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6 Beaches in Belfast, Maine to enjoy swimming

Are you vacationing in Belfast, ME? Maybe you are staying in town for a couple of days? If you are missing the ocean then we are here to help you out. We’ll take a look at the best beaches in Belfast, Maine that you can try for yourself.

Now, you must know that Belfast doesn’t have any classic beaches in town. There are beaches in town but they are mostly pebbly. If you want a real classic experience you’ll have to get in your car and drive a little bit.

That being said, experiencing the local beaches in Belfast, ME is a fun thing to do. You’ll be treated to some nice scenery and a very quiet environment.

1. Belfast City Park

Belfast Maine City Park
The swimming pool is still there!

The first place you can check out when it comes to beaches in Belfast is actually the local city park. It is a good place for recreational activities and this includes swimming.

It has a small shoreline that’s perfect for slow days. As Belfast, Maine is a small town you should not expect crowds here even if the weather is super hot.

Of course, this beach is very simple. There are no lifeguards on duty so swimming is only allowed at your own risk.

Oh and there’s even a swimming pool. So it’s definitely the place to be during the summer.

It’s a small but cute beach. We definitely recommend it as the best option if you don’t want to get out of town.


2. Belfast Public Beach

If you don’t want to go swimming in Belfast City Park then you got another option inside the town. It’s towards the North of Belfast where there are some public beach accesses.

The one we picked is easy to find. You just have to park on the far side of the Wentworth Event Center parking lot and that’s where the public access trail starts.

Here you can walk all the way down to the beach. Usually, this public access point is very quiet and there aren’t a lot of people on the shore.

Of course, once again, don’t expect lifeguards or amenities.


3. Fort Point State Park

Now we are getting out of town. Our first stop among the beaches near Belfast, Maine is at Fort Point State Park.

More specifically you need to look for the area south of the lighthouse. This area has a very calm and pretty nice beach.

It’s a state park so the scenery is a given. You can walk around the beach, and rest a little bit. Getting into the water is your own responsibility though.

The distance from Belfast, ME is only 14 miles, which is around 24 minutes of driving.


4. Sandy Point Beach

Now, our next pick is actually the first more classic beach on the list. Sandy Point, staying true to its name, is a big sandy beach.

It’s located to the north of Belfast and it’s a very rural and natural beach. You still don’t get lifeguards or amenities but instead, you get wildlife and beautiful scenery.

It is one of the best beaches if you don’t want to drive far and want something sandy.

Driving here will take around 20 minutes and the distance is around 14 miles.


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5. Laite Memorial Beach

This beach offers stunning views and a great place to swim. It is compact, but the rocky surface provides a great place to relax. The nearby park has picnic tables and grills, making it the perfect place to enjoy a day out.

It’s south of Belfast but it’s still easy to get here and this is a classic beach. Even better, it’s not abandoned like Sandy Point.

Although there is no lifeguard here either it’s a very popular beach among the Maine locals. People come from all over the surrounding towns as this beach is probably one of the best in the area.

It’s a 28-minute drive from Belfast, ME.


6. Wadsworth Cove Beach

Our final pick is Wadsworth Cove Beach which is pretty far from Belfast, ME, however, it’s one of our favorite beaches in the area.

We definitely consider this beach a local hidden gem. Not known by a lot of people it’s very quiet even on hot summer days.

The beach is pebbly so, unfortunately, no building sandcastles. In turn, you get amazing views and beautiful nature right next to the beach.

It’s one of the best hidden beaches in these parts of Maine if you want to relax and take in the beautiful views.

The distance from Belfast, ME is around 34 miles which translates to 45 minutes of driving.


Beaches in Belfast, ME – FAQ

Is there a local beach in Belfast, Maine?

Yes, Belfast City Park has a beach area.

What is the best beach near Belfast, Maine?

Wales Beach is our top pick among the beaches in Belfast.

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