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7 Great Beaches in Newport News, Virginia

Newport News in VA is a great medium-sized US town. If you decide to visit this place during summer, the heat might get to you and you might long for some swimming. So, we’ve collected our 7 favorite beaches in Newport News, VA.

Newport News has a variety of beaches available. You can choose small local beaches or big sandy ones nearby. As our last point, we’ve also included an epic choice, but you’ll have to drive for that one.

So, let’s go exploring and see what are the beaches available in and near Newport News, VA.

1. Huntington Beach

Huntington Beach is a very simple beach in Newport News. It is overlooking James River so it’s not an oceanfront beach.

The beach itself is sandy and even has lifeguard duty during the swimming season. It’s definitely a great beach to relax, watch the sunset, and spend some time in.

It’s the closest beach to Newport News so we can recommend this one as the local beach. The place is also okay for swimming, however, don’t expect the same water quality as you get from the ocean.

There are also beach volleyball courts available which are popular with the locals during summer.


2. King-Lincoln Park

King-Lincoln Park is another city park in Newport News and it’s another one that has a beach. It’s a big recreational place and this one is looking out towards the ocean.

The beach part itself is pretty small but it never gets crowded. It’s mostly visited by families with little kids as the kids love to play in the sand and the shallow water near the shore.

It’s not really a swimming beach though so don’t expect a regular beach experience. It’s more of a novelty spot where you can see the ocean, relax in the sunshine, and enjoy the views.


3. Riverview Farm Pier and Beach

Okay, we are now on our last beach which is actually inside Newport News. Once again, this one is more of a beauty spot rather than a swimming beach, however as a beauty spot it definitely delivers. This is why we simply could not skip mentioning it.

The Riverview Farm Park is a recreational area where you’ll get a trail leading all the way to the Warwick River shore. When you walk the trail you’ll already be surrounded by beautiful nature but as you arrive at the shore it will feel like a hidden gem spot.

It’s not a lot of people that come down all the way to the beach so it’s definitely a quiet spot. This is one of the best romantic places if you are looking for that in Newport News.


4. Outlook Beach

It’s time to mention some classic beaches now. We are moving onto the beaches near Newport News but don’t worry these are still very close, just a short drive away.

Outlook Beach is located near the Fort Monroe National Monument and it’s a favorite among families. The beach is protected by artificial wave breaks so it’s always calm inside.

It’s a sandy beach with beautiful fine yellow sand and clear waters. Kids love to play around the sand, build castles, and they are safe due to the wave breaks built in front of the beach.

If that’s not enough you get the Fort Monroe Monument right behind you so you can even do some historical sightseeing. The beach is also very picturesque. It’s an overall great pick if you are staying in Newport News, VA.

It only takes 20 minutes to drive down to this beach so it’s pretty close. Just mind rush hour traffic.


5. Buckroe Beach

Sandy beach with seasonal lifeguards, water sports rentals, a snack bar & a fishing pier. This beach is the perfect place to relax and enjoy the incredible views.

With crystal-clear water and plenty of activities to keep you busy, this beach is a super choice. It’s a huge sandy beach so you will get a true ‘classic’ beach experience.

There are no wave breakers here which means that during windy weather, the water gets a little more upset than it does at Outlook Beach.

Regardless it’s the pick if you want to stay close to Newport News, VA but enjoy a classic experience.

Once again, you’ll have to drive around 20 minutes to get here.


6. Grandview Beach

Among the closest beaches to Newport News, VA, this one is our preferred choice. However, if you are a regular reader you know that we like the uncommon and uncrowded spots.

Grandview Beach is located inside a Nature Preserve and it’s one of the most breathtaking places near Newport News.

It’s a sandy beach with dunes in the background, and sometimes right near the shore. We love that this beach is huge, it’s sandy, and it’s not frequented by many people. We consider Grandview Beach as one of the best beaches near Newport News.

However, there is one thing to note: you are inside a nature preserve. This beach is pretty natural. There are no maintenance activities so if nature wants to reclaim the beachfront, weeds can grow freely. It’s a different experience but we love it.

25 minutes of driving should get you to Grandview Beach.


7. Virginia Beach Oceanfront

Virginia Beach Oceanfront
Virginia Beach is the classic Ocean Beach in the area

Finally, the last beach we must mention is a true oceanfront beach. It’s the beach you expect when you say that you are vacationing on the Atlantic Ocean.

Virginia Beach has a wide sandy beach that can accommodate tons of people. This means that even during the warmest days it is hard for the beach to get really crowded.

Being a high-profile beach also means you get all the amenities you might be missing from other places on this list. Lifeguards are a given but there are also restrooms, changing rooms, bars, and even restaurants near the beach.

It is really one of those places where you park your car in the morning and you can stay the whole day.

Although, this is the farthest of the beaches we’ve mentioned it’s still not horrible. You’ll need to drive around 45 minutes (40 miles) to get to this beach.


Beaches in Newport News – FAQ

Is there a local beach in Newport News, VA?

The local beach is called Huntington Beach and it’s perfect if you don’t want to drive too much.

What is the best ocean beach near Newport News, VA?

Virginia Beach Oceanfront is the best option if you want an ocean beach.

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