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12 Amazing Beach Towns in Sardinia

The island of Sardinia is quite an amazing and unique part of Italy. It’s far enough from the main regions to have its own authentic culture. It’s an amazing mix of the local and the main Italian cultures. Couple this with an impressive coastline and you have a desirable vacation spot on your hands. Today we’ll explore this coastline as we take a look at some of the best beach towns in Sardinia.

As you read through this article you’ll notice that Sardinia’s biggest towns are missing. Although they are coastal towns we wanted to focus on some of the smaller locations this time around. The beach towns we have selected are either oozing with an authentic local atmosphere or are some of the best resort towns around the island.

So with that in mind, don’t expect to see Alghero, Oviedo, or Cagliari on this list. They are all great towns and you must not miss them on your visit to the island. However, we are rather looking at places to use as your base to explore the island.

These beach towns in Sardinia are great choices especially if you are renting a car. You can stay on the beach and explore the island at your own pace. Some days you might decide to stay in and spend all your time on the beach. These are the days when you will truly appreciate a great beach town.

1. Notteri


Notteri, a small beach town in the southern part of Sardinia, is a place of serene beauty and natural wonders. At Stagno Notteri, you can see the flamingos in their natural habitat, wading through the calm waters of the lagoon.

If you take a walk, you can feel the sand between your toes and the sun on your skin, and find yourself at peace with the world. The beaches here are dotted with bars and restaurants, providing sustenance for the weary traveler.

But it’s not just the flamingos that make this place special. The lagoon, with its ecosystem between land and sea, is a sight to behold. The narrow strip of sand that separates the azure sea from the blue of the lagoon is a unique spectacle.

Notteri serves as the port of Villasimius, and the two places are often referred to by locals as one, but it is a destination worth visiting in its own right. The town offers a variety of hotels and apartments for rent, and its proximity to Cagliari makes it an ideal place to stay.

We absolutely love Notteri for the amazing scenery and super locals. It’s quite a rustic town given the fact that the surrounding area is a natural park.

2. San Teodoro

San Teodoro

San Teodoro is a small village south of Olbia. It is a place of history and beauty. The village, with its convenient location near the airport and the port, has become one of the most popular destinations in Sardinia. Luckily, we’ve seen that the newfound popularity of the area has not spoiled the authentic feel of San Teodoro.

The beaches here are the main attraction, some of the best in all of Sardinia. So if you are looking for an authentic fishing village that’s also one of the best beach towns in Sardinia then you should definitely check out San Teodoro.

Caribbean-style beaches, a variety of sports, lively clubs, and sophisticated bars provide entertainment for all visitors. If you are someone who wants to explore you’ll be happy to learn that the village offers more than just beaches.

The hinterland is home to unspoiled nature and the Stagno di San Teodoro marsh, a habitat for many species of birds. But the real beauty of San Teodoro is its beaches. The three kilometers of La Cinta, surrounded by azure waters, offer a view of the island of Tavolara and an atmosphere that is infectious.

San Teodoro is also a great place for nightlife. As the sun settles behind the coast the restaurants and bars will turn on their lights to invite passersby from the street. There is a very nice clubbing scene in town so we highly recommend San Teodoro for young people.

Families might find the place a little bit crowded and touristy. But we have some other great picks on this list that may be better suited for travelers with children, so keep reading!

3. Santa Teresa Gallura

Santa Teresa Gallura

A place of natural beauty and local culture, Santa Teresa di Gallura is a small village on the north coast of Sardinia. Although it can be quite busy during the high season, it is an authentic and colorful village.

Without question, the centerpiece of Santa Teresa Gallura is the stunning Rena Bianca beach. We absolutely loved its powdery white sand and crystal clear waters. Now, you must be the judge of this, but many consider it one of the most beautiful beaches in Italy.

Located just one hour from Olbia Costa Smeralda Airport, Santa Teresa di Gallura is easily accessible, yet secluded enough to offer a sense of escape. The village has a picturesque harbor and a historic, lively atmosphere.

Visitors will find cafes, and restaurants, and bars with live music, and the food experience is particularly noteworthy.

