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Bad Gastein Summer Activities Guide

Bad Gastein is a popular SPA and Ski Resort in the Salzburg region of Austria. It’s a typical Austrian village, that is situated valleys of the Hohe Tauern mountains. However, don’t let this popular winter destination fool you. There is more to this place than snow and skiing. Let’s take a look at Bad Gastein summer activities, for an active holiday.

The town has been a popular SPA destination even in the early days of tourism. The local thermal spring water contains the element radon. As such Bad Gastein can provide radon therapy, which originates from this town.

Why visit Bad Gastein in Summer?

Located in a mountain valley, it’s needless to say, that this village is picturesque. In summer, when everything is green and blooming with colour, the valley comes to life.

Additionally, there are no huge towns near Bad Gastein. It’s one of the best places if you are looking for clear air, free of pollution. Being a mountain town, the weather is also pleasurable in the summer. The valley will provide a fresh breeze and some cool air to prevent overheating.

Considering this, it’s a perfect place for mountain activities such as hiking. Although it’s super relaxing to be at the beach all day, even on seaside vacations we love to do and recommend some hiking. However planning a hiking trip near the warm holiday destinations means more work, more water, and it will be a little bit more tiring. Here in the mountains even at the height of summer, you can go climb some mountains without a lot of effort.

Bad Gastein Summer Activities

Hiking in Bad Gastein

Let’s start with the most popular summer activity in the village. Hiking around the mountain ranges of the valley is amazing, where you can find both easy and more challenging trails. All in all, there are as much as 600 kilometres (370 miles) of hiking trails around Bad Gastein.

Although the trail descriptions are in German, you will find all hiking maps and elevation info for inspiration on the official site of Gastein. They should give you enough information to choose any hiking trail you like. We will give you two recommendations to visit on either side of the mountains around Bad Gastein. However, the possibilities are almost endless for hiking.

Stubnerkogel Peak

We highly recommend hiking up to the peak of Stubnerkogel. Actually, if you prefer to skip the upper leg, you can ride the ski lift up and hike down. On the top, there is a famous suspended bridge, which feels like it’s straight out of an adventure park. Even better there is a small overlook build onto the mountain. It will provide you with 360 degrees of the panorama of the surrounding valleys and villages.


This landmark is a beautiful mountain lake. Being high up in the mountains this small lake will provide you with amazing views and picturesque landscapes to admire. Being on the opposite side from Stubnerkogel the valley shows you a different face, with different amazing views to take in.

Bad Gastein Hiking

Enjoy the Thermal Water

As Bad Gastein is famous for its healthy thermal water, it would be a shame to skip trying it out. You can head over to Alpentherme Gastein and get into the water.

It’s recommended that even if the outside temperature is not so high. Being a thermal water compound, the swimming pools are naturally hot and will keep you warm. This applies to the outside pools as well. It’s an amazing feeling to sit in the hot water as rain falls around you.

Go Ziplining

Flying Waters is the name of the establishment that you can visit for some ziplining. This will be a perfect opportunity if you are looking to fill your holiday with some adrenaline. Strapped onto the zipline you will soar across the sky, above the beautiful waterfalls of Bad Gastein. This summer activity is perfect for families, as children are guaranteed to get a kick out of the experience.

Try Yourself at Archery

This Bad Gastein summer activity is quite unique. Although there are multiple places in Europe where you can try your hand at some archery, in Bad Gastein, there is a whole adventure park built around it.

You can learn the ropes from the instructors, then explore the setpieces. You will be able to shoot at wooden goats, elks and other animals. It’s a truly fun activity in Bad Gastein, especially for those who haven’t had the chance to try shooting with a bow and arrow before. You can get lost in this park for hours and enjoy hunting experience without hurting any animals.


Bad Gastein Summer Activites: Via Ferrata and Paragliding

Both of these summer activities require some preparation. We do not recommend these activities for everyone who visits Bad Gastein in the summer. Please take note that these activities can be dangerous and result in serious injury for those without appropriate experience. However, if you are an experienced hiker or paraglider we have good news for you.

Bad Gastein and the surrounding mountainscape is full of great Via Ferrata routes. From beginner to advanced you will be able to find the climbing path most suitable for your needs.

Additionally, the mountain provides a perfect opportunity for paragliding. You will be able to fly down into the valley and admire the picturesque landscape along the way.

Bad Gastein Summer Activity Paragliding

Day Trip to Salzburg

If you are travelling in the area for the first time we highly recommend taking a day out of your vacation for Salzburg. It’s around 1h15m via car on the highway.

It’s also the birthplace of Mozart and the fourth largest city of Austria. This beautiful city is worth checking out. When there we recommend you take a boat tour on the river Salzach┬áto admire the architecture of the city.

As the birthplace of Mozart you will be able to learn about the great musician in Salzburg. You can check out Mozart’s Birthplace, which is the house he was born in. It now functions as a museum. Also there is Mozart’s Residence, which was where he lived. Today this is a museum as well.

Salzburg Day Trip

As you can see there is no shortage of things to do in Bad Gastein. We think these are some of the best Bad Gastein summer activities available. We recommend this holiday destination for those who are looking for an active holiday.

As the main attraction is hiking, you can definitely spend every day moving here. Even then, whenever you are feeling tired from all the mountain trails, you can hop into the healthy thermal waters and relax the night away.

If you are interested in more Austrian holiday tips, you might want to check out our article on the Mariazellerbahn.

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