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10 Beaches near Clermont, FL – Where to enjoy some sun?

Clermont is a fantastic place both for living and vacations. It enjoys great tourism and fine weather as a popular family holiday spot. Such fine weather that you will feel like going to the beach on some days. We’ve put together this guide for that kind of day. We’ll help you find the best beaches near Clermont, FL for a perfect day out.

The closest beach to Clermont, FL is the local beach called Waterfront Park. It’s a nice small freshwater beach but it doesn’t really have the atmosphere of a proper ocean beach. So what are your other options if you don’t mind driving a bit?

There are quite a few actually. Clermont, FL is kind of in the middle of Florida so you can go both east and west to find nice beaches. Almost all beaches are within 1h30m and 2h30m driving.

Not a short trip but if you plan the visit as a full day out it’s totally worth it. Especially if you are with the family.

1. Waterfront Park

Let’s start our journey with the local beach. Waterfront Park is a beach on the shores of Lake Minneola. It’s the easiest to visit as it’s just outside of the city limits.

It has a small swimming area with buoys marking the end of the swimming zone. The beach is usually not crowded and you’ll find places to settle down for the day.

As it’s close it’s super easy to do a short visit and be here for only a few hours. The water is of course freshwater since we are talking about a lake here.

Generally speaking, we think Waterfront Park is best for people with little kids. Little kids will enjoy the light beach experience they can get here and the family can relax on the shore in the meantime.

There are public restrooms, showers, and even lockers available so it’s quite well equipped for being such a small beach. There is also a nice playground for the children nearby.

Although Waterfront Park might not be the biggest or best beach near Clermont, FL it’s definitely the closest. Families will definitely enjoy this one.


2. Cocoa Beach

Cocoa Beach Florida

Now, if you are looking for more of a beach experience and are willing to drive a little bit Cocoa Beach is one of the closest beaches to Clermont, FL.

It’s a public beach with plenty of space for every visitor. Loved by families, couples, and even solo travelers Cocoa Beach is a classic Florida beach experience.

You get a nice sandy shore. A big pier that extends into the ocean. Shallow waters near the shore so kids can play around. During windy weather, the waves are even good for some light surfing in the area.

The drive is around 1 hour and 25 minutes. You do have to go into the Orlando area so if you choose a busy time to travel you need more time to complete the trip. The total road distance is around 85 miles.


3. Daytona Beach

Daytona Beach

The beach prides itself as the most famous beach in the world. What a claim! Even if it’s not the most famous in reality, it’s still an amazing pick among the beaches near Clermont, FL.

It’s an especially good choice if you’ve never been to Daytona Beach. This is the place where you can actually drive your car on the sand and watch as the rising tide takes your vehicle because you totally forgot about the tide.

Of course, we are kidding but yes, this is the beach with the cars. It’s a unique experience, to say the least. Definitely, something to check out if you are interested in such places.

It’s also a great place if you are looking for a fully fleshed out day-trip. There are amusement parks, there is the big pier and a ton of restaurants nearby.

The actual beach is a little more controversial. Some love it while others say they wouldn’t go there if they were forced. Having cars on the sand is definitely not for everyone.

The distance is around 80 miles. Once again you go through the Orlando area so try to avoid rush hour.


4. New Smyrna Beach

New Smyrna Beach

New Smyrna Beach is an excellent beach near Clermont, FL. It’s a great choice if you want to experience Daytona Beach with fewer people.

No kidding it’s very close to Daytona Beach and it’s just as pretty. Big sandy shores and Florida locals enjoying the water.

Many returning visitors and locals say it’s among the best beaches in the area. Who could argue with them? It has everything you would need for a perfect day.

Good parking options, showers, changing rooms, restaurants, and other entertainment options are available nearby.

New Smyrna Beach is also well known for the local surfing scene. When the weather is right the waves will be great for some surfing here.

It’s around 83 miles from Clermont and again taking you through Orlando. Avoid rush hour and it’s an easy drive.


5. Howard Park Beach

Howard Park Beach

Howard Park Beach is a lovely choice if you are looking for fewer crowds and a more natural atmosphere. It’s a small islet with sandy shores and minimal amenities.

We love to come here with the family and enjoy a family day out full of swimming, sunbathing, and fun. Parking is readily available and even at the height of the season, it doesn’t get too crowded here.

Howard Park Beach is located in the Gulf of Mexico and we totally consider this one a hidden gem. When coming from Clermont, FL you have to drive around 2 hours to reach this place. The distance is almost 90 miles.


