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Airports Near Lake of the Ozarks – How to Visit

Lake of the Ozarks is a magical destination if you are after a nature holiday. Visit with family, friends, or even alone and you are guaranteed a relaxing experience. However, looking at the map it seems like the lake is actually pretty far from every major town. So what are the airports near Lake of the Ozarks that you should consider?

For many travelers Springfield, MO is the best choice among the airports near Lake of the Ozarks. It has connections to a lot of major US cities and it’s only one and a half hours away from Springfield.

Of course, the actual Lake of the Ozarks covers a big area. Most visitors want to go to the Lake of the Ozarks State Park area which includes towns like Lake Ozark and Osage Beach. Whenever we mention distances we’ll focus on these places. Keep this in mind as your mileage may vary (quite literally!) depending on where you go.

List of Airports Near Lake of the Ozarks

If you only came here for the facts and not the details then this section is for you. We’ll highlight all the airports near Lake of the Ozarks in the below table. They are ordered by distance to Lake of the Ozarks but we’ve highlighted the best choices in bold as well. Distance is always road distance as we’ve figured this is what you are interested in.

Airport NameIATADistance
Columbia Regional AirportCOU68 miles
Springfield–Branson National AirportSGF100 miles
St. Louis Lambert International AirportSTL160 miles
Kansas City International AirportMCI185 miles
List of the airports near Lake of the Ozarks

The Closest Airport to Lake of the Ozarks

Allegiant Airplane
Allegiant has one of the most flights to SGF

The closest national airport to Lake of the Ozarks is Springfield–Branson National Airport. It’s located in Springfield, MO and it’s around 1 hour and 30 minutes of driving to get to Lake of the Ozarks. The road distance is around 100 miles.

You can either rent a car upon arrival or just book a transfer to complete your trip. In any case, this airport is among the best options for many travelers when they are going to the lake or the state park. It’s also the best option when you are traveling to the Village of Four Seasons.

Many main US cities have direct flights to Springfield-Branson National Airport (SGF) making it a great choice. It only becomes a problem if you don’t have a main US hub around your current location. Then you might want to at the other airports near Lake of the Ozarks.

There are a total of fifteen direct flights to SGF airports from around the nation.

Airlines flying to Springfield, MO:

  • Allegiant Air: Austin, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Orlando/Sanford, Phoenix/Mesa, Punta Gorda (FL), St. Petersburg/Clearwater
    • Seasonal: Destin/Fort Walton Beach, Houston–Hobby
  • American Eagle: Charlotte, Chicago–O’Hare, Dallas/Fort Worth
  • Delta Air Lines: Atlanta
  • Delta Connection: Atlanta
  • United Express: Chicago–O’Hare, Denver, Houston–Intercontinental

Source: Wikipedia

Do you think that Springfield, MO is not the best choice for you among the airports near Lake of the Ozarks? Read on as we’ll list all the other great choices that are available.

Other Airports Near Lake of the Ozarks

Now that we’ve discussed the best choice for the closest airport to Lake of the Ozarks it’s time to look at some other options. Although Springfield airport can be good for most people it definitely does not suit everyone.

And even then you’ll have to drive or get a transfer from Springfield, MO anyway. So what’s stopping you from landing a little bit further if you can get a better price or if you can get a direct flight?

Columbia Regional Airport – 68 miles

First let’s start with an airport that’s even closer then Springfield. The problem is this airport is very poorly connected to the rest of the nation.

There are only two cities with direct flights to Columbia Regional Airport (COU). They are the flights from Dallas and Chicago. Both cities are served by American Airlines.

There are plans to extend the airport with a bigger terminal so in the future air traffic might pick up making this one the best choice when flying to the Lake of the Ozarks. For now it’s a good choice only if you are in Dallas or Chicago.

The total road distance is around 68 miles or approximately 1 hour of driving. Once again car rental or transfer is the way to go.

St. Louis Lambert International Airport – 160 miles

STL From Air
STL from the air

Now that we’ve covered the close regional airport let’s cover the closest international airport. St. Louis Lamert International Airport (STL) is a really good choice when you are looking for airports near Lake of the Ozarks.

There are tons of direct flights to STL from all around the nation. Only a handful of US states don’t have a direct flight here so if you are located far from the Lake of the Ozarks then this airport should be the first you check out.

Add to that there is even a flight route from Toronto and Frankfurt. Although Lake of the Ozarks might not be the very first attraction to visit for international travelers it’s good to have at least the option.

The road distance is around 160 miles or 2 hours and 20 minutes of driving. Car rental is readily available at the airport considering how busy this location can get. If you don’t fancy driving that much on vacation then you can also book a transfer of your choice.

We really think that St. Louis Lambert Intl Airport is one of the best choice when traveling to Lake of the Ozarks. It has so many direct flights and it’s only around 50 minutes more driving then if you were coming from Springfield.

Kansas City International Airport – 185 miles

The Kansas City International Airport (MCI) is a great substitue for St. Louis. It’s not a lot further away and it has almost as many direct connections to the rest of the US as St. Louis does.

Whenever you are trying to get the best deal on cheap flights to Lake of the Ozarks do a search for Kansas City Intl Airport as well. You might find a cheaper ticket to this airport then the other airports near Lake of the Ozarks.

If there are no cheaper deals here then there is not really a reas to pick the Kansas City Airport as it’s the furthest away from the Lake. Maybe if you are visiting the western areas of Lake of the Ozarks then you can consider this airport as it might be closer.

Other then that it’s best to stick to either Springfield or St. Louis.

Best General Aviation Airport Near Lake of the Ozarks

Are you flying your own plane to Lake of the Ozarks? Well there is one GA airport that we think you should go for.

Lee C Fine Airport is located in the heart of the Lake of the Ozarks state park which makes for the perfect landing spot. You’ll already be admiring the scenery upon arrival.

The airport is very well equipped and the staff is always professional. We can wholheartadly recommend this airport whenever you are looking for a GA airport near the lake of the Ozarks. Check their website for more info.

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