The rugged coastline of Bonifacio and the Blue Flag beaches of the island make Santa Teresa di Gallura a place of natural beauty.

The village is easy to appreciate, and with its crystal clear waters and white sandy beaches, it’s a perfect destination for those seeking a mix of natural beauty and cultural richness. The village is a true gem, a place where you can find serenity and adventure at the same time. It’s an especially great destination for families.

4. Stintino


Stintino is a small town on the northwest coast of Sardinia. It is a place of natural beauty. The beaches are the main attraction, with their white sand and crystal clear waters.

The most famous beach is La Pelosa. Year after year, both locals and tourists make their way to this remote corner of Sardinia, attracted by the beauty of the sea and the surrounding nature.

Stintino is only 50 km from Alghero. Despite the influx of tourists, the town has managed to keep its traditional charm. Although you do feel the effects of tourism as the main street is lined by shops and restaurants. However, we were happy to see many of them offering local products. Purchasing local products is always a great way to give back to the region we are visiting.

The charm of the village is further enhanced by the main church, cobbled streets, and traditional low houses. The beaches of Stintino are a sight to behold, with their white sands, crystal clear waters, and surrounded by Mediterranean scrub.

The most popular and well-known beach is La Pelosa, known for its calm and clear waters. The beach is located in front of the island of Asinara, which is a natural park and home to many endangered species of plants and animals.

Fishing is an important part of the local culture and cuisine, with seafood and shellfish being the main specialties. The local dishes are simple but delicious, such as potato soup, lobster with local fish, and octopus.

If you decide to stay in Stintino we suggest that you do not skip the local natural parks. Capo Falcone offers a breathtaking view of Asinara and the pond of Pilo. Stintino is another amazing beach town in Sardinia for families.

5. Porto Rotondo

Porto Rotondo

As a must-see destination on the picturesque Costa Smeralda, Porto Rotondo is an idyllic seaside village. It is nestled between the Gulf of Cugnana and the Gulf of Marinella. Located just 13 kilometers north of Olbia, this charming village offers a wealth of natural beauty and luxurious amenities that make it a top choice for discerning travelers.

The beaches of Porto Rotondo are spectacular, with azure waters, fine sand, and a variety of options to suit all tastes. Whether you prefer the serenity of a secluded sandy beach or the excitement of a rugged rocky coastline, Porto Rotondo has something for everyone.

Two beaches that are particularly worth visiting are Spiaggia Ira and Spiaggia Contra Ira, both of which offer breathtaking views and picturesque landscapes.

When it comes to food, Porto Rotondo does not disappoint. The local Sardinian cuisine is a true celebration of the sea and the mountains, with an authentic and rustic taste. From fresh seafood to hearty meat dishes, the local cuisine is a gastronomic delight not to be missed.

Porto Rotondo isn’t just about natural beauty and delicious food, it’s also a place of luxury and exclusivity. Known for its laid-back atmosphere and popularity among celebrities, this charming village is the perfect destination for those seeking a sense of luxury and relaxation.

We always feel that Porto Rotondo is one of the more upscale destinations in Sardinia. It definitely attracts a certain crowd.

6. San Giovanni di Sinis

San Giovanni di Sinis
trolvag, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The village of San Giovanni of Sinis, situated on the promontory of Sinis, was once a small fishing village. But today it’s a place where sea and land meet. It’s a famous seaside resort that’s well worth a visit. It’s located on the road that leads to the ancient town of Tharros and the picturesque Capo San Marco.

The beach of San Giovanni di Sinis stretches for four kilometers along the western side of the peninsula. It’s mostly fine sand with some pebbles. The beach is surrounded by cliffs up to 10 meters high. They make the scenery quite dramatic.

It’s a small village with a bar, restaurants, and hotels that come to life during the summer. In the center of the village, there’s a small paleo-Christian church dating back to the 5th century.

7. Castelsardo


Castelsardo, a town on the rocky cliffs of the northern coast of Sardinia, is a place well worth visiting. The old town is a maze of narrow and romantic streets.

