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Airports near Waterville, Maine

Waterville is a town in the state of Maine located just north of Augusta. There are multiple reasons to visit from tourism to professional activities. If you are planning a trip, let us help you find the best airports near Waterville, Maine.

The closest airport to Waterville, Maine is Augusta State Airport. It’s just 24 road miles from Waterville. However, there is only a single airline serving Augusta’s airport. In case you want to fly non-stop or all seats are booked there are some other options as well.

We will explore every possible airport near Waterville, Maine. After you’ve learned about your options, you will be able to make an informed decision when you are booking a flight.

List of Airports near Waterville, Maine

Before we take a look at each individual airport near Waterville, we will give you the full list. This will help you see the distances and measure your choices via a quick glance. All distances are road distances as we feel it is more relevant when picking an airport.

Airport NameIATADistance
Augusta State AirportAUG24 miles
Bangor International AirportBGR51 miles
Portland International JetportPWM80 miles
Boston Logan International AirportBOS180 miles
List of Airports near Waterville, Maine

Augusta State Airport

Let’s start with the closest airport to Waterville, Maine. It’s the Augusta State Airport at only 24 miles away. It’s very simple to get from Augusta to Waterville and you can rent a car directly outside the airport gates.

If you don’t want to drive you can even grab a taxi as the distance is rather small, the taxi won’t cost a fortune. Alternatively, you can look into booking a transfer but as Augusta is a small airport it will be hard to find a proper transfer.

There is only one airline flying to Augusta which is Cape Air. They have multiple daily connections from Boston and they are flying small 10-seater planes.

As there are multiple connections each day it’s relatively easy to find a flight to Augusta from Boston. In case you are willing to drive a bit more but have a direct flight instead there are a few other options to consider.

Other Airports near Waterville, Maine

What are your options for alternative airports when you are flying to Waterville, ME? There are a few but you must be willing to drive a bit in order to reach the town. Personally, we prefer driving to changing flights but not everyone is the same.

Bangor International Airport

Maine’s second-largest airport is also the second closest big airport to Waterville, Maine. There are multiple cities in the eastern US that have direct flights to Bangor but some are seasonal only.

It’s not a long drive so we highly recommend that you check for available flights to Bangor if your town has a direct route. You might be able to snatch up a nice deal.

Portland International Jetport

Portland International Jetport
Portland International Jetport from the sky

Another great airport near Waterville, Maine is the state’s primary airport in Portland, ME. It has a relatively okay connection to the rest of the US. Still, it’s mainly the eastern states that have non-stop flights to Portland International Jetport.

Do check for flights if your town has a non-stop connection as there are some nice deals usually to this destination. As always you can rent a car outside the airport. The road distance is 80 miles so it’s not too bad.

Boston Logan International Airport

Finally, we must mention Boston’s Logan International Airport. It’s quite far at 180 miles but it’s not something completely impossible to do. The drive is around 3 hours.

Of course, the logical move is to change to a Cape Air flight in Boston but if you want to skip changing flights you might want to think about driving yourself.

Boston is great if you are flying from almost anywhere. It’s an airport that has connections to almost every major US city and town and even international destinations.

GA Airports near Waterville, Maine

Flying your own plane into Maine is always fun. The small general aviation airports in the state are all very welcoming and have a homely feel. Let’s see what airports to consider when you are looking for a place to land your own airplane.

LaFleur Airport

LaFleur Airport is the local airport at Waterville, ME. It’s a small airport that’s technically the closest to town. It’s serviceable but we don’t necessarily recommend it.

Some pilots have complained about the unprofessional crew and the general maintenance of the taxiways and runways are not perfect. You can try, but if we were you, we’d go for our next pick.

Augusta State Airport

One commercial airline operates in Augusta and everything else is general aviation. This airport is very well equipped and a great pick.

This is the preferred general aviation airport when you are flying on your own to Waterville, ME. It’s the best choice and it’s still very close.

Airports near Waterville, Maine FAQ

What is the closest airport to Waterville, Maine?

Augusta State Airport is the closest airport to Waterville, Maine. It’s 24 road miles away.

What is the closest international airport to Waterville, Maine?

It’s the Boston Logan International Airport.

What is the closest major airport to Waterville, Maine?

It’s the Portland International Jetport the biggest airport in Maine.

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