Beaches near Goose Creek SC

7 Great Beaches near Goose Creek, SC

Whenever you are staying in Goose Creek, SC it’s always great to enhance your time by going to the beach. During summer the weather near the area gets hot and nice for some swimming. Let’s see what are some great options when it comes to the beaches near Goose Creek, SC.

The best beaches near Goose Creek, SC are around the Charleston area of course. They are just a short drive away and they offer beautiful sand and water. However, we’ve got you even more options as these beaches also get the crowds from Charleston itself.

This means that they can get crowded and they can get crowded quickly. You might fancy driving for a bit longer to find beaches that are less popular but similarly amazing.

The Best Beaches near Goose Creek, SC

Folly Beach
The Folly Beach Pier

We’ll start our journey of exploring the best beaches near Goose Creek, SC towards the southwestern direction from Charleston. This area has some amazing places where you can swim and enjoy the sun, or even just chill out and walk around the sand.

After that, we’ll venture to the northeast and offer two great options, one of which is the perfect family beach. Just note that these last two picks are very far as the northern coast from Charleston is mostly dominated by a rugged coastline and state parks – this means no real beaches to speak of for miles.

The beaches we’ve selected are mostly ordered by distance to Goose Creek, SC so it’s not ordered by which beach is the best and which is the worst. Any of the places we list are great choices depending on your needs and how long you are willing to drive for a day out.

1. Isle of Palms Beach

A short 30-minute drive will get you to the Isle of Palms Beach from Goose Creek, SC. It’s a classic beach with some basic amenities available. There is a nice picturesque pier extending over into the sea.

Playgrounds are available near the beach as well which makes it a prime pick for a family day out. It’s a sandy beach that takes up a long stretch along the coast. This means that it’s pretty hard to get this beach crowded.

In fact, it’s usually pretty nice here and you’ll be able to find a spot for yourself, away from the other beachgoers. In case the sun is too much you can even rent a sun umbrella for a small amount.


2. Station 18 Beach

A similar 30-minute trip can also get you to Station 18 beach. It’s actually pretty close to the Isle of Palms Beach so you can even do some beach hopping if you wish.

This beach is also covered in sand but you got fewer amenities and more of a wild beach experience here. It’s considered a highly scenic spot, especially with the local lighthouse dominating the landscape towards the inland.

It’s a little hidden gem, but be aware of the waves as they can get pretty big in these parts of the coastline. As an extra tip, many people consider this beach an especially nice visit during sunset.


3. Folly Beach

Folly Beach is the unofficial beach town of Charleston. You are still in the 30-40 minutes driving window depending on traffic but you’ll have to go through Charleston if you want to visit Folly Beach.

The beach is very well equipped with everything you might need from showers, sunbeds, playgrounds, and even beach volleyball fields. It’s great fun to spend the day at Folly Beach.

Although the beach attracts the crowds from Charleston it doesn’t get that crowded due to the sheer size of Folly Beach. It takes up a nice sandy coastline.

One outstanding feature is the Folly Beach Pier which extends into the ocean for more than 1,000 feet. It’s a great sight to add to your beach day.

Folly Beach as a town is also a nice visit if you want to do more than just swimming. There are some great restaurants and local parks to discover and you definitely need to walk onto the famous pier of Folly Beach.


4. Kiawah Beachwalker Park

Now, with the Kiawah Beachwalker Park, we are getting further away from Goose Creek. This beach near Goose Creek is only suitable for you if you are willing to drive up to 1 hour. In fact, every pick after this one is more than an hour’s drive away.

The Kiawah Beachwalker Park is a super nice beach that’s less known than the beaches closer to Charleston. Mostly visited by locals this beach is fully equipped with everything and has a very nice sandy shoreline.

One thing we must mention is that its paid-only parking. So in case you visit don’t be surprised that there is no free parking area.


5. Edisto Beach

Edisto Beach is the last of the beaches near Goose Creek, SC towards the south direction. It’s around 1 hour and 15 minutes of driving and this beach offers the perfect quiet experience.

For most people, it’s already too far from Charleston meaning this is really a hidden beach. It has a shoreline of sandy beach and also some rocky parts.

Apart from relaxing in the sand and swimming in the ocean, many people find this beach a perfect spot for some nice fishing.

Edisto Beach offers a very relaxing atmosphere if you are willing to drive for it. It’s not a quick trip but we understand that some days you just want to be away from everything. This is the place to go if you feel like that.


6. Pawleys Island Beach

Now we are traveling towards the north from Goose Creek. As we’ve already mentioned this area has a very rugged coastline and the first real beach town is Pawleys Island. It’s 1 hour and 30 minutes of driving. Not close.

Pawleys Island is well known for its amazing public beach. It’s highly regarded for the natural beauty that this beach offers.

A huge patch of sandy shore with holiday homes lining behind the beachline. It has a distinctively ‘hometown’ feeling that is heartwarming and beautiful at the same time.


7. Surfside Beach

The perfect family option. Although you have to drive almost two hours to get to Surfside Beach we’ve heard that many families think it’s worth the trip. Of course, with that kind of distance, it’s only worth visiting if you make it a day trip.

The beachfront is beautiful and the town is littered with attractions that are centered around families visiting. The sand and the water are always clean and the house rules of the beach must be kept by all visitors.

Although far, some days you might find it okay to drive that much for a great day out.


Beaches near Goose Creek, SC – FAQ

What is the closest beach to Goose Creek, SC?

Isle of Palms Beach is the closest beach to Goose Creek.

What is a good quiet beach near Goose Creek?

Station 18 Beach is close and usually not crowded.

Is Seabrook Island Beach accessible to the public?

No! Beware when you want to go to Seabrook Island Beach it’s a private beach! It’s inside a gated community, you will not be allowed to enter unless you are a resident. Choose another beach if you are not a resident.

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