The coast here is mostly red cliffs, but there are also sandy beaches such as Marina di Castelsardo, at the entrance to the town, and Lu Bagnu beach, a few miles away, hidden behind green cliffs. The sandy beach is the most popular among visitors. It might not be a traditional beach town in Sardinia, however, the historic center is a great draw for many people.

The local restaurants serve fresh seafood such as lobster, crab, shrimp, sea urchins, and shellfish. The ancient castle, Castello dei Doria, is the main attraction. From its walls, you can explore the ancient citadel.

8. Buggerru


Buggerru is a charming coastal village in southwestern Sardinia. Once a bustling mining town, Buggerru has since transformed into a tranquil haven for travelers with a population of just 1,000. Of course, as you would expect, the number of people in town multiplies when the summer season rolls around.

The coastline here is nothing short of spectacular, with the northern reaches of Capo Pecora and Portixeddu. Add to this the southern gem of Cala Domestica cove nestled between high limestone cliffs.

The seaside in Buggerru is considered one of the most beautiful in Sardinia. The beach of Buggerru has soft sand and inviting blue waters.

The town’s port and coastline, which extends to Capo Pecora, offer a glimpse of the area’s rich maritime history. Overall, Buggerru is a destination that offers the perfect balance of relaxation and adventure, making it a must-visit for any traveler looking to experience the best of Sardinia.

It’s a great spot for families.

9. Calasetta


Escape to a small corner of paradise on the island of Sant’Antioco, where you’ll find Calasetta. This picturesque fishing village is located just off the southwestern tip of Sardinia.

Just like many towns in the area, it is quickly becoming a popular tourist destination. With its indented coastline and sandy beaches, it is a prime spot for a summer vacation.

The heart of the town is the lively village square, surrounded by a range of fantastic restaurants, bars, and shops, all open late into the night during the high season.

10. Porto Pino

Porto Pino

Porto Pino is a small resort village on the southern tip of Sardinia. It’s a place of sandy beaches and shallow water. The area is surrounded by a huge pine forest and a breathtaking bay.

The local beach stretches along the coast for miles and it is naturally divided into two separate sections. There first section is easily accessible while the second beach has more picturesque scenery with white dunes.

The coast is shallow, making it perfect for children and accessible to the disabled. There are plenty of services, including lifeguards on duty at all times (during summer). The town is quiet but comes to life during in the hotter months of the year. There are villas and bungalows all around, waiting for happy guests to fill them with memories.

11. Arbatax


Located in the heart of Sardinia, Arbatax is a haven for those seeking a luxurious resort experience. You will find this town at the foot of Capo Bellavista. It offers a range of accommodations to suit every traveler, from grand villas to simple hotel rooms.

But the real draw of Arbatax is its stunning beaches. With several stretches of sandy shores, visitors can spend their days swimming and relaxing in the warm Mediterranean waters.

The town itself is divided into two parts: the old town, located near the port, and the newer development of Porto Frailis, home to many vacation homes and hotels. Tourism drives the economy of this town.

Be sure to visit the beach of Rocce Rosse, known for its striking red rocks and shellfish farming. And for families, Arbatax is a particularly good choice, with many attractions and programs designed to entertain children.

If you are after a classic resort experience then we highly recommend Arbatax as the place to pick among the many beach towns of Sardinia. It’s simply one of the best resorts around.

12. Bosa Marina

Bosa Marina

Bosa Marina is a small coastal town on the west coast of Sardinia. It is a true gem. Nestled at the foot of the historic town of Bosa, known for its romantic streets and houses, Bosa Marina offers a great time for its visitors.

The large beach of Bosa Marina is located just south of the tourist port. It is a wide, golden, sandy shore that stretches for over a kilometer. The gently sloping sandy seabed makes it a popular destination for families.

The beach is equipped with all the necessary services, including beach establishments with equipment and boat rentals, places to eat and refresh, and boat trips.

Experience the best of Sardinia’s natural beauty and rich history at Bosa Marina, a must for any traveler looking for a quiet and peaceful getaway. We especially recommend Bosa Marina for couples. You’ve got one of the most romantic towns on the island withing reach and you’ve got the local beach to relax. It’s an excellent choice among the beach towns in Sardinia.

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