Airport near Goose Creek, SC

Airport Near Goose Creek, SC – Where to fly?

Flying to Goose Creek in South Carolina? You might be wondering what is the best airport to pick. Let us make your life easier and help you find the best airport near Goose Creek, SC.

The closest airport near Goose Creek, SC is the Charleston International Airport. It’s simply the best choice when flying to Goose Creek as it’s well connected to the rest of the US. Do you want to look at some more options as well? Read on!

There are many reasons to look for alternative airports near Goose Creek, SC. For starters, it’s always good to have more options. It will give you flexibility in the long run.

Also, cheap airfare. When you have more airports to choose from you’ll be able to compare multiple airline tickets. This way you might find a deal you wouldn’t find otherwise. Just make sure that the extra distance on your transfer doesn’t eat away the savings on flight tickets.

List of airports near Goose Creek, SC

As it is tradition with our airport guides we’ll start with a simple list of the airports near Goose Creek, SC. This will help you with the hard facts and will give you a nice overview of the full article. We’ll order the below table by road distance to Goose Creek. We’ll also highlight in bold the airports which we think are excellent choices.

This list is also perfect for you if you are only coming for the facts. They are presented for you in a simple to understand and process manner.

Airport NameIATADistance
Charleston International AirportCHS10 miles
Myrtle Beach International AirportMYR100 miles
Savannah International AirportSAV115 miles
Charlotte Douglas International AirportCLT195 miles
List of Airports near Goose Creek, SC

Closest Airport to Goose Creek, SC

The closest airport to Goose Creek, SC is the Charleston International Airport. It’s located only 10 miles from Goose Creek making it a super close airport.

Even though Goose Creek, SC doesn’t have its own airport you can kind of consider the Charleston International Airport (CHS) as the local airport. It’s just so close. This airport is the very obvious first choice whenever you are flying to Goose Creek.

The short distance also means you won’t even need to book an expensive transfer, you can just grab a taxi at the airport and they’ll take you to Goose Creek straight away.

Adding to the convenience is the connectivity of Charleston Airport. It has direct flights from many cities around the nation and it’s pretty easy to reach.

One more interesting fact is that you’ll get a chance to fly Breeze Airways if you are trying to fly to Charleston International. This brand new US airline tries to fly underserved routes and they actually have multiple routes to Charleston’s CHS Airport.

Other Airports near Goose Creek, SC

Now, while Charleston International Airport should cover all your travel needs when it comes to Goose Creek, SC, there are some other alternatives to look at. This section is especially interesting for those who want to get the best bang for their bucks.

After all, other airports near Goose Creek, SC, are going to be further away than CHS. However, if the savings on flight tickets and the transfer prices are together cheaper than a direct flight to CHS you might end up with a nice budget trip.

Then again, for some people, the increased travel time is simply not worth the money-saving. Everyone can decide if it’s something they want to try or not.

Myrtle Beach International Airport

First up on the list of other airports near Goose Creek, SC is the Myrtle Beach International Airport. It’s almost 100 miles from Goose Creek so you are looking at an extra two hours of travel time once you land.

Regardless there are some great deals on Myrtle Beach so if you don’t mind the extra travel you might be able to save a buck here and there. Just make sure that the transfer cost between the airport and Goose Creek is not actually more than what you are saving.

Myrtle Beach International Airport (MYR) has actually very similar connectivity to the rest of the nation as Charleston International does. You can grab yourself a direct flight from all around the US.

Savannah International Airport

At 115 miles the Savannah International Airport (SAV) is even further away from Goose Creek. The story is very similar to Myrtle Beach. You will need to travel a few hours more to get to your destination.

Even the connectivity is similar to the other airports as it is with Charleston and Myrtle Beach. Once again only fly to this airport if you can get a once-in-a-lifetime deal on flight tickets. Otherwise, we’d choose Charleston.

Charlotte Douglas International Airport

Charlotte Douglas International Airport
Charlotte Douglas International Airport

The last pick on our list is Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT). It’s a staggering 197 miles away from Goose Creek so whenever you book an airplane ticket here you’ll be adding 3 hours to your total travel time.

However, the Charlotte Douglas International Airport is one of the biggest airports in the US. This means that you can get a direct flight from almost anywhere in the US and not just bigger cities. Even international destinations are served by Charlotte Douglas International Airport.

If you are living in a smaller place this is the airport you want when you travel to Goose Creek, SC. From here you can decide if you take a transfer or rent a car or even do a short flight over to Charleston.

Regardless, for people in small town US, the Charlotte Douglas Intl’ is the way to go and for them, it’s the best airport near Goose Creek, SC.

Airport near Goose Creek, SC – FAQ

Does Goose Creek, SC have an airport?

No, Goose Creek, SC, does not have a local airport.

What is the closest airport to Goose Creek, SC?

Charleston International Airport is the best airport near Goose Creek, SC.

How long does it take to get to Goose Creek from Charleston?

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