6. Clearwater Beach

Clearwater Beach

Clearwater Beach is one of the most famous beach towns near Tampa. It’s well known across the nation as a hot spot for beachgoers and spring break party lovers.

This means that if you want a quiet time then you should avoid Clearwater during spring break. Those days are all about parties and drinking.

On other days you can visit this great beach near Clermont, FL, and enjoy crystal clear waters and beautiful fine sand. It is one of the best beaches near the gulf after all.

As a popular hotspot, Clearwater Beach also offers plenty of entertainment other than the ocean. Restaurants, a water slide, and even an aquarium are available to make your day even more awesome.

Clearwater Beach is a bit further from Clermont, FL. You will need around 2 hours and 15 minutes to get there and you will go through Tampa. Don’t choose the rush hour for your travel or you are in for some horrible traffic. The distance is around 100 miles.


7. Bean Point Beach

Bean Point Florida
Ken Lund from Reno, Nevada, USA, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

This beach is another one of the hidden gems on this list that we absolutely love. Everyone thinks of Clearwater Beach or St Pete Beach when they talk about Gulf Coast beaches but let us tell you: Bean Point Beach is one of the best picks.

Bean Point has beautiful white sand, great waves, and an inviting atmosphere. Mostly preferred by locals it’s perfect when you want a place that’s not built around tourism and tourism only.

Even during the most crowded times, you will have plenty of space for every visitor at Bean Point Beach. Visitors usually leave this beach highly satisfied and with a good reason. It’s among the best beaches in the area.

Even better, you can avoid getting into Tampa when you want to visit Bean Point Beach. It’s still an almost 120-mile drive so you better prepare when you choose this place for your day trip. If you don’t plan on staying all day, then we suggest you choose another one from the beaches near Clermont, Florida.


8. St Pete Beach

St Pete Beach

The last ‘real beach’ entry on our list is St Pete Beach. It’s on the barrier islands near St. Petersburg, Florida, and we simply can’t let you go without at least mentioning St Pete Beach.

This option is kind of a sister town to Clearwater Beach but it’s more beaches and fewer parties. It can be a good choice for families who want to enjoy a day out. Still, we would avoid it during spring break.

The beachfront is dominated by hotels of different sizes and shapes and the beautiful sand is inviting to visitors. With crystal clear waters it’s hard to resist swimming and staying in the water all day.

It’s around 100 miles from Clermont and it’s a 2-hour drive. Be aware of traffic as you are going through some high-traffic areas as you get closer to the shore.


9. Aquatica Orlando

Now, our last two picks are waterparks instead of proper beaches. As most beaches near Clermont, FL require some driving, these waterparks can be a good substitute.

They are fun and they are especially great for families. Beware that most of them are not great for toddlers though.

First up is Aquatica Orlando. It’s a huge waterpark where you can easily spend a whole day. You can find the usual entertainment options here like a wave pool, water slides, and river rapids.

However, there are even more at Aquatica Orlando. You can see wildlife like dolphins and even attend wildlife shows where you can watch the animals perform along with their trainers.

There are also thrill rides for those who get bored easily. It’s all about marine life and water in this park so prepare to get wet and enjoy a day full of fun.

This waterpark is a short 40-minute drive from Clermont’s downtown area.


10. Universal’s Volcano Bay

Finally on our list is Universal’s Volcano Bay. This waterpark is an interesting place to visit with a big artificial volcano dominating the landscape in the middle.

Out of the two waterparks, we’ve selected this one as the better choice if you are actually after being inside the water. Volcano Bay has some great pools along with the thrill rides and superb slides you can try out.

Our favorite area to camp down is Waturi Beach which is like a fake beach with the artificial mountain in the background. Regardless of the fact that the whole thing is a prop it actually looks impressive and highly immersive.

For a few seconds, you can forget that you are actually in the middle of Florida and not right next to the ocean.

Of course, thrill seekers will rejoice to learn there is more: roller coasters, numerous slides, and thrill rides are available for those who are looking for some adrenaline.

It takes around 35 minutes to get here so it’s just a short drive to visit this awesome place.


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Beaches near Clermont, FL – FAQ

Is there a local beach in Clermont, FL?

Yes, Waterfront Park has a small local beach.

What’s the best beach near Clermont, FL?

Our pick for the best beach near Clermont goes to Cocoa Beach.

How far is Daytona Beach from Clermont, Florida?

Daytona Beach is around 80 miles from Clermont, FL.

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