Beaches Near Brooksville, FL

9 Great Beaches Near Brooksville, FL

Brooksville is the lovely county seat of Hernando County, FL, famed for its 19th-century railroading business and gorgeous historic buildings. Visitors and locals can enjoy the beautiful nature that surrounds the area. If you are longing for an ocean visit while you are there, then we’ve put this list together just for you. We’ve selected the 9 best beaches near Brooksville, FL.

As Brooksville is a landlocked town in Florida it doesn’t have a local beach. Whenever you want to embrace the beauty of the Gulf Coast you’ll have to drive a bit. We’ve selected some of the best beaches that you can visit from Brooksville, Florida.

These beaches are great for solo travelers and families alike. Whether you love to party or want to camp down on a secluded beach, we’ve got something for you.

For this list, we’ve only selected beaches that are on the Gulf of Mexico. It’s the closest coast of Florida to Brooksville and it’s the easiest to visit. You can always go the other way to check out places like Daytona Beach but it’s going to be a longer drive.

1. Alfred A McKethan Pine Island Park

Our first pick is actually the closest beach to Brooksville, FL. It’s only a short 30 minutes drive away. This gulf beach is a popular spot for locals who want to avoid mass tourism.

It’s a quiet piece of sandy beach. Palm trees line the shore and they make quite a nice scenery as the slow summer breeze brushes the leaves.

It’s a great choice for families as the sandy shore allows for sandcastles and easy playing. The water is fairly shallow near the shore so kids can play without too much of a worry. There’s even a playground available.

It’s also a nice place for some romance as the sunsets are very beautiful from the beach. Parking is free on weekdays and costs only $5 on the weekends.

The road distance is only around 20 miles from downtown Brooksville, making it a superb choice among the beaches near Brooksville, FL.


2. Fort Island Beach

Another local favorite is Fort Island Beach which is still pretty close to Brooksville. It’s a very rural and natural beach.

People love to come here and enjoy an undisturbed coastline. Many visitors bring along their pets or even ride along the coast with their horses.

It’s an excellent choice if you are looking for a laid-back experience where it’s mostly you and no amenities. You won’t find fancy restaurants and bars around this place.

It’s just nature, a sandy shore, and beautiful water that awaits at Fort Island Beach. We love to come here on slow days but we understand this beach is definitely not for everyone.

The distance is around 38 miles from Brooksville which translates to around 45 minutes of driving.


3. Howard Park Beach

TopFlightsNow Hidden Gem!

Howard Park Beach
Afternoon at Fred Howard Park on the Gulf of Mexico at Tarpon Springs Florida

One of the favorite picks of the TopFlightsNow staff. An awesome hidden gem that’s definitely worth the time to drive over there.

Howard Park Beach is more of a natural beach for those who want to really avoid the crowds. It’s known and loved by locals and some tourists who take their time to research their destination.

There is plenty of paid parking available here. We’ve not run into a situation where parking was the limiting factor for the visit.

The beach is nice and sandy and you got your usual amenities like restrooms and rinsing showers.

Do note that although the beach looks amazing and the water is always inviting, there can be seaweed in there.

It takes a little away from the experience but it’s an otherwise awesome visit. Our guess is that if the seaweed was not present, you would get an insane crowd each day, so it’s not that bad after all.

Now we are getting into some greater distances. It’s around 1 hour of driving or around 50 miles away from Brooksville. One of the good things about this beach near Brooksville, FL is the fact that you can mostly avoid Tampa traffic when visiting.


4. Honeymoon Island Beach

Honeymoon Island Beach is another superb pick among the beaches near Brooksville, Florida. It’s a natural paradise akin to the ones in the Bahamas.

There are only a few traces of human activity. Once you stop the car and start walking towards the beach you will be walking among nature, which is a rarity in such an urban area.

The island is actually a state park so you’ll need to pay a small entrance fee and you need to be prepared for walking a little bit to the beach. It’s not a get out of your car and sit down on the beach seconds later experience.

