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8 Best Things to do in Lekeitio

The sleepy fishing town of Lekeitio is located on the Basque county shoreline. With only around 5000 regular residents, it manages to maintain a local atmosphere and charming style. Let’s discover all the top things to do in Lekeito, so you can include the city on your next Spain itinerary.

As a tourist destination Lekeitio has been growing more and more popular each year. Although today it’s still an off-the-beaten-path destination, people are discovering the beauty and charm of the town.

What is the best time to visit Lekeitio?

Lekeitio is a coastal town, with an awesome beach. As such, the best time to visit Lekeitio is summer. Many tourists choose this season for visiting. During these months the sleepy town becomes lively, full of restaurants, bars, and life.

During the off-season, the town slows down. Some of the restaurants and bars close and the atmosphere transforms to a fully local one. If you want to experience everyday life in Spain, this might be a good time to visit.

Top Things to do in Lekeitio

1. Discover San Nicolas Island

Once you arrive into Lekeitio and walk to the shore, there will be an island that will stand out for you. Not far into the distance from the mainland, you will see Isla de San Nicolas.

It’s one of the most unique things about Lekeitio. You will be able to visit the island depending on the tide. During high tide, it’s well in the water, making it hard to get to. However, once the low tide comes, a small path will emerge from under the water. Following this walkway, you will be able to reach the island.

On the island, you can hike up to the highest point for the best views. You will have the whole town and port of Lekeitio in front of you. It’s a unique island, that you can’t skip when you have a holiday in Lekeitio.

When visiting, make sure that the high tide is not yet coming. If the tide changes during your time on the island, you might have a hard time getting back to the mainland.

San Nicolas Lekeitio

2. Go to the beach

When you visit during the summer, you can go to the beach as a things to do in Lekeitio. The most popular beach to visit is Isuntza. It’s right next to the city’s port. A huge sandy beach, where you will find quiet places to settle down for the day.

The other popular beach in the city is Karraspio. It’s bigger and even less crowded than Isuntza. During the low tide, the beach almost doubles in size and you can even walk on the sand to San Nicolas Island.

3. Explore the Old Town

Lekeitio is a historical fishing town, with typical Basque architecture. You should spend some time walking around the streets of the old town. If you do so, you can discover new buildings and interesting places on each corner.

Lekeitio Old Town Port

4. Marvel at Parroquia de la Asunción de Santa María

Parroquia de la Asunción de Santa María is a beautiful gothic church inside Lekeitio. A very good example of the Basque style of gothic architecture.

Just as impressive as the outside, you need to step inside the church and check out all the artwork. It’s a building that’s worth your time.

5. Visit a cute church

Just on the outskirts of Lekeitio, close to the campsite of Leagi, you can find Ermita de Santa Lucía de Mendexa. It’s a small and old church. Especially perfect if you are looking to do some hiking or exploring without a car. You can wander off to some small trails near the church.

6. Mendexa Abentura Park

A perfect thing to do for families in Lekeitio is Mendexa Abentura Park. It’s a nice adventure park that’s close to the city.

You can come here as a family and walk atop the trees. The adventure park is full of fun activities that will both challenge you and entertain you at the same time.


7. Explore a cute village

Just a short drive from the town of Lekeitio and you will arrive in the tiny village called Ea. Park the car and start exploring on foot. It’s the perfect village to take in the local atmosphere and architecture.

Even better, Ea has an awesome stone bridge, where you can take great pics. A great off-the-beaten-path visit.

Ea Spain

8. Check out the lighthouse

When you are looking for things to do in Lekeitio, you need to think about going to Faro de Santa Catalina. The lighthouse can be found on the northern tip of the town. There is a small bar and restaurant, along with picturesque views.

How to get to Lekeitio?

The city of Lekeitio is close to Bilbao. As such, the easiest option is to book a cheap flight into Bilbao. You can easily catch a bus into Bilbao, then take another to Lekeitio.

If you rent a car at the airport, you will need to drive for around 1 hour to arrive in the city.

A hidden gem

Lekeitio is kind of a hidden gem in Spain. This Basque town is perfect to experience the local atmosphere. The unique San Nicolas Island and available beaches make it a good choice for a holiday.

When you come here, make sure that you rent a car to freely move around. Surely you will want to explore the surrounding area and cities like Bilbao.

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