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The 9 best beaches in Jamestown, RI

Are you planning to spend a few days in Jamestown during the summer? If so, then the summer heat might get to you too. Let’s see what are your best options when it comes to beaches in Jamestown, RI.

Luckily, Jamestown is technically an island. This means that there are plenty of beaches to choose from. We’ll take a look at the best beaches in the town and even give you some recommendations for nearby picks.

Of course, we’ll start with the local beaches. At the end of each place, we will provide a link to Google maps so you can check the exact position. In the case of the beaches that are not directly in Jamestown, RI, we’ll also advise on the driving time.

So without further ado, let’s get into the 9 best beaches of Jamestown, RI. It’s not nicknamed the ‘Ocean State’ for nothing after all.

1. Mackeral Cove Beach

Mackeral Cove Beach is probably one of the best beaches in Jamestown. It offers a wide patch of sandy beaches and clear waters.

Being an actual cove it means that the beach is mostly sheltered from big waves. It’s great for families and especially for people traveling with kids. The kids will be able to play around the sand without the fear of huge waves.

The beach is also pretty well equipped when it comes to amenities. Although it’s not close to any residential areas, there is a lifeguard, toilets, and changing rooms available. We advise you to bring your own food though.

Being a non-residential area the scenery is also pretty around the beach. It is definitely one of the main beaches to visit whenever you are staying in Jamestown, RI.

Non-residents must pay $15 for parking. Residents can attend the beach freely.


2. Sunset Beach

As the name suggests this is the beach to go to when you want to catch some beautiful sunsets. This place is located almost perfectly so bring out some camping chairs, kick back, and enjoy the beautiful views.

When it comes to the beach experience, unfortunately, Sunset Beach kind of underdelivers. First of all, there are no lifeguards or any amenities to speak of.

Secondly, this is a pebbly beach with some sharp stones thrown in the mix. We advise swimming shoes if you want to come here.


3. Beavertail State Park

Beavertail State Park
LEONARDO DASILVA, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Now, we’ve said that Mackeral Cove Beach is probably the best one in Jamestown, however, Beavertail State Park is a strong competitor. The only reason we don’t rank it as number one is the fact that this is not actually a beach.

It’s a small but beautiful state park. The shore is rugged with rocks and small access points into the water. During summer people love to lay out on the rocks, get some sun, and swim a little bit around the park.

It’s not a traditional beach experience, however, when it comes to scenery this one’s hard to beat. Of course, no amenities are available so bring everything from drinks to food.

Warning: do not attempt swimming here unless the water is 100% calm. The rocks of the state park are dangerous, this beach is mostly for scenery and sunbathing.


4. Park Dock Beach

Park Dock beach is the beach to visit if you want to get away from everyone else. This is kind of a hidden beach on the north side of Jamestown.

You can expect zero amenities and no lifeguards here. The beach itself is pebbly so bring comfortable footwear and maybe some chairs for sitting around.

It’s a beautiful and very quiet beach. Usually, there is either no one else around or only a handful of people.


5. Fox Hill Salt Marsh

The Fox Hill Salt Marsh is more of a barbeque, walking, and relaxing area than a beach. However, it’s perfect at that.

It’s located near Fox Hill Pond and the name suggests it’s a small marshland area. If you are looking for a place where you can cook some meat, talk with your friends, and have amazing views over the ocean then this is a superb pick.

If you are actually looking to go swimming then maybe look for a different option.


6. East Ferry Beach

East Ferry Beach is the local beach in Jamestown. It’s right next to the ferry landing and it’s a multi-use space.

Some people come here to relax, read a book, or do some sports, meanwhile, some people actually come here for some swimming.

It’s definitely not the most beautiful beach around town, however, it’s very close to the downtown area.

As it’s near boats and the actual ferry the water is not as beautifully clean as the other beaches, but it’s still a safe area to swim.


7. Sachuest Beach

Second Beach Rhode Island
ajay_suresh, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Now, that we’ve covered some of the best beaches in Jamestown it’s time to take a look at the area that surrounds the town. These picks will require you to drive a little bit but they all offer a more traditional experience.

First up is Sachuest Beach. It’s actually near the Sachuest Point National Wildlife Refuge so you can take a peek inside the refuge as well if you fancy some walking.

The beach itself is a wonderful sandy beach with space for plenty of people. It does get busy during the summer months.

There are lifeguards and toilets around. One thing that stands out here is the scenery. You got the wonderful sand dunes behind the beach and the crystal clear ocean in front. It’s a true beach feeling and we absolutely love this one.

The distance is around 9 miles or 20 minutes of driving.


8. Narragansett Town Beach

If you are looking for a more classic New England setting then Narragansett Town Beach might just be the beach for you.

It’s located right outside the downtown area of Narragansett and it’s once again a big sandy beach that can accommodate a big summer crowd.

This beach is big, busy, and beautiful with the yellow sand and the clear ocean. It’s a good pick if you want to stay close to a residential area while beaching.

It’s around 12 miles and 20 minutes of driving away from Jamestown.


9. Charlestown Beach

Finally, you get Charlestown Beach near Jamestown as well. It’s one of the biggest beaches in the area. The advantage is a big size as it is hard for this beach to get really crowded. Even during the height of the tourism season, there are free spots where you can settle down.

It is a beautiful beach that offers stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean. The beach is also a great place to relax and enjoy the warm sun.

Lifeguards are on duty at the beach and you’ll also find restrooms and some picnic tables. It’s one of our favorite beaches in Rhode Island and whenever you are in Jamestown you can visit this beach easily.

It’s around 25 miles away from Jamestown which is around 35 minutes of driving.


Beaches in Jamestown FAQ

Does Jamestown have a city beach?

Yes, East Ferry Beach is the local city beach.

What is the best beach in Jamestown?

We consider Mackeral Cove Beach as the best beach in Jamestown.

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