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Airports near Danbury, CT – Flying Advice

Planning a visit to Danbury, CT? Today we are taking a look at the best airports near Danbury, CT for your travel needs. It’s always important to know all of your options so you can find the most affordable tickets available.

When you have a variety of airports available for your travel plans it enables you to do two major things: save on money or save on time. Sometimes both. Having more options means you can choose either convenience or maybe sacrifice some convenience but get a better deal.

This is why we think it’s important to know your options when it comes to the airports near Danbury, CT. We’ll go from our favorite pick to all the other airports you should consider when traveling to Danbury.

Comparison table of Airports near Danbury, CT

Please refer to the table below for a quick overview of the airports near Danbury, CT:

Airport NameDistance from Danbury
Tweed New Haven Airport47 miles
Westchester County Airport35 miles
Bradley International Airport70 miles
New York Airports80 miles
Table of airports near Danbury, CT

Tweed New Haven Regional Airport (HVN)

Tweed New Haven Regional Airport
TweedFacts, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Tweed New Haven Regional Airport (HVN) is a nice option when traveling to Danbury, CT. It’s a small regional airport with reasonable connections and easy transfer to Danbury.

Overview of Tweed New Haven Regional Airport (HVN)

  • Tweed New Haven Regional Airport is a public airport located three miles southeast of downtown New Haven in New Haven County, Connecticut.
  • The airport is partly located in the City of New Haven, which owns the airport, and partly in the town of East Haven.
  • Tweed New Haven is one of two airports in Connecticut with regularly scheduled commercial service, the other being Bradley International Airport in Hartford.
  • The airport offers nonstop service to several destinations, making it a convenient option for travelers from Danbury.

Airlines and Flight Routes

  • Currently, the main airline serving Tweed New Haven Regional Airport is American Eagle, which offers flights to and from Philadelphia.
  • Passengers at Tweed New Haven can connect to various domestic and international destinations through Philadelphia, making it a convenient hub for connecting flights.
  • Although the airport currently has limited flight routes, there are plans to expand service in the future, with more airlines and destinations being added.

So, if you’re traveling to or from Danbury, CT, Tweed New Haven Regional Airport could be a convenient option to consider. With its proximity to downtown New Haven and its connection options through Philadelphia, it offers an accessible and hassle-free travel experience.

Westchester County Airport (HPN)

Westchester County Airport
J. Passepartout, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

One major airport near Danbury is the Westchester County Airport (HPN). Here’s some information about this airport:

  • The Westchester County Airport is conveniently located about three miles northeast of downtown White Plains, New York.
  • It primarily serves Westchester County and the surrounding region.
  • The airport is known for its comfort and convenience, attracting passengers with its proximity to major hubs and global destinations.
  • Westchester County offers a variety of amazing attractions, including well-preserved historical properties, picturesque farming villages, and exciting shows and festivals.
  • The airport is equipped with modern amenities and safety measures, such as UV-C sanitized escalator rails, anti-cough barriers, touchless hand sanitizing stations, and floor signs for social distancing.
  • It also features advanced air ionization and air quality monitoring systems to ensure a safe and comfortable environment for travelers.

Airlines and Flight Routes

Westchester County Airport is serviced by several airlines offering scheduled flights to various destinations. Here are some of the airlines and flight routes available:

  • American Airlines: Flights to and from various destinations within the United States.
  • Delta Air Lines: Flights to and from a range of domestic destinations.
  • JetBlue Airways: Flights to and from cities such as Orlando and Fort Lauderdale in Florida, as well as other popular destinations.
  • United Airlines: Flights to and from major cities across the United States.

Overall, Westchester County Airport (HPN) is one of the best airports when you are flying to Danbury, CT. Not only it’s the closest airport to Danbury but it has several flights to most of the major US cities.

Bradley International Airport (BDL)

Located in Windsor Locks, Connecticut, Bradley International Airport is a public international airport that offers a range of domestic and international flights.

Overview of Bradley International Airport

Bradley International Airport is the second-largest airport in New England after Boston’s Logan International Airport. With over 6.75 million passengers in 2019, it is also the busiest commercial airport in Connecticut. Owned and operated by the Connecticut Airport Authority, Bradley International Airport serves as a gateway for travelers in the region.

Airlines and Flight Routes

Several major airlines operate at Bradley International Airport, providing a variety of flight options for travelers. Some of the airlines that serve the airport include:

  • Aer Lingus
  • Air Canada
  • American Airlines
  • Delta
  • Frontier Airlines
  • JetBlue
  • United Airlines

These airlines offer domestic and international flights to popular destinations across the United States and beyond. Whether you’re planning a domestic trip or an international adventure, there are plenty of options available from Bradley International Airport.

The Largest Major Airport near Danbury CT

Bradley International Airport is the largest major airport near Danbury, making it a convenient choice for travelers in the area. With a range of airlines and flight routes, it offers a variety of options for those looking to fly in and out of Danbury.

Airports of New York

Another thing you should consider is the vicinity of New York. When flying to Danbury, CT you are landing near NYC. Now, New York has multiple airports and can be reached from practically anywhere in the world.

So, without question, choosing one of the airports in New York is very convenient although might not be the cheapest.

The Airports of New York offer flights from all over the nation, making it easier for travelers to reach their destination. Here are some airports near Danbury, CT that you can consider:

  • Stewart International Airport (SWF): Located in New Windsor, New York, this airport offers domestic flights and is about 53 miles away from Danbury.
  • John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK): As one of the busiest airports in the United States, JFK is located in Queens, New York, and offers a wide range of domestic and international flights. It is around 65 miles away from Danbury.
  • LaGuardia Airport (LGA): Another major airport in Queens, New York, LaGuardia serves both domestic and international flights. It is approximately 70 miles away from Danbury.

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