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Bali Indonesia Shopping on Vacation

For many, shopping is a necessity. They do it because it has to be done. To a few, shopping at some point is viewed as an approach to alleviate stress or simply good times. However, when on vacation we all love to do it. Be it souvenirs or items you cannot get at home, this is your guide to Bali Indonesia shopping.

Prepare for Haggling

When shopping in Bali you simply cannot take prices for granted. Shop owners love to overprice everything and bank in a good profit when a naive customer comes around. Don’t be the naive customer!

When haggling, you can employ all the different techniques. Try to be friendly with the seller. Have a laugh together and in the end, they might give you a better price.

You may also use the walk-away trick. Act like you are not interested, and the final price might come down as much as 50%. The markets of Bali are full of overpriced merchandise and you need to be creative to get the best deals.

Be careful though. Don’t overdo it. Bargaining is an adventure in itself and can be a lot of fun. However, let the seller think they stay in control. Let them say the final price. If they start too steep quickly, you may end up with no deal at all! With all the haggling and bargaining we find shopping in Bali, Indonesia especially entertaining.

Beach Vendor

Bali is a Great Place for Shopping

If you like shopping, you will surely love this surfer’s paradise. It’s one of the best locations to enjoy some great quality handmade products. The island is quite literally dotted with shops, vendors, shacks and markets everywhere.

The local art creators, craftsmen, woodworkers and producers are always busy to provide the best service and products for travellers. Along the beach, you will be able to grab some amazing surf gear, beachwear and taste the local delicacies.

A Typical Afternoon Shopping Experience

Once you are back from a great day on the beach, it’s time to get out of your lodging and explore. The streets are lined with tons of shops and stands. Cab drivers will start to call after you in hopes of new business. CafĂ© owners will invite you for a cup of mango juice. The vendors will also stay in front of their shop buildings to grab your attention.

The word the locals will ask you, is “kemana”, as they wave their hands for you to enter the building. If you are up to some bargaining, go along, grin, and make your way inside the shop. There will be many opportunities like this when shopping in Bali, Indonesia.

Inside the Building

Once inside, you should start browsing the merchandise. Checking out the handmade jewellery, wooden statues or fashion items, in the event that you see something that you are searching for pause and ask the cost.

You should know that at this point you will be given the highest price. The local sellers will easily put a 30% extra on the cost. Depending on your mood and how much you like the vendor, you can start haggling. Alternatively, you can continue on your way shopping and maybe find a more affordable deal.

The most well-known word said by the Balinese merchant is “bangkrut” signifies bankrupt, if the value you make is thought to low. Normally if the merchant stop to grin, it’s mean you got the cost. On the off chance that you went through sufficient cash in one shop, attempt to ask him/her a trinket, he/she will be exceptionally happy to offer you one free of charge.

You’ll get more for your cash, in the event that you are willing to invest energy and grin while haggling. Albeit enticing, do whatever it takes not to make any significant buys for the initial not many days. Glance around, take as much time as is needed, bargain hard and afterwards purchase.

Shops in Bali

What to Pick When Shopping in Bali

The assortment of products for sale is highly varied. A large portion of the painstaking craftsmanship work and artworks can be found in the locale of Gianyar. Especially the towns of Mas and Kemenuh are well known for its best and most skilled woodcarvers. You can visit a workshop where craftsmen produce their merchandise. It’s a unique experience of shopping in Bali, Indonesia, to buy the handicraft product directly from the workers.

Ubud is celebrated for the gifted painters. You will find paintings and artwork in many styles here. Whether you are looking for some vintage painting styles, a custom order or contemporary art, you will surely find it here. Getting a painting from Ubud can serve as amazing decor for your home, once back from vacation.

One of the best ways to find art for buying is to check out some local displays. You can pick out a style you like, and seek the artist at their home. At home, they will have a great selection of paintings you can purchase for decor. It’s one of the best ways to trade paintings in Bali.

At Kuta Center, you can discover numerous quality shops, boutiques, expressions market, general store and retail chain. When you are trying to haggle, keep in mind, that bigger chains will deal with fixed prices.


There is a booming collectible business in Bali, built around tourism. Be it handicraft items, old village relics, decor made from wood in the jungle or unusual fashion product, you will find it on the island. You can get lost in the world of collectibles in shops and stalls around the area of Batubulan, Kuta and Klungkung. Although it’s a lot of fun to look for collectibles, offered by an old man in local outfits, you have to be careful. Mind what you are buying as some items are not genuine. They are faked. As you can see it’s not only fun and games to go shopping in Bali, Indonesia. You have to be smart and careful to avoid scams.


Pejaten town in the Taban area is the place for buying pottery. Consider this tip if you are looking for ceramic items. You will be able to find affordable deals on plates, bowls and all kinds of household accessories. Whether you want to place the items on your wall or use them at home, this town is the best for finding budget deals. Some more ceramic shops can also be found in Sanur Jl. D. Tamblingan, Ubud and Kuta.

Gold and Sliver

If you are dreaming about jewellery, then the towns of Celuk, Kamasan and Bratan are the places to buy. Many goldsmiths and silversmiths can be found in this area. They keep an amazing stock of jewellery you can buy as-is. However, if you are looking for custom and handcrafted products, you can arrange such a deal. Simply present them with a sample, and they will duplicate it. If you happened to not like the result, they will simply melt it down and begin once again. Nothing is more perfect than going out into the Bali nightlife wearing your custom hand made jewellery.

Golden Bracelets

Home Decor

Handiwork and trinkets like bamboo statues, decorations made of coconut shell and teak wood, caps and shells, wooden hoops, key chains, garments, pen and ink works of art are sold within the most popular zones for tourism. Travellers going to Pasar Sukawati and Ubud will find plenty of home decor and handicraft artwork in these locations.

These are also the best locations for budget deals. Affordable prices, and easily haggling will help you get great souvenirs from these villages. As a rule of thumb, in Indonesia, look for places where tourism is popular for shopping. Although the people selling will surely inflate the price if you haggle hard and well you can get the best selection of products.

In case you are looking for textiles or cowhide products, you should consider the villages and shop buildings in Kuta, Ubud and Sanur.

Batik Cloth

One of the most famous handicraft produce of Indonesia and Bali is the batik cloth. These amazing patterns sewn into the textile are really impressive to look at.

You can see it in the everyday clothing and dress of the Balinese people. Wild oxen, winged creatures, veils, and manikin figures are all part of the patterns and figures that are put onto the textile.

When spending your money, be wise. If you are looking for real batik, it might be hard to find. Nowadays most of the cloth and textile being sold in the city by the merchants are printed materials. The Balinese people use these for home decoration purposes.

The focal point of batiks is the village of Tohpati. The Best production line to visit is Batik Populer and Kartika Candra.


As you can see, Bali is an especially great vacation destination if you love to shop. Whether you are booking your hotel in Kuta, Sanur or Ubud, we are sure you will enjoy an amazing time on the island.

As a centre of tourism, many hotels and accommodations are available in the towns and villages of Bali. Planning your holiday will be easy and affordable. Bali is a little and wonderful island situated in Indonesia, extraordinary compared to other places of tourism in Asia.

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