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7 Spectacular Beaches near Bluffton, SC

Not only Bluffton is a nice place to visit but it has been touted as one of the best places to live in South Carolina. When it comes to entertainment there is plenty around and today we are taking a look at the 7 best beaches near Bluffton, SC.

These Bluffton beaches we’ve selected are all easily reachable with a car. Now, Bluffton does have it’s own beach but it’s nothing to call home about so your best bet is the nearby Hilton Heads Island which has plenty of opportunities for swimming and relaxing.

Below you’ll find our favorite beaches near Bluffton and as always we provide an approximate driving time and a Google Maps link so you can easily find these places.

1. Alljoy Beach

Distance: N/A – In Town

First up is the local Bluffton beach: Alljoy Beach or Brighton Beach. They are the same thing just different names. Now as Bluffton is not directly on the shore this is not a true ocean beach.

It’s merely a small patch of sand and rocks with an excellent boat launch and opportunities for fishing. We can’t really recommend this one for swimming however if you need to get your boat in the water Alljoy Beach will do.

Now what’s a bit more interesting is the May River Sandbar. It’s a river sandbar that you can easily reach via boat from Alljoy Beach and it appears during low tide. This spot is quite beautiful in the middle of the river and a favorite for locals. If you have a boat you should definitely check this one out!

2. Coligny Beach Park

Distance: 15 miles – 20 minutes

Hilton Head Island Beach
A typical scene from Hilton Head Island

Now moving onto the beaches near Bluffton. The next 4 beaches are all on Hilton Head Island. In short: if you want a nice beach come to Hilton Head. It’s got plenty to choose from, these four are just our favorites but you can find a sandy beach practically anywhere on the island.

Coligny Beach Park is kind of the main beach on Hilton Head Island. It’s right next to Coligny Plaza Shopping Center where you’ll find restaurants, caf├ęs, and bars. You can also do some shopping here if you want a break from the beach.

This beach has nice and clean facilities including beach equipment rentals. Overall it’s one of the most popular and honestly one of the best beaches on the island. Do come early as parking spots fill up quickly.

3. Folly Field Beach

Distance: 12 miles – 19 minutes

Folly Field Beach is better for those who want more of a nature experience. You will still get some hotels and apartments on the waterfront but this beach is more secluded and it has an overall more rural feel.

Folly Field Beach is also usually less crowded so it’s easier to find a spot for settling down. There is no boardwalk so the available facilities are limited, we recommend that you bring your own food.

Folly Field Beach is an excellent choice if you want something laid-back to relax and swim after a long day at work.

4. Burkes Beach

Distance: 12 miles – 18 minutes

Burkes Beach on Hilton Head Island is an even more secluded beach. It’s a great place if you want to avoid other people and enjoy nature. Here there are barely any buildings on the waterfront and barely any facilities as well.

Still, you get your outdoor showers so that’s pretty nice. The beach is a nice and clean sandy beach perfect for the kids to play around.

This beach is among the smallest and the parking is pretty limited. Come early if you want to visit this place.

5. Fish Haul Beach Park

Distance: 12 miles – 20 minutes

Finally, our ultimate secluded beach near Bluffton. This is still on Hilton Head Island but it’s on the north-eastern side and it’s a combination of a marshland and a sandy beach.

Fish Haul Beach Park is definitely not your usual beachgoer experience but we love it regardless. We come here when the weather is not amazing as you can usually see wildlife and enjoy the serenity of nature on this beach.

It’s a very secluded spot, definitely not the best for swimming, but it’s a popular place to check the local wildlife, especially birds.

6. Tybee Island

Distance: 45 miles – 1 hour

Do you want something different? After all, everyone pretty much always goes to Hilton Head Island from Bluffton but there are some more options. If you are willing to drive.

Tybee Island is just over in Georgia. A one-hour drive will get you to the island where you can choose from multiple beaches. North Beach, Tybee Island is definitely our favorite as you get the local lighthouse as the backdrop.

The Chatham Ave. Beach Access on the south side of the island is also an excellent place for swimming and enjoying the sun.

You will also find a number of great restaurants on Tybee island and to complete a day trip you may actually check out the lighthouse. Yep! It’s a museum that you can visit on a self-guided tour along with some historical landmarks nearby. Good stuff!

7. Hunting Island State Park

Distance: 45 miles – 1 hour

Hunting Island State Park

Finally, you’ve got Hunting Island State Park Beach close to Bluffton. It’s the ultimate nature experience if that’s what you are after. The state park is great in itself but it also has an expansive beach.

You’ll find nice sand and quite a lot of driftwood in the sand. People love to come here and enjoy the nature that surrounds you in an area like this.

There’s also a historic lighthouse in the middle of the state park that’s open for visitors to climb. It’s very easy to spend a full day in the state park enjoying the sun, and the ocean, and exploring the small trails of the park.

Bluffton Beaches – FAQ

Does Bluffton SC have a beach?

Brighton Beach is the local beach of Bluffton but in reality, it’s pretty small and mostly used as a boat launch.

What’s the closest ocean beach to Bluffton?

Hilton Head Island is right next door and has multiple amazing ocean beaches that you can easily access from Bluffton, SC.

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