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10 Breathtaking Beaches in Tillamook, OR

Tillamook is one of the most beautiful counties in Oregon. It has the classic OR coastline. Rugged, rocky, and breathtaking. Join us as we explore our 10 favorite beaches in Tillamook, OR.

Visiting Tillamook means seeing some of the best of Oregon. Whether you stay in Tillamook town itself or choose any of the amazing coastal towns you can’t really go wrong. All of the local beaches are very close and it’s almost impossible to pick one over another.

For the sake of clarity, we are looking at Tillamook county as a whole in this article. As such, we’ll not list independent distances to Tillamook town. However, if you are interested: all of the beaches that we’ve selected are reachable from Tillamook town within a maximum of an hour’s driving.

So let’s jump into our list of the best beaches in Tillamook, OR!

1. Oceanside Beach State Park

Oceanside Summer Sunset Oregon
Beautiful Sunset at Oceanside, OR

Our first stop is Oceanside Beach State Park. It’s actually the closest to Tillamook town so it’s only natural to start here.

Here we must mention that we simply can’t get enough of the Oregon shoreline. As you approach this beach you’ll see the beauty that is loved by so many locals and tourists as well.

The beach itself is great. It’s clean and has beautiful views. The bathrooms are available and they’re clean too. Easy beach access is a huge plus.

If you’re looking for a bite to eat after a long day of soaking up the sun on the beach, there are a few small restaurants nearby that are perfect for a quick meal.

This area is not very touristy so it’s also kind of a hidden gem. We love this beach and we are sure that you’ll love it too.


2. Tunnel Beach

Tunnel Beach in Tillamook
It’s called Tunnel Beach for a reason

Wait a minute, we are not done with Oceanside Beach State Park yet. In fact, on the north side of the beach, there is a tunnel. Enter this tunnel and when you come out on the other side you end up at the conveniently named Tunnel Beach.

Yep! This beach can be approached through another beach. Great fun for the kids to venture through the tunnel.

It’s even less crowded and quieter here. There’s nothing just the waves, the sand, and the picturesque view. It is certainly one of the most amazing beaches in Tillamook, OR.


3. Short Beach

Short Beach Oregon

Go north from Oceanside and you’ll end up near Short Beach. This is another beach on the rugged coast and it’s actually only approachable by a set of steps.

Now, you must know, these steps are pretty steep and at times uneven. We recommend this beach only for those who are fine with this fact. And remember, descending to the beach will be easier than coming back up the stairs.

If you’re not looking for it, you might easily miss Short Beach. It’s not well-known and doesn’t have a lot of parking, but it’s scenic and well worth the climb down the stairs.

Once you’re there, you’ll be glad you made the effort to find it. The views are beautiful and it’s a great place to relax and enjoy the sound and scent of the waves.

We recommend this one, especially for couples who want a quiet place where they can sit together and watch the scenery. We assure you that the romantic mood will settle in rather quickly.


4. Lost Boy Beach

But there’s more! Another connected beach? Yes! This time it’s from Short Beach and it’s only at low tide. Do not attempt to cross here in high tide and once here do not linger for long or the path might disappear in the tide.

Lost Boy Beach is definitely a beautiful hidden gem among the beaches in Tillamook. With its dramatic scenery and clear blue waters, Lost Boy Beach is a true hidden paradise.


5. Cape Meares Beach

Cape Maers Beach Tillamook
Beautiful shoreline and miles of beach

Cape Meares beach is beautiful and not very busy, which is perfect if you’re looking to escape the crowds. Of course, many beaches in this area of Oregon are great for avoiding other people.

It is very beautiful walking down the shore with beautiful rocks. The water is so clear and blue, and the sand is so soft.

The beach is definitely a nice place to spend the day. However, there are not many amenities there, so be sure to bring a packed lunch with you.


6. Rockaway Beach

Rockaway Beach Oregon

Rockaway Beach is a huge beach on the Oregon coastline. It’s bordered by a town with the same name so when it comes to restaurants and coffee shops you have everything you need for a great day out.

The beach itself is beautiful, sandy, and as we’ve already said spacious. Even during the crowded season, you’ll find plenty of free spots.

The locals and the tourists who stay in town love to come out here for swimming, walking around, playing with their pets, lighting bonfires, and generally enjoying life.


7. Neskowin Beach State Park

Did someone say breathtaking? Because the Neskowin Beach State Park is definitely one breathtaking place to visit.

Neskowin Beach is a beautiful, uncrowded place. You can enjoy the water here without disruptions. You can also take hundreds of photos as the scenery around you will be picturesque. It’s also a great place for Kayaking as there’s plenty to see on the coastline.

Did we mention that the beach is also dog and kid-friendly? You can bring your whole family to enjoy the day.


8. Pacific City Beach

Pacific City Beach Tillamook

Pacific City Beach is another must-see beach on the Oregon coastline. Yes, yes, we know that we say this about all the beaches, but in reality, everyone who visits these parts falls in love with the coastline. You just can’t get enough.

The beach has a single point of access, so everyone is kind of in the same spot. The sand dune is huge, with trees, rocks, and cliffs. It’s a beautiful spot, and if you have the opportunity climb atop the dunes.

This Tillamook beach is a beautiful place to surf and swim. The water is clean and the waves are great. The food options around here are also great.


9. Short Sand Beach

Short Sand Beach in Tillamook

Our next pick is a truly secluded spot. To get to Short Sand Beach, you have to take a moderate trail. This beach is a popular spot for surfing and swimming and visitors can enjoy the stunning views while they relax on the sand.

You will be surprised but regardless of the secluded nature, this beach does get busy over the weekend. Many people come here for the beauty and the added small hike to get here is a little bonus.

The only downside is the total lack of amenities. You’ll have to bring your food and water, and you won’t even find restrooms here. So it’s not possible to stay all day long.


10. McPhillips Beach

Finally, we arrive at our last pick among the Tillamook beaches. McPhillips Beach is a beautiful place to visit. It’s known for the dramatic rocks that make up the scenery here.

The best? This beach is totally unknown to tourists. Usually, only a handful of people can be found here and the beach itself is huge. You may have sections of it for yourself and your group only.

The beach is definitely a must-see, with its picturesque views and expansive shoreline. You can even drive your car and have campfires, making it the perfect spot for a summer getaway.


Beaches in Tillamook – FAQ

Are there any beaches near Tillamook town?

Yes! There are plenty of options, all within an hour’s drive. Our article highlights these beaches.

Are the beaches in Tillamook good for surfing?

Yes, these parts of the Oregon coastline are great for surfers.

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