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7 Spectacular Beaches in Stamford, CT

Are you looking for that beach experience in Stamford? We assure you that you are not alone. There’s nothing better than cooling down in the ocean on a hot summer day. So, join us, as we explore 7 spectacular beaches in Stamford, CT.

Stamford actually has 3 local beaches. They are great but they are pretty small. We’ll start by covering these three and then branch out into the nearby areas to explore some more options.

Whether you are looking for a quiet beach or epic views we’ve got you covered.

1. Cummings Park Beach

We start our adventure of the beaches in Stamford, CT in Cummings Park Beach. It’s a nice and small beach to relax and soak up some sun. There are lifeguards during the summer season so it’s also quite safe.

The area is clean and there are plenty of benches and tables if you want to bring your own food. And when you’re ready to head back home, there’s a spot to wash off.

If you’re not a local, you’ll have to pay to enter the beach. We recommend it for people who are after low-key and less crowded places.

This beach is in Stamford so it’s very easy to get to.


2. Cove Island

Cove Island is a public park and a beach at the same time. It’s full of amenities and beautiful nature. People from Stamford come here to run, walk, enjoy the scenery, and enjoy the beach on sunny days.

It’s a good place to go during the summer, however, we’ve experienced broken shells and sharp pebbles on the beach itself. So be careful walking around barefoot.

Once again, parking is only free for locals.


3. West Beach

Our last beach that’s still in Stamford is West Beach. After this one, we’ll highlight some amazing beaches that you can visit nearby. But first, let’s see what West Beach is all about.

It’s a very nice beach and we really loved our visit here. Although we had our reservations about the water quality it was actually fine to swim here. The beach is a sandy one but there are pebbles and rocks on the ocean floor.

This beach is usually not crowded so it’s a great pick when the sun is out. There’s also a nice food truck nearby in case you don’t want to bring your own food.

Once again, non-residents of Stamford must pay for parking. So whenever you visit these three Stamford beaches as a non-resident be careful. The local police are very quick to hand out fines.


4. Pear Tree Point Beach

Moving onto beaches near Stamford, CT. First, we would like to mention Pear Tree Point Beach which is very close to Stamford and is an amazing place on hot summer days.

We’ve found this area very clean and the water is actually pretty shallow here. This means that the beach is a good choice for families. It’s also not really a well-known spot so overcrowding is not an issue.

There are bathrooms on the beach which is always a good thing. As far as food goes there is one place to get snacks and that’s about it.

Do note that here as well, non-residents will have to pay. It’s only around 5 miles from Stamford with a driving time of 15 minutes.


5. Calf Pasture Beach

Calf Pasture Beach is a big sandy beach that’s loved by the locals. It has a lot of space so it’s very hard for this one to get crowded.

The water is nice and calm here and there are lifeguards as well. We had a great time relaxing on the sand and swimming. Do note that once you enter the water, it’s easy to step on sharp stones. We recommend a swimming shoes when you visit this beach.

Parking for non-residents is paid only. The distance from Stamford is around 10 miles or 20 minutes of driving.


6. Sherwood Beach

Sherwood Beach is located in the Sherwood Island State Park. The location is wonderful and tranquil. It is well-kept, and the vistas are breathtaking. We definitely recommend it for families as it is quite accommodating and roomy.

Being a small state park there is also some wildlife on the beach. You’ll see a lot of birds and you’ll have to share the beach with them.

Paid parking only but this one is cheaper than most of the other picks on this list.

The distance from Stamford, CT is around 15 miles. You can get here in 25 minutes.


7. Jones Beach

Finally, we wanted to include a true oceanfront beach near Stamford. For this one, you’ll have to drive a bit but we think this beach is the most beautiful on the list.

Jones Beach is located inside the Jones Beach State Park. It has a total of 6.5 miles of sandy beach. The views are especially spectacular here and due to the sheer size, it’s hard to get this beach really crowded.

If you want a busy experience you can stay near the central area where there’s a boardwalk, shops, and restaurants. Most people on the beach converge around this area so it is the busiest.

If you want a more intimate experience, you can walk the seashore and find a spot with not a lot of other people nearby. It seems like this beach has it all.

It’s $10 for parking your car so it’s also pretty cheap.

The distance from Stamford is 55 miles or 1h 15mins of driving. It’s far so we recommend this one if you are looking to spend the whole day on the beach.


Stamford, CT beaches – FAQ

Does Stamford have a local beach?

Yes, there are three local beaches in total. They are Cummings Park Beach, Cove Island, and West Beach.

What is the best oceanfront sandy beach near Stamford, CT?

We think the best oceanfront sandy beach nearby is Jones Beach.

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