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Airports in Maine near Bar Harbor – Where to fly?

Are you planning a visit to Bar Harbor and the beautiful Acadia National Park? It’s an amazing place to see and we are here to help with your planning. If you want to fly then you must be aware of the airports in Maine near Bar Harbor so you know where to go.

Our primary choice is Bangor International Airport among the airports in Maine near Bar Harbor. If you can find a non-stop flight to Bangor, then you’ll have no problems visiting Acadia and Bar Harbor.

However, Bangor International Airport is not that well connected to the rest of the nation. We also want to give you some alternative airports and more options to choose from.

List of Airports in Maine near Bar Harbor

Before we take a look at each individual airport near Bar Harbor we’ll give you the list. Ordered by road distance we’ve highlighted our favorite picks in bold. This full list gives you an overview of what’s available when flying to Bar Harbor, ME.

Airport NameIATADistance
Hancock County – Bar Harbor AirportBHB12 miles
Bangor International AirportBGR50 miles
Portland International JetportPWM178 miles
Boston Logan International AirportBOS280 miles
List of airports in Maine near Bar Harbor

Bangor International Airport, Maine

As we’ve highlighted in our introduction we think that the Bangor International Airport is among the best choices when you are flying to Bar Harbor.

Bangor is the second busiest airport in the state of Maine. It seems reasonable traffic yearly but it never really gets crowded. The average traveler number is around 500-700k passengers per year.

It is connected to cities in the eastern US. Most direct flights are from places like New York, Washington, Charlotte, or Chicago.

Although it’s a small airport, the terminal building is nice. Since traffic is usually light it feels spacious and you never really have to wait for anything. Car rental is available right outside the airport.

The road distance from Bangor International Airport to Bar Harbor is 50 miles. This distance can be tackled quickly if you want to rent a car or you may opt for a nice transfer.

List of Airlines Flying to Bangor International Airport

  • Allegiant Air
  • American Airlines
  • American Eagle
  • Delta Air Lines
  • Delta Connection
  • United Express

Source: Wikipedia

Other Airports in Maine near Bar Harbor

Now that we’ve given you our top choice it’s time to give you some alternatives. These can be good picks depending on where you are flying from. Also, it’s always nice to have more airport choices as it gives you options to find some insanely cheap flights.

Hancock County – Bar Harbor Airport

Bar Harbor actually has its own airport. While it’s technically in Trenton, it’s still the local airport. So why is this not our first choice, you might ask?

It’s simple. There is a single airline called Cape Air that flies here. They fly from Boston in small 10-seater planes. While it’s a unique experience to go on such a flight, we try to always find direct flights.

The road distance is just 12 miles but you still got to rent a car and drive. If you can find a direct flight to Bangor it just makes more sense.

Otherwise, you will almost always find a non-stop flight to Boston so you might opt for this Cape Air connection.

Boston Logan International Airport

Logan International Airport
View of Logan International Airport

Our second favorite pick when visiting Bar Harbor. Okay, if you don’t change in Boston then you surely are in for a road trip but we don’t see this as an issue. Experiencing Maine calls for a road trip like vacation anyway.

The full road distance is around 280 miles so that’s a lot of driving. You can weigh your options here. Either you can plan an itinerary that includes some other stop on the way to Acadia so the long driving is worth it.

Or you may change flights. As said we like to fly direct, but that’s not always an option. From Boston, you can go to Bangor or even Hancock County airport.

Portland International Jetport

Now, the final option is a substitute for Bangor airport. In the list of airports in Maine near Bar Harbor, this one might be our least favorite. It is pretty far from Bar Harbor at 178 road miles.

It’s a bit better connected to the rest of the nation than Bangor Airpot itself, however, it’s still not served by an amazing amount of cities. Regardless, you might be able to get a great deal or find a direct flight to Portland, ME while no direct flights to Bangor.

If this is the case then Portland might be an okay option for you. Still a long drive, but at least no changing planes.

Personally, we would rather go to Boston and drive from there but at the end of the day it all comes down to personal preference. It would have been a mistake not to mention Portland though, as it’s a viable option in some cases.

GA Airports in Maine near Bar Harbor

Are you flying your own plane to Bar Harbor? Well, then there is only really one option. Sure you can opt for some substitute airports but why would you when Bar Harbor has a perfectly good airport that’s open to GA?

Hancock County – Bar Harbor Airport

The local commercial airport is actually a General Aviation Airport first. So, when you are planning a trip to Bar Harbor as a pilot this should be your main choice. They can store your planes, give you fuel, and have nice rates.

Car rental is right outside the airport and there is even a comfortable lounge. The staff is knowledgeable and they’ll take care of your plan while you enjoy the beauty of Acadia National Park.

Airports in Maine near Bar Harbor FAQ

What is the closest airport to Bar Harbor, Maine?

The closest airport is Hancock County – Bar Harbor Airport. It’s only 12 miles on road.

What is the best airport to fly to when you are visiting Bar Harbor, Maine?

The best airport is Bangor International Airport. It’s only 50 road miles away.

What is the biggest airport in Maine near Bar Harbor?

The biggest airport in Maine near Bar Harbor is Bangor International Airport.

Can I get to Bar Harbor from Boston Logan International Airport?

Yes. It’s a long drive but there is plenty to see on the way. You can transform the drive into a road trip.

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