Cheap Tickets and Flights to Alicante

Explore Spain and enjoy a lovely holiday in Alicante with TopFlightsNow. Find the best deals for airline tickets to Alicante.

Cheap Tickets and Flights to Alicante

Explore Spain and enjoy a lovely holiday in Alicante with TopFlightsNow. Find the best deals for airline tickets to Alicante.

Cheap Airline Booking to Alicante

How to book cheap airline tickets to Alicante?

Are you planning a holiday in Spain? Alicante can be a wonderful destination full of life, beach, and sights. However, you must know the best way to find a cheap flight to Alicante. There are many airlines flying to Alicante throughout the year, however, the prices can get crazy in the summer season.

This is why you need to book your flight with TopFlightsNow. When you are using our free search tool, we will list all the cheap flights to Alicante for your selected date. We will start with the cheapest option for your convenience. All you have to do is input your vacation details in the search box and TopFlightsNow will do the rest. This is the easiest way to find cheap airline tickets to Alicante. 

The best thing about all this? Totally free to you. There is no extra charge to you when you are using our service. We strive to give people awesome holidays on an affordable budget. This is why TopFlightsNow is the place to be when you are looking for a cheap airline booking to Alicante.

What is the cheapest season to book a flight to Alicante?

Alicante is a seaside resort and historical town. This means that the high season is summer. Whenever you are looking for air ticket booking to Alicante, you will find that prices get a little bit more expensive during the summer. On the other hand, most carriers only fly during the summer season to Alicante. This also means that they have an incentive to give out discounts. If you check the prices regularly you can surely find a great deal on airline tickets to Alicante even during summer.

Fall and Spring are both good seasons to get the best deals. The weather is still good and you shall have no problem exploring Alicante, or even bathing in the sea. Great flight booking deals to Alicante and cheap tickets can be found during these months.

When you are planning to travel during winter you have to keep an eye out on cheap airline tickets to Alicante. Look out for deals and buy when prices are discounted. Not many people travel to Alicante in the winter months, meaning that the few airlines who operate flights during these times will not discount their prices frequently. Since only people who really want to travel, or need to get into Alicante will fly, they can do this. When you book a flight to Alicante in the winter you must constantly check prices to get the best deal on your airline ticket.

Does Alicante have its own airport?

Yes, whenever you are booking a cheap flight to Alicante, you will fly directly to the city. Luckily the airport is very close to the center and you should have no problems getting a cheap transfer. In any case, you have to consider renting a car at the airport if you would like to explore the surrounding area.

The official name of Alicante airport is Alicante-Elche Airport and the ICAO code is ALC. This is the airport where you will land after booking a cheap airline ticket to Alicante on TopFlightsNow. This airport is a big airport that serves both domestic and international destinations. The airport gets especially busy during the summer due to the popularity of the city and this area of Spain.

Domestic Flights to ACL

Alicante airport is one of the biggest airports in Spain. This means that you will be able to book a flight to Alicante from almost any airport in Spain. Whether you are flying from mainland Spain, Mallorca, or Tenerife you will have no problem finding domestic flights to Alicante. It’s a popular destination even for domestic travel. Due to the great connections to the Spanish islands, it can also serve as a good airport to change flights when you travel towards Tenerife.

International flights to Alicante

Alicante attracts many tourists during the summer. The high temperature, great city, and amazing beaches are a favorite of people who want a beach vacation. This means that you will find international flights to Alicante without any problem. When you use the TopFlightsNow search engine you can even select from the best deals and find a cheap airline ticket to Alicante.

Most of the international connections are from the UK and Germany. In fact, while many smaller countries only have flights to Alicante during summer, these countries have regular connections even in the off-season. This just shows the popularity of this area. The temperatures stay mild even during winter, so we understand the need to keep flights to Alicante running.

Which airlines have the most flights to Alicante?

There are multiple airlines that you can pick when booking an airline ticket to Alicante. However, there are three airlines that have ACL as their ‘focus airport’. This means, that these airlines have more flights and cheaper prices than the competition throughout the year.

These three airlines that have Alicante as a focus airport are Ryanair, Norvegian, and Vueling. Whenever you are looking for cheap flights to Alicante you can book with these carriers as they have the best connections.

Of course, these three are not your only options. There are tons of airlines operating flights to Alicante. Just to name some, you can book flights to Alicante with Aeroflot, Air France, Alitalia, EasyJet, KLM, and Wizz Air.