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6 Great Beaches in LaGrange, GA

Although LaGrange is a pretty landlocked town in Georgia it’s the beautiful West Point Lake right next to it. It’s perfect for fishing, swimming, and other water-based activities. Today we are taking a look at the 6 best beaches in LaGrange, GA.

Of course, you won’t find any ocean beaches on this list. The coast is simply too far and it makes sense to drive there for just a beach day. If you want to enjoy the ocean you must plan at least a weekend getaway. However, we’ll explore the top lake beaches nearby.

And when it comes to lake beaches LaGrange has nothing to be shy about. There are some pretty amazing places to enjoy the water and the summer sun in these parts of Georgia. So without further ado, let’s get into our list of the best beaches in LaGrange.

1. Yellow Jacket Beach

Distance: 6 miles – 12 minutes

Yellow Jacket Beach is one of the best choices near LaGrange. It’s only a short drive away and it’s perfect for a family outing. Parking costs $5 but some days it’s free. We haven’t figured out when they offer free parking so let’s just stick with $5.

The beach area has some sand and a designated area for swimming in West Point Lake. There are grills, restrooms, and even shade on the shore. The waves are calm and kids will enjoy the sand and the opportunity to get into the water.

It’s definitely our favorite in the area when it comes to a family day out on the beach. It’s close to town and it’s a simple no-frills beach.

2. Pyne Road Park

Distance: 8 miles – 15 minutes

Payne Road Park is all about boating and kayaking due to the excellent boat ramp here. However, it also offers a swimming area and plenty of space for a friendly picnic.

This is a good place if you want to do more than just swim and enjoy the sun. Bring out your kayaks or SUPs and get onto the water for amazing views and some relaxing paddling.

Payne Road Park has a reasonable-sized beach but it’s not super amazing as a beach. Emphasis is definitely on the boating aspect of the place. You’ll also find seasonal events hosted here like car shows and meets sometimes.

3. Earl Cook Beach

Distance: 11 miles – 20 minutes

Earl Cook Beach is one of the more relaxed beaches in LaGrange, GA. It’s out of the way for most travelers making it uncrowded and perfect for experiencing West Point Lake.

You have a nice beach area with sand and designated swimming access. Parking is $5 per car so it’s very affordable and we’ve found the facilities very clean.

We love to come here when we want to get away from other people. Most of the time it’s not crowded here and it will allow for a nice family day on the lake. There are even picnic tables so make sure you bring lunch.

4. Rocky Point Beach

Distance: 20 miles – 30 minutes

Rocky Point Beach is just across the lake from Earl Cook Beach and offers a pretty similar experience. Big sandy swimming area, no lifeguards, and no crowds.

This place along with the others on the list is good for the family outing as they have grills and picnic tables.

5. Callaway Gardens Robin Lake Beach

Distance: 20 miles – 30 minutes

If you want a more beach-like experience then Callaway Gardens Robin Lake Beach is the place to be. It’s a resort that has it’s own beach.

The beach itself is excellent with sand, lifeguards, and clean facilities. We loved how relaxing this place was and if it wasn’t for the size it would be hard to tell that you are on a small lake beach.

Perfect for a beach day. There is also a nice water obstacle course for an additional fee. And speaking of fees this place is quite expensive. General admission is $30 which will give you access to the lake, but if you want the obstacle course as well you need to pay $50.

The cost can be alleviated by a seasonal pass which will give you access to the site for the whole summer but it’s only viable for those who stay for a longer time in LaGrange.

A general entry will also include access to the other parts of Callaway Gardens and not just the lake though so if you consider it a full day out then it’s not that expensive.

6. Great Wolf Lodge Water Park

Distance: N/A – In Town

Finally, if you want the ultimate fun experience you can check out Great Wolf Lodge Water Park. It’s an indoor waterpark complete with slides and fun attractions.

There are a total of five slides so everyone can find something that suits their taste. Apart from the slides you will find other attractions like river rapids or an agility course over the water.

It’s a fun place but it does have a steep pricing. $75 for a day pass and $60 for a half-day pass. However, if you actually book the Great Wolf Lodge as your hotel, the pass will be included in your stay. Something to consider.

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