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Before I first visited Puglia, I was keen to learn about the airports in Puglia. I had so many questions. How many airports does Puglia have? Which airport to fly to in Puglia? It was impossible to tell without knowing anything about the region. Now, after a few trips under my belt let me tell you about the airports in Puglia.

There are a total of 3 commercial airports in Puglia. The biggest airport in Puglia is Bari’s Karol Wojtyła Airport. The other major airport in the region is Brindisi’s Salento airport. While these two airports handle the lion’s share of Puglia’s air travel, there is one smaller airport in Foggia.

Let’s see the specifics of the 3 airports in Puglia. We’ll help you decide where to fly and what you can expect after landing. It’s time to delve into the details.

Airports in Puglia
Bari Airport marked with Blue, Brindisi Airport marked with Red, and Foggia Airport marked with Brown

Bari Karol Wojtyła Airport

Bari Airports Seen from the Sea
WizzAir flight landing at Bari as seen from the sea

Out of the three Puglia airports, Bari is the biggest. It was constructed as a military airport in 1930. The airport at Bari got its name after Pope John Paul II. It is located only a few kilometers from Bari center and handles more than 5 million travelers yearly.

Whether the occasion is business or leisure, Bari airport is an excellent choice. Bari is one of the biggest cities in Puglia. It has a huge railroad station and you get connections to any other city in the region. The high-speed rail of Italy will ensure short travel times after you land.

It’s also the airport where most national airlines prefer to fly. If you are looking to book a flight to Bari with British Airways for example you might not have any other choice but to fly directly to Bari.

Most travelers like this airport. The facilities available are great and it’s usually very clean including the toilets. It’s easy to get into town from here and it’s a logical choice.

Getting to Bari city center from Bari airport

After you land at Bari airport it’s not very hard to find your way into the city center. Let’s look at all the options starting with the most convenient.

It’s grabbing a taxi. It’s the most convenient way to get to your hotel without any hassle. There are multiple taxis waiting outside the airport terminal. These will take you into town but are usually not very cheap.

You may think about renting a car as well. Multiple rental agencies maintain offices at the airport making it easy to pick up any car. In this case, make sure that your hotel has easy parking. Bari is a big city with a lot of cars and few parking spots towards the city center.

There is also a very convenient train stop right outside the terminal. You can use the train to save on expenses. Honestly, as the train is so close I always advise everyone to take the train from Bari airport to the city center. It’s cheap and convenient. You can get tickets at the station.

When to choose Bari airport?

Choose Bari if you are planning to visit the northern part of Puglia or if you want to fly national airlines. You’ll get a better selection of airlines that fly to Bari than at any other airport in Puglia.

Brindisi Papola Casale Airport

Airport of Brindisi
Saggittarius A, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The second biggest among the airports in Puglia is Brindisi airport. It sees a traffic of more than 2 million travelers each year. This is a popular destination for budget airlines. The airport specializes in this kind of traffic. They keep the cost for airlines low to attract the likes of Ryanair, EasyJet, and WizzAir.

Nonetheless, it’s a very popular airport when it comes to leisure travelers. Due to budget airlines flying here the price is usually very low. People love to choose Brindisi when they visit Puglia as it’s the southernmost commercial airport in the region.

You’ll have great connections to Lecce and the southern parts of Puglia. You can also travel to the other coast in around 1 hour from Brindisi. The other coast has some of the best beaches in Puglia, like Punta Prosciutto.

Brindisi is also located on the Bari to Lecce railway line. This means that you’ll have a chance to use trains and visit other big towns in the area.

Getting from Brindisi Airport to Brindisi center

Unlike in Bari, the airport at Brindisi doesn’t have a train connection. Regardless, it’s pretty close to the city center.

If you take a taxi you’ll arrive at your hotel in no time. We’ve usually completed the trip in less than 20 minutes which is impressive for an international airport. Of course, it all depends on traffic.

You’ll also find multiple car rental companies at the airport offering cheap rentals. They’ll get you to Brindisi incredibly quick or to any other city you might want to go to.

As for public transport, you can take the bus to Brindisi. They usually leave from stand ‘A’ and they are a cheap option. Considering how close Brindisi city center is you won’t be sitting long on the bus.

Foggia Gino Lisa Airport

The airport in Foggia is the smallest among the commercial airports in Puglia. In fact, it’s more of a regional airport than a real international one.

There were plans to start international flights to Foggia but they never materialized. Apart from some chartered planes, it doesn’t see any international traffic.

The airport is used mainly by one airline: Alidaunia. This airline’s headquarters are located in Foggia’s Gino Lisa airport. They mostly fly inside Puglia and especially to the Tremiti Islands.

Alidaunia is no ordinary airline. They mostly fly helicopters around Puglia. If you want to book a flight on a helicopter then this airport might be a great option. Otherwise, it’s hard to recommend a visit to Gino Lisa Airport as there is no real commercial service.

We currently do not offer tickets to or from Foggia Airport.

Which airport to choose when flying to Puglia?

Now that we’ve looked at all the major airports in Puglia let us help you decide where to fly. It all depends on your plans.

Fly to Bari when you want to fly into an airport with a lot of options. Everything in Puglia will be within reach when flying to Bari. If you want to fly business class or want to come from another continent then Bari should be your main destination.

Fly to Brindisi if you are traveling for leisure. You’ll be able to find tons of cheap airline tickets and can have a budget vacation. Brindisi is in the southern part of Puglia which is where most tourist attractions are as well. It’s a great pick for a vacation.

Other Airports in Puglia

Of course, these commercial airports are not the only 3 airports in Puglia. In fact, there are some more. We’ve prepared a small table to highlight the other airports in the region in case you want to know more about them.

Please note that we’ve only counted paved airports.

Taranto-Grottaglie AirportGeneral Aviation Airport near Taranto […]
Galatina Air BaseMilitary Airport near Lecce […]
Aeroporto di LecceGeneral Aviation Airport near Lecce […]
Amendola Air BaseMilitary Airport near Foggia […]
More airports in Puglia

Airports in Puglia FAQ

Are there any international airports in Puglia?

Yes, there are two. One in Bari and one in Brindisi.

Which airport should I fly to if I’m an intercontinental traveler?

You should primarily look at flights to Bari. It’ll make your life easier.

What is the biggest airport in Puglia?

It’s the airport in Bari.

Which airport is better Bari or Brindisi?

It depends on your needs. Bari is great for business travelers or people who want to see northern Puglia. Meanwhile, many low-cost airlines fly to Brindisi and it’s perfect for leisure travelers.

Does Ryanair fly to Puglia?

Yes, Ryanair flies to both Bari and Brindisi.

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