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Airports Near Little Rock, Arkansas – Where to fly?

Let us help you find the best airports near Little Rock, Arkansas. Whenever you are flying to Little Rock you might be wondering about the airport to fly to. Of course, there is the obvious choice of the local airport but is it really the only choice?

The closest airport to Little Rock, Arkansas is Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport. It’s a domestic airport with a reasonable amount of traffic each day. If you are flying from the biggest US cities you’ll have no problem finding a flight to Little Rock.

What if you are not flying from another major US city? Do you really need a layover or you can fly to another airport with better connections? Let’s see!

The full list of airports near Little Rock, Arkansas

Below you will find the full list of airports near Little Rock. We’ll take a look at the most important ones below. Please note that our distances refer to road distance. We think road distance is more relevant here.

Bill and Hillary Clinton National AirportLIT5 miles
Memorial Field AirportHOT60 miles
South Arkansas Regional At Goodwin FieldELD130 miles
Jonesboro Municipal AirportJBR130 miles
Texarkana Regional AirportTXK140 miles
Boone County AirportHRO145 miles
Memphis International AirportMEM150 miles
Forth Smith Regional AirportFSM160 miles
Airports Near Little Rock, Arkansas

Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport (LIT)

Little Rock Airport
Aerial View of Little Rock Airport

Let’s start by looking at the closest airport to Little Rock. We can look at the road distance to Little Rock’s center which is around 5 miles but it’s not needed.

Clinton National Airport is the local airport here. You can’t fly to any other airport if you want to be as close as you possibly can when you land in Little Rock.

The airport is medium-sized. There are two full runways and in theory, it could handle much more traffic than it currently does. The two runways also warrant a decent-sized terminal. Combine this with usually low traffic numbers and you get a nice and spacious airport.

The only problem seems to be connectivity. Main US cities will have flights to Little Rock but if you are flying in from a smaller town; you might need a layover.


Airlines Flying to Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport

Below you can find the full list of airlines that fly to Little Rock. The biggest towns that have flights to LIT include Atlanta, Charlotte, Dallas, Denver, Los Angeles, and Washington.

  • Allegiant Air
  • American Airlines
  • American Eagle
  • Delta Air Lines
  • Frontier Airlines
  • Southwest Airlines
  • United Express

Other Airports Near Little Rock, Arkansas

Now it’s time to take a look at some other options when you want to fly to Little Rock. Of course, none of these will be as close as Clinton National but you might be able to skip on the layover and the change of flights.

Memphis International Airport – The Biggest Airport Nearby

Memphis International Airport
Aerial View of Memphis International Airport

If you really want an alternative airport to consider, then Memphis International is the only one that should be on your mind. It’s around 150 miles on the road so you are looking at a rental car and some driving, however, you’ll have better connections to other cities.

Memphis has flights from cities that don’t operate any regular routes into Little Rocks. This includes flights from New York, Boston, or Phoenix.

This means that if you can get a non-stop flight to Memphis but no direct flight to Little Rock, then you might be looking at saving some money. Just make sure that you are still saving after the car rental prices.

It’s not a short drive but it’s not the end of the world. At two hours it’s a similar timeframe to de-boarding, collecting luggage, re-boarding, and flying once again with a connecting flight.

Below we’ll take a look at all the other airports near Little Rock and advise if any of them can be a viable option.

Memorial Field Airport – Hot Springs

Memorial Field Airport is the second one on the list of airports near Little Rock. At around 60 miles it’s not very close and there are only a few flights flying to Hot Springs.

Dallas and Memphis are the only two cities that have regular flights to Memorial Field. As such we recommend that you skip over to this airport.

The only reason to consider Memorial Field Airport is if you can somehow score a super deal and an insanely cheap flight. Then you can rent a car and drive yourself to Little Rock.

South Arkansas Regional Airport – El Dorado

At around 130 miles this airport is still in driving range of Little Rock. However, it has a similar story as Memorial Field. It only gets regular flights from Dallas and Memphis.

As such, unless there is an awesome, once-in-a-lifetime ticket price, you shouldn’t consider this airport for your Little Rock travels.

Greenville Mid-Delta Airport

This airport is 150 miles on road from Little Rock. Same distance as Memphis International, except this airport, only has two regular flights. One from Dallas and one from Nashville. We don’t think this airport is a good option.

This was the last airport we wanted to mention. Anything further away should not be considered. As highlighted in the beginning Memphis is the only true alternative to flying directly to Little Rock.

General Aviation Airports Near Little Rock, Arkansas

Are you looking to fly your own plane into Little Rock? In this case, you do have some great options for general aviation airports near the city. Let’s take a look at your choices.


TAC Air is the general aviation terminal of Little Rock Airport. It is fully equipped and you can even do late-night arrivals. The staff is friendly and at your service. A great choice but if you are flying during busy hours you can expect commercial traffic.

North Little Rock Municipal Airport

North Little Rock Municipal would be our choice if we were flying GA into Little Rock. It’s smaller than the main LIT airport, but it has everything you should wish for from a GA Airport.

There are plenty of parking spaces and the terminal is small but well equipped. We have to admit that the interior is ‘retro-looking’ but in reality, it somehow invoked a familiar and homely feel.

Saline County Regional Airport

Finally, our last pick for a general aviation airport near Little Rock is Saline County Regional Airport. It’s a small airport with reasonable traffic. A great alternative to the local airports in Little Rock.

The prices and the staff is just as friendly. You’ll need to drive a few minutes to reach Little Rock but it’s only 22 miles to the center.

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