. It has stood the test of time and now you can visit the former defensive stronghold.

It’s a big building with a lot of places to walk including the inner courtyard. Mind the time you spend here.

Historical Center

The above three are just a glimpse of all the great things you can see in Lecce. Make sure to take time walking around the narrow streets of the historical center. It’s a great town and it’s a bit different from Bari considering it’s on the mainland.

Return to Bari and to the airport

After you’ve visited Lecce it’s time to return to Bari. We recommend that you leave enough time to comfortably arrive at the airport.

In case you still have a few hours to pass in Bari we recommend one more trip to the port and the sea for a proper goodbye.

As the last stop on your journey, you will arrive at the airport to head home. We are sure that you’ll be missing Puglia and will want to return. It’s wonderful and authentic.

Home from 3 days in Bari

After you are home it’s time to review the best pictures and upload them to your favorite social media. We hope that you had an amazing time. We especially hope that our 3 day Bari itinerary was helpful to you personally.

Whenever we hear that our readers had fun based on our own recommendations we always feel a little bit more proud inside. See you before your next trip!

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