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30 Cool Menorca Facts

It’s time to learn about some cool Menorca facts. We have brought you a total of 30 interesting facts about the island.

1. The capital city changed

Currently, the capital city of Menorca is Mahón. However, it was not always like that. Before the year 1722, the historical capital was Ciutadella de Menorca.

2. Menorca Meaning

The name of the island is literally ‘smaller island’. It’s got this title due to being next to Mallorca, which is a lot bigger in contrast. Menorca comes from the original Latin words of Isula Minor.

3. Mayonnaise is from Menorca

According to the legends, the world-renowned Mayonnaise comes from the island of Menorca. It comes directly from the city of Mahón. Now that you think about it, it makes sense right? Mahonnaise and Mayonnaise are not that far away when it comes to wording.

4. Menorca has More beaches than Ibiza and Mallorca together

That’s right. This small island has a very nice coastline. It has more than 180 kilometers of amazing beaches on its shores. This is one of the reasons to rent a boat in Menorca, so you can access beaches, that are not accessible any other way.

5. The Island of Menorca is a Biosphere Reserve

Although small, Menorca boasts an impressive diversity of flora and fauna. Due to this, the island was given the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve status in 1993. To learn more about the diversity present on the island, you should visit the Menorca National Park.

Cami de Cavalls
Walk along the shores of Menorca

6. You can walk the entire Menorca coastline

There is a small trail going all the way around the circumference of Menorca. It’s called the Cami de Cavalls. If you wish, you can walk around the entire coastline of the island. However, many people opt to complete smaller parts of the walk as day trips.

7. Mahon has the second biggest natural harbor

Mahon was built in a very special location. There is a huge bay cutting into the island. Today, this forms the base of the Mahon harbor. In fact, it is so big, that it qualifies as the second-largest natural harbor in the world. The first one is Pearl Harbour.

8. It’s sparsely populated

Menorca has a population below 100,000 residents. Most of those live in Ciutadella and Mahon anyway. This means, that the majority of Menorca is not populated. It’s the perfect location to get away from it all.

9. Gin is very popular on Menorca

During the 18th century, the island has seen British invaders as the main population. Along with the British came Gin. Although the island is no longer under British rule, one thing remains, the love for a good gin. There is even a local gin-based drink named Pomada. Make sure that you order one on your Menorca vacation.

Gin Tonic Menorca
A gin tonic is always a good choice

10. Ciutadella is closer to Mallorca than Mahón

Yes, you read that right! The distance between the two islands is very small. Ciutadella, which sits on the northern side of Menorca is in fact closer to the shores of Mallorca, than it is to Mahón, the capital of Menorca.

11. The sun first shines on Menorca

In Spain, Menorca is the place, where you can see the sunrise the earliest. Due to its location out in the sea, the sun rises over Menorca earlier in the day than any other part of Spain.

12. There are a lot of festivals

The people of Spain like to party and celebrate. We all know this. On Menorca, they take this to the next level. Almost every single month has some kind of local celebration. This means a day off and a big fiesta.

13. Menorca has a rich military history

Anyone who loves military history needs to have Menorca on their horizons. There are a lot of abandoned fortresses and bastions on the island. Due to the constant conquerors and fighting, there are a ton of fortifications built into Menorca.

14. The island is a hiker’s paradise

We have already mentioned the trail that goes around the island. That alone should be enough to pose as an attractive destination for nature lovers. However, the island of Menorca is also dotted with trails and hiking routes. You can truly immerse yourself in an active holiday when you visit Menorca.

Menorca Hiking

15. Agritourism is big in Menorca

If you are looking for the ultimate getaway after you book a cheap flight, try agritourism. There are multiple estates in Menorca that will be happy to have you in a rural environment. It’s an excellent way to discover local life and interact with farm animals.

16. Menorca has narrow roads

There are only a few big roads in Menorca. Whenever you need to visit a smaller location you will have to drive on tiny and narrow roads. At times you will question if two cars can actually fit next to each other. Luckily, the traffic is very light, so although the road network is not highly developed, you will not see many cars off the main road.

17. There are 7 lighthouses on Menorca

If you love lighthouses, you’ve got quite a list to check out. There are a total of seven lighthouses available for you to visit on your Menorca vacation.

Menorca Lighthouse

18. The Orange Menorca Cheese

There is a very distinct local cheese on the island. It originates from Mahón and it’s an orange rind cheese. These types are divided into age groups. They will have a different taste, depending on how much aging they were put through.

19. You can see the whole island from the top

If you visit the highest place in Menorca, you will have a view of the whole island. You can look all around yourself, and the horizon will end in the sea. To find the highest point on the island you have to climb Monte Toro.

20. Residents are bilingual

Menorca residents usually speak at least two languages. One is the local dialect of Catalan, while the other is Castillian, the main Spanish dialect. Apart from this, as tourism is popular on the island, the residents usually pick up one more foreign language to talk with visitors.

21. Menorca has just rediscovered wine

The island has a long history of producing excellent wine. However, in the past few centuries, the wine business was starting to decline. It reached a point where Menorca was no longer well known for its wines.

Today local wineries have started to re-ignite the passion for wine. Once again you can have excellent local produce and check out great wineries on the island.

Menorca Loves Wine

22. There are 30 butterfly species on Menorca

As we have already mentioned, the island has an extremely rich fauna. This includes insects as well. One of the highlights is the diversity of butterfly species. There are a total of 30 different kinds of butterflies that you can find on Menorca.

23. Menorca is the first of the Balearic islands to harness wind energy

Renewable energy is super important to us at TopFlightsNow. This is why we are happy to tell you that Menorca was the first island to utilize the power of the wind. There are turbines on the island to generate electricity.

24. It is not a party island

Although Ibiza is famous for huge parties, Menorca is not a party island. In fact, it’s one of the best choices for a family holiday. The laid-back environment and the huge number of beaches make it an ideal destination.

25. You can find a cave bar on Menorca

There is a bar called Cova d’en Xoroi, which was built into the rock wall of the Menorcan shoreline. It has amazing views of the sea and a very unique atmosphere.

Menorca Cave Bar
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26. Menorca gets a lot of sunshine

Each year, the island of Menorca gets more than 2700 hours of sunshine. This makes the island one of the best destinations for sun lovers. You are almost guaranteed to get amazing weather on your Menorca stays.

27. Archeologists love the island

The little-known fact about Menorca is the age of historical sites. There are historic attractions that age back all the way to 2300 BC. Due to this fact, the island is especially popular among Archeologists.

28. There is a haunted hotel

According to legend, a certain Lord Collingwood haunts a hotel on the island of Menorca. Hotel Almirante is the location where the ghost roams the hallways at night. The ghost is there because according to ancient beliefs, a sailor will always return to their last port if they are lost at sea. This hotel is the last place Lord Collingwood stayed, and as such, he is back to haunt it.

29. The highest point is 342 meters

Compared to the hilly landscapes of Mallorca, Menorca can almost be called a flatland. As the highest point is only 342 meters you can easily get up there. However, even at those heights, you will have amazing views, as we have already highlighted.

30. You can find awesome macarons in Menorca

Do you think macaron is a delicacy only the French make? Well, think again. In Menorca, the locals have put their own skills to the test to produce some amazing macarons.


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