In turn, the park rangers keep the sand extremely clean which makes it a perfect secluded spot if you want to avoid the crowds.

There is a reason this place is called Honeymoon Island. The whole atmosphere and the scenery are just dreamy and look like a movie set. Definitely a nice visit.

It’s around 60 miles away from Brooksville. The drive takes around 1 hour and 15 minutes.


5. Clearwater Beach

Clearwater Beach

Clearwater Beach is without question one of the most famous beaches in the gulf area. It’s the main attraction of the Barrier Islands and it’s a beautiful place to swim.

The inviting water attracts crowds throughout the year to enjoy sunbathing, relaxing, and swimming here.

It’s also one of the most popular spring break destinations. If you want to avoid big parties don’t come here during spring break time. On the other hand, if you are looking for a party, you know where to go now.

As you can expect Clearwater Beach is fully equipped with amenities, restaurants, bars, and everything you should want for a great day out.

Perfect for any kind of traveler whether you are a family or just want to enjoy a nice beach day by yourself.

It’s around 67 miles or 1 hour and 20 minutes of driving away. You will pass the outskirts of Tampa so you might get some traffic if you choose to travel during the rush hour.


6. St Pete Beach

St Pete Beach

Another popular entry on our list of beaches near Brooksville, FL. You will find it on the barrier islands near St. Petersburg, Florida, and we simply can’t skip over mentioning St Pete Beach.

This option is kind of a sister town to Clearwater Beach but it’s more beaches and fewer parties. It can be a good choice for families who want to enjoy a day out. Still, we would avoid it during spring break.

The beachfront is dominated by hotels of different sizes and shapes and the beautiful sand is inviting to visitors. With crystal clear waters it’s hard to resist swimming and staying in the water all day.

The distance is 75 miles and the driving usually takes around 1 hour and 20 minutes. You will pass through Tampa so try to avoid rush hour for your own peace of mind.


7. Treasure Island Beach

The last pick from the Clearwater, St Pete Beach area is Treasure Island Beach. Just like our previous selections, this one is on the Barrier Islands as well.

It’s a huge beach with fine sand and excellent views. You get everything you should expect from a popular beach destination yet you will miss the crowds as there is space for everyone.

Some of the regulars in the area swear that Treasure Island Beach is one of the best places to enjoy the Gulf of Mexico. It’s the perfect blend of amenities and fewer people than other barrier island destinations.

The distance from Brooksville is around 75 miles or 1 hour and 20 minutes of driving.


8. Bean Point Beach

Bean Point Florida
Ken Lund from Reno, Nevada, USA, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Finally, we’ll visit our furthest beach when we check out Bean Point Beach. It’s one of the best beaches in the area due to its hidden gem nature. Really, we have to mention that we absolutely adore this beach.

The whole beach is covered in white sand. Your breath will be taken away as you walk out of the dunes and enter the beach.

It’s a well-hidden place so you get a chance to even see some local animals like birds or dolphins. Just don’t count on seeing them but they can appear as a great surprise.

If you are planning a full day out we can definitely vouch for Bean Point Beach. This beach is an excellent place to wind off and relax a little bit after stressful workdays.

The distance is almost 100 miles and the driving can take up to 2 hours.


9. Buccaneer Bay

TopFlightsNow recommends this for families!

Last on our list of beaches near Brooksville, FL is not actually a beach. It’s a waterpark! We consider waterparks a great replacement for beaches especially if you plan to travel with family.

The kids will love to go on the slides and enjoy the attractions this park has to offer. Buccaneer Bay is fairly popular and many travelers will visit at least once when they are in the area.

It’s always great to try and go early as slides can get a long queue during the day as the park fills up with visitors.

It’s only 20 minutes or 12.5 miles from Brooksville. This actually makes this one the closest pick.


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Beaches Near Brooksville, FL – FAQ

What is the closest beach to Brooksville, FL?

Alfred A McKethan Pine Island Park is the closest being only a short 30-minute drive away.

How far is Brooksville from Clearwater Beach?

The distance to Clearwater Beach is around 67 miles.

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