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Airports near Dayton, Ohio – What’s the best choice?

What are the airports near Dayton, Ohio? If you are planning a trip to Ohio we’ll help you out with all the options to consider. We’ll also give you a handy list of all the airports close to Dayton.

The closest airport to Dayton, Ohio is Dayton International Airport. It’s the city’s own airport and it’s the obvious choice when flying to Dayton. However, you might get some good deals by choosing a nearby airport instead. Let’s take a look at all the options.

Choosing an airport that’s close to Dayton can prove effective when you travel. The local airport is not that well connected to the rest of the US so it’s always great to have multiple options.

List of airports near Dayton, Ohio

We’ll start with the full list of the airports near Dayton. This list will help you see the distances and airport names. All distances are road distances as we feel they are more relevant when planning a trip. Only commercial airports are included in the list.

Airport NameIATADistance
Dayton International AirportDAY12 miles
Cincinnati – Northern Kentucky International AirportCVG66 miles
Rickenbacker International AirportLCK73 miles
John Glenn Columbus International AirportCMH77 miles
List of Airports near Dayton with distances

Dayton International Airport – The Closest Airport

Dayton International Airport
Aerial view of Dayton International Airport

The Dayton International Airport should be your first choice when you are planning your trip. As it is the local airport you can’t beat it for distance. It’s quite literally the nearest airport to Dayton, Ohio.

In case you are interested, the actual road distance to Dayton center is around 12 miles. Once you’ve landed you can grab a cab and be in town within minutes.

Dayton International is a rather big airport considering its traffic. Over the best years, the overall traffic barely went over one million passengers. This means the terminal building feels spacious. You are most likely to avoid crowds when traveling to Dayton via Dayton International Airport. It’s usually a good experience.

The main problem with Dayton International is connectivity. There are non-stop flights from some major US cities but for example, there are zero non-stop flights from the west coast. Major cities with direct flights to Dayton, Ohio include cities like Chicago, Denver, Orlando, and Washington.

Airlines Flying to Dayton International Airport

Below you can find all the airlines that operate routes to Dayton airport.

  • Allegiant Air
  • American Eagle
  • Delta Air Lines
  • Delta Connection
  • United Express

Other airports near Dayton, Ohio

Now let’s take a look at some other airports near Dayton, Ohio. As you can see you might need to try flying somewhere else if you don’t want a connecting flight. But are there any real options? Let’s find out.

Cincinnati – Northern Kentucky International Airport

The second closest airport to Dayton, Ohio is Cincinnati. It’s a viable option to the local airport. Clocking in at 66 miles to Dayton Downton it’s not terribly far away. You can get a transfer on an app like i’way or even rent a car and drive yourself.

The connectivity of Cincinnati airport is so much better. There is a direct flight to Cincinnati from almost any US state and some have more than two routes. There are even some international flights like Paris or Cancun.

In short, you’ll have a better chance at catching a non-stop flight here than you would to Dayton International. Considering the one-hour transfer or drive it’s quicker than getting on another plane and might end up being cheaper.

Rickenbacker International Airport – Columbus

Rickenbacker International Airport is 73 road miles from Dayton, Ohio downtown. It’s can be a great choice if you are flying from somewhere on the east coast. Columbus is not that well connected to the rest of the US but it has some nice deals from east coast cities.

You can easily get a transfer to Dayton, but we only recommend this airport if you grab a really nice deal and you can save a lot. Otherwise, we suggest you skip this one.

John Glenn Columbus International Airport

Instead of Rickenbacker here’s another real alternative when you are searching for airports near Dayton, Ohio. The John Glenn Columbus International Airport has great connections across the US and there are regular discounts when flying here.

Once again we recommend a transfer or just a rental car. At 77 miles it’s not a long drive and it’s certainly quicker than boarding a connecting flight.

Indianapolis International Airport

Finally, we have Indianapolis International Airport. It’s 131 miles on road from Dayton so it’s pushing the limit of what’s worth as an alternative airport.

Regardless, we feel that we should list Indianapolis International Airport. This airport has the best connections from US cities among all the airports we have listed here. It also gets the best regular deals on airline tickets.

This means that by combining a great deal on airline tickets and getting a cheap rental you can save some money and you will end up with roughly the same travel time as if you changed flights.

General Aviation Airports in Dayton, Ohio

Are you planning to fly your own plane to Dayton? Let’s take a look at some general aviation airports near Dayton, Ohio. There are a few choices to consider.

Dayton International Airport

Just as the commercial airport list, the GA airport list starts with Dayton International. It actually sees a big chunk of its traffic from GA planes up to 30-40% on certain days.

It is the closest airport to Dayton, Ohio after all. This also means that it’s a great choice whether you are flying commercial or GA.

Greene County – Lewis A. Jackson Regional Airport

If you want to fly somewhere less busy then we recommend the Greene County Airport. It has everything you would need for GA flying and it’s a great airport.

The staff is super knowledgeable and they are always happy to help. It can also be an economical choice as there are no landing fees.

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