Boeing 737 Max Infographic

737 Max vs 737-800 Infographic: How to tell apart the Boeing 737 Max

You are standing right next to your flight and you might be wondering: Is this the new 737 Max I’m flying today? With the max taking to the skies once again and more operators using it, it’s a valid question. Today, we’ll bring you an awesome infographic to tell the difference between the Boeing 737 Max vs 737-800.

Is the Boeing 737 Max Safe to Fly?

Before we show you the infographic, we’ve got to address the elephant in the room. With all the safety concerns and grounding of the plane, we understand that your confidence in your 737 Max flight might be a bit shakey.

Let us reassure you, that the changes done to the airplane are deep and complete. Today the 737 Max is a very safe airplane to fly and regulators ensured that what happened can not happen again with the plane. So if you are set to fly on this brand new aircraft you should not worry. Enjoy a modern design and a hopefully uneventful flight.

The Difference Between 737 Max vs 737-800 Infographic

737 Max vs 737-800 Infographic

Tell Apart the 737 Max and 737-800

As you might be aware the Boeing 737-800 is the predecessor of the Max. It’s one of the most popular airplanes on earth with tons of airlines flying it. Whenever you are booking a flight you have a great chance of ending up on a 737-800.

No wonder airlines love this plane. It’s reliable and has a nice capacity for a narrow-body aircraft. Now, the new version has already started to replace this older model, but still, when you are flying Boeing these are the two most common narrow-body planes that you might see.

The Winglets

One of the main ways to tell apart the two planes is the winglets. The new 737 Max has a very unique winglet. It’s shaped like a ‘<‘ sign. This new design improves airflow at the wingtip.

The older model, the 737-800 has an ‘L’ shaped winglet. We always loved the winglet on this plane as it seems huge in comparison to the actual plane body and wings. There is another version of this, which is a slight mix of both winglets.

On some 737-800 NG Variants you’ll see a little winglet going downwards from the ‘L’ shape. You can tell it’s not the Max, as the little winglet will look like an ‘addition’ almost as if it was an afterthought. Like it’s out of place, unlike on the 737 Max, where the whole winglet is one big shape.

Engine Chevrons

One more way you can tell the two planes apart are the chevrons on the back of the engine. Most of the 737-800 models have no chevron and they have a simple straight line at the back of the engine. The engines of the 737 Max have chevrons. If you look at the engine from the side it looks almost as if there are sharp teeth coming out of the back of the engine cover.

Some other planes have these chevrons as well including Airbus aircraft. Looking at the back of the engine is a strong sign, but you definitely look at the wingtips too to make sure it’s the new Boeing plane you are flying.

Tail of the plane

Another great visual sign that you need to be looking for is the tail of the plane. The 737-800 model has a more ‘flat’ tail with the APU exhaust pipe. Meanwhile, the engineers at Boeing managed to keep the 737 Max a very streamlined model and made the tail ‘pointy’.

The above three are the easiest to notice telltale signs that you are indeed flying a 737 Max aircraft. We recommend that you check all three when you are waiting next to your plane to make sure. Some features and designs can overlap, especially with other manufacturers. Having these three items in check will usually mean you are flying the Max.

Other ways to tell you are flying a 737 Max

Whenever you get on the plane you’ll find the safety manual tucked in the seat in front. This safety manual will almost always mention the type of plane you are flying. You can refer to the manual in case you are in doubt.

You can always check your flight on flightradar24 before take-off. The new plane will have a code of ‘B38M‘ for the Max.

There are also some clues while you are selecting your seats. The new model has usually 2-3 more rows available to book. On Ryanair flights, you get 35 rows with the 737 Max and 33 rows with the 737-800.

Ask the stewardess. One of the most simple things you can do in order to find out the plane you are flying. They’ll be very happy to tell you the model.

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