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Airports near Mobile, Alabama – Flying Advice

Flying to Mobile, AL? We’ve got you covered. Today we are taking a look at the airports near Mobile, AL so you can pick the one that best suits your travel plans.

Whether it’s distance or price that’s important for you we’ll help you choose. When it comes to Mobile the choices are quite good. There are multiple airports where you can land. Choice is always important when traveling by air.

So let’s see what these airports are and let’s see what you need to know about the airports near Mobile, AL.

Overview of airports near Mobile, AL

First up is our usual comparison table of the airports near Mobile. This is for our readers who like hard facts and not the details.

Airport NameDistance from Mobile AL
Mobile Regional Airport13 miles
Pensacola International Airport65 miles
Destin–Fort Walton Beach Airport110 miles
Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport170 miles
Table of airports near Mobile

Mobile Regional Airport (MOB)

Mobile Regional Airport

The obvious option for flying into Mobile is the Mobile Regional Airport. It’s simply the local airport and it’s closest to town.

The downside is of course a limited number of flights available but if you can find some cheap tickets to MOB airport then go for it. You’ll have a convenient travel plan.

Overview of Mobile Regional Airport

Mobile Regional Airport (MOB) is a public/military airport located 13 miles west of Mobile in Mobile County, Alabama.

It is owned and operated by the Mobile Airport Authority, a self-funded entity that receives no local tax dollars. The airport has seen a steady increase in passenger boardings over the years, making it an important transportation hub for the region.

Airlines and Destinations

Several major airlines serve Mobile Regional Airport, providing domestic flights to various destinations across the United States. The airlines currently operating from MOB include:

  • American Airlines
  • Delta Air Lines
  • United Airlines

The airport offers direct flights to popular destinations such as Atlanta, Dallas-Fort Worth, and Houston. These flights provide convenient access to major hubs for passengers traveling near and far.

The convenient choice for many travelers

Mobile Regional Airport is a favored choice for many travelers due to its range of amenities and services. Here are some factors that make it a convenient choice:

  • Close Proximity: The airport is located just 13 miles west of Mobile, making it easily accessible for passengers in the area.
  • Parking Options: There are several parking options available, including short-term and long-term lots, as well as a cell phone waiting area for those picking up passengers.
  • On-Site Facilities: Mobile Regional Airport offers a variety of food and beverage options, ranging from coffee shops to sit-down restaurants. There are also gift shops and newsstands where travelers can purchase souvenirs and travel essentials.
  • Easy Navigation: With a single terminal, navigating the airport is straightforward, and there is no need to worry about transferring between terminals.
  • Flight Options: The airport provides a range of flights operated by major airlines, offering flexibility for travelers when it comes to choosing their preferred airline and destinations.

Pensacola International Airport (PNS)

Those who prefer bigger airports should look into Pensacola International Airport (PNS). This airport is much larger than the local MOB airport and it offers more flexibility on your travel plans.

It’s also usually easier to find cheap flights into PNS than it is into MOB. So, you should definitely check the ticket prices here, although, you’ll need to transfer from PNS to Mobile.

Overview of Pensacola International Airport

Pensacola International Airport is located just 65 miles away from Mobile, making it a relatively short drive. The airport offers a range of amenities and services to ensure a hassle-free travel experience.

  • The airport has a convenient curbside passenger pickup and drop-off service, making it easy for travelers to access the terminal.
  • Parking options are available, including several parking garages and rental car services.
  • The airport is served by several major airlines, including US Airways, Southwest, Delta, American Eagle, American Airlines, United Express, and Silver Airways.
  • The airport offers non-stop flights to popular destinations such as Dallas-Fort Worth, Atlanta, Miami, Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville, Houston, Charlotte, and Chicago.


Here are some of the airlines that provide flights to and from Pensacola International Airport:

  • US Airways
  • Southwest
  • Delta Air Lines
  • American Eagle
  • American Airlines
  • United Express
  • Silver Airways

PNS offers nice flexibility and an excellent choice of airlines.

Destin–Fort Walton Beach Airport (VPS)

Destin–Fort Walton Beach Airport
redlegsfan21, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Destin–Fort Walton Beach Airport is for those travelers who are looking for the largest airport near Mobile. It’s got everything from cheap flights to unpleasant crowds, but it’s a viable choice when traveling to Mobile.

Overview of Destin–Fort Walton Beach Airport

Destin–Fort Walton Beach Airport, also known as VPS, is located within Eglin Air Force Base, adjacent to the city of Valparaiso and near the cities of Destin and Fort Walton Beach in Florida. This airport was previously named Northwest Florida Regional Airport and Okaloosa Regional Airport.

Airlines and Destinations

VPS is served by several airlines that offer both domestic and seasonal flights to various destinations. Some of the airlines operating at this airport include:

  • Southwest Airlines
  • Allegiant Air
  • Delta Air Lines
  • American Airlines

These airlines provide connections to popular destinations such as Atlanta, Orlando, New Orleans, and more.

Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport

Another option to consider is the Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport. It’s already 170 miles from Mobile downtown so it’s definitely not the closest airport around town, however, it’s quite a popular airport with tourists.

This means there are plenty of flights here during the tourism season and you can usually find deep discounts.

Overview of Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport

  • Owned by the Panama City-Bay County Airport & Industrial District
  • Open since 2010
  • Replaced Panama City-Bay County International Airport (Fannin Field)
  • The first international airport in the United States designed and built since 9/11
  • No scheduled international flights currently due to the mainly regional and national demand for visitation to Panama City

Airlines and Destinations

Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport offers flights from several major airlines, including:

  • Delta
  • Southwest
  • United Airlines

These airlines provide nonstop and direct flights to various destinations, making it convenient for travelers to reach Mobile, Alabama.

Only consider this airport if you get a really amazing deal on your flight ticket. Otherwise, the distance makes it hard to recommend.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the closest major airport to Mobile, Alabama?

The closest major airport to Mobile, Alabama is Mobile Regional Airport (MOB), located 13 miles from the city center.

Does the choice of airport affect the cost and

Yes, the choice of airport can impact the cost and convenience of your travel arrangements. It’s important to consider factors such as flight availability, fares, and distance from your destination.

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