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8 Best Beaches in Duluth, MN – Where to swim?

Duluth is a small town located in Montana. It is a beautiful place with a lot of history. Located just off the shores of Lake Superior you will be naturally tempted to do some exploring. We’ve compiled 8 of the best beaches in Duluth, MN for those who want to see more of the lake.

It is a little-known fact that Duluth has awesome beaches on Lake Superior. Being a northern town it’s definitely not a beachgoer’s first pick but travelers who visit will often find the local beaches a nice surprise.

If you visit during the summer then chances are you’ll get some nice weather to go for a swim or do some tanning on the shore.

Winter visits are still pretty interesting though. During this period the beaches of Duluth will fill up with ice formations as the lake freezes. People love to come out and take in the winter scenery on Lake Superior. It really is something.

1. Park Point Recreation Area

Park Point in Duluth
The sandy shore in Park Point

One of the most popular and most important beaches in Duluth, MN. The Park Point Recreation Area is an excellent place to visit.

Park Point is home to the world’s biggest freshwater sandy beach, which stretches for 7 miles! People frequently compare the appearance and feel of Park Point beach to those along the Atlantic coast.

Whether you are visiting with family, or friends, or on a romantic getaway Park Point is the place to be. Due to the size it never really gets crowded.

Not only it’s a good beach but a generally nice area to visit. The sand dunes, the lighthouse, and the surrounding nature are all good places to continue your exploration of Duluth.


2. Brighton Beach

Brighton Beach is another important beach in Duluth, MN. It’s located in Kitchi Gammi Park which was originally established to provide access to Lake Superior.

It’s a lovely stone-covered beach that was initially created in 1922 as a campsite for vehicle visitors. While the park is no longer camping, it now has picnic tables and grills with spectacular views of Lake Superior.

Locals and tourists are welcome here and it’s one of the best places if you want to go to Lake Superior. Although the pebbly beach is not the same as the sandy shore of Park Point, the views are just as beautiful from here.

This beach is just outside of Duluth making it an easy visit. We love to spend the day swimming and end it with some nice barbeque on the grills.


3. The Ledges

The Ledges is a smaller beach area in Duluth. It’s characterized by interesting rock formations. It’s also one of the best places if you want to watch the ice during the winter.

Usually, this beach is almost empty. As it’s a rocky beach it’s not the easiest to get into the water here. Most people come to this beach for the scenery and not for actual swimming.

If you visit during winter then definitely come to The Ledges to see all the different shapes of ice on Lake Superior.


4. 42nd Ave E. Park (Beach)

A little hidden beach in Duluth, MN. The 42nd Ave E. Park Beach is hiding behind a small trail that many people don’t even know about.

It’s a small beach but the locals love it. Keep in mind you won’t find a sandy beach at the end of the trail. Rather you will find a stunning rock shore and some parts with small pebbles.

It really is a small beach so it can get crowded but if you want to meet the locals this might be the best place to be.

During winter the rocky coast makes for beautiful ice formations as well.


5. Bristol Beach Park

If you keep driving north from Duluth you will reach Bristol Beach Park. A nice and wide pebbly beach. We love how low-key this beach is.

It’s not well known to tourists and locals usually choose different options. The beach is located right next to the road so it’s very easy to just stop and go down to the water.

If you want to swim then you must mind the rocks as there are some hiding under the water. We don’t want you hitting yourself while enjoying some time on the beach.


6. Knife River Marina Beach

If you want to visit a sandy beach near Duluth then Knife River Marina Beach is a great choice. It’s a relatively big beach on the shores of Lake Superior.

The sandy beach nature makes it an excellent place to go swimming and catch some sun. You’ll feel the soft sand under your feet as you submerge yourself in the cooling water.

Usually, this beach is not crowded so it’s perfect for families.


Duluth Coast
The Duluth Coastline

7. Burlington Bay Beach

Burlington Bay Beach is probably among the best family beaches to visit in the Duluth area. It’s a large public beach with easy parking and beautiful scenery.

The water starts out shallow near the shore so it’s a great place for kids. It’s also close to the Burlington Bay Campgrounds which means you might meet other families and make some new friends on your visit.


8. Edgewater Hotel and Waterpark

Finally, on our list, we’ll bring you a nice recommendation for a beach substitute. The local waterpark is a great place to spend a whole day.

With multiple waterslides and other water-based attractions, the waterpark will surely keep the family occupied.

They are open through the year even in the colder months as it’s an indoor waterpark.


Beaches in Duluth – FAQ

Does Duluth have a local beach?

Yes, there are multiple local beaches in Duluth. You can visit these beaches to swim in Lake Superior.

What is the best place to swim in Duluth?

Park Point Beach is the best beach in the area.

Is Lake Superior a nice lake to swim in?

Yes, Lake Superior’s cooling effect is especially nice during the summer. In the winter months, the lake freezes and you won’t be able to swim.

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