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7 Great Beaches near Asheboro, NC

When the summer sun is scorching the ground in Asheboro you’ll need some place to cool down. If ice cream is not enough then you may start aching for a day on the beach. However, the ocean is pretty far. So what are the best beaches near Asheboro, NC?

The best beaches in this area are all lakes and pools. They might not be as exciting as an ocean beach but if you want to have that then you have to drive upwards of 3 hours. So it’s best to stay close to town for quick refreshments. Luckily there are plenty of places that are within reach.

Everything we mention today is reached in less than an hour of driving. Except for the last pick but that’s kind of a surprise. Other than that we’ve selected some awesome beaches near Asheboro where you can relax and cool during summer.

1. Asheboro Racquet and Swim Club

Distance: 3 miles – 5 mins

The obvious local choice is the Asheboro Racquet and Swim Club. It’s a great place with a big pool, diving boards, and even a small slide. However, this is a pick that we recommend for people staying in Asheboro long term.

There is no day pass here so you need to be a club member to access this beach. The family fees are not that bad if you plan to visit it multiple times during summer but if you are staying in town then it’s too expensive.

The beach itself is very nice, there are areas for the adults to relax and sunbathe. It has clean water, nice facilities, and an all-around great owner who is passionate about the place.

It’s best to check for the current membership price or give them a call. The owner is nice, maybe you could come to some agreement in regards to a one-time visit.

2. Worthville Beach

Distance: 8 miles – 10 mins

Worthville Beach is a nice scenic area right next to a waterfall. It’s a completely rural beach which means you won’t find any amenities, trash bins, or toilets. It’s a nice experience and the waterfall makes for great scenery.

The area is also perfect for light hiking. You can enjoy nature and the beach at the same time. This could be one of the best beaches near Asheboro but it has one huge problem: trash.

Unfortunately, many people who visit this beach leave all their trash behind. As it’s a rural beach it hardly gets cleaned so the trash just accumulates until someone takes it all away.

It’s a sad story as the area is very nice. If you choose to visit make sure you don’t leave your trash behind. This beach is very close and it would be an obvious choice but it only gets a cautious recommendation. The trash kind of ruins it.

3. High Point City Lake Park

Distance: 25 miles – 30 mins

There is a very nice pool and water slide in High Point City Lake Park. It’s a 30-minute drive so it’s not that bad and it’s absolutely perfect for a day out with the family.

Entry is $15 for non-residents which is absolutely reasonable. The pool itself is pretty big for a small town beach and there is plenty of parking for everyone. This is our top recommendation when it comes to beaches near Asheboro, NC. It’s clean, well-kept, and fun for the kids and adults. Good for a family visit.

Also, if you want to do more you can explore the Lake Park itself. There is a boat launch so you can go kayaking and there are some amusement rides which the children will love.

4. Badin Beach

Distance: 38 miles – 45 mins

Badin Beach is the first beach on this list that provides a somewhat classic experience. It’s a natural lake beach. It has a pebbly surface and some rocks under the water.

The beach area is very nice. There are picnic tables but there are no grills. No lifeguards either. The swimming area is clearly marked and it involves only a small but safe part of the lake. We recommend that you don’t go outside of this marked area.

This place is usually not crowded. There is enough parking for everyone and the water gets nice and warm during the summer. It’s a great place. Yes, this is not the ocean but as a lake beach, this does a fine job.

5. Buddle Creek

Distance: 30 miles – 40 mins

The Buddle Creek Swim Area is a perfect rural recreation area for all kinds of lake base activities. Whether you want to do some fishing, kayaking, canoeing, or swimming you can do it here.

Of course, as this is a rural area expect no amenities. No lifeguards, toilets, or anything. You should bring your own food and drinks as well.

Buddle Creek is a scenic area for some swimming and enjoying the summer sun. It’s a great place to cool down. It is a pebbly beach that’s mostly visited by locals. We’ve never really seen it fill up with people and become overcrowded.

6. Seaforth Beach

Distance: 45 miles – 55 mins

Seaforth Beach is probably one of the best classic beach experiences you can get without driving hours to reach the ocean. Still, you’ve got to drive around 1 hour to come here but it’s definitely among the best beaches near Asheboro, NC.

It’s an area that’s well kept and it’s mostly sandy. This is a big difference from the other picks on the list as there aren’t that many sandy beaches available near the Asheboro area.

We’ve found the beach clean and well-kept. There are grills and picnic tables next to the beach so it’s easy to spend the whole day here relaxing and taking in the scenery. Oh yes, the scenery. This is also a beautiful place so not only do you get a great beach but nice scenery as well.

Overall, Seaforth Beach is our choice of the beach when we want that classic experience without driving too much.

7. Carolina Beach/Wilmington Beach/Kure Beach

Distance: 200 miles – 3 hours

Wilmington Beach

Finally, we can safely recommend that you should indeed visit the ocean. The Carolina/Wilmington beach area is around 3 hours away. This means that you can’t do this as a day trip but it’s easy to do it as a weekend getaway.

Why not book a cheap seaside hotel and spend the weekend in the ocean? It’s the perfect way to enjoy a summer full of sunshine and beach days. These places have great beaches. Sand, lifeguards, amenities, and an overall nice community. Consider it.

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