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7 Fine Beaches near Hazlet, NJ

Hazlet is located just across the bay from New York. As such, it’s a very nice area and during summer you can get some really fine weather. Today, we’ll see what your best options for beaches near Hazlet, NJ are, when the weather gets hot.

There are some beaches really close to Hazlet, but they are okay by all means. Of course, we’ll start our journey with them, but we’ll also show you some amazing spots where you can swim and enjoy the ocean.

If you don’t want to drive a lot, then these close beaches will suffice. They don’t offer the same experience as a real ocean beach but in order to reach those you got to hop into your car and drive a little bit.

So, let’s see just what are your best options when it comes to beaches near Hazlet. We’ll start right in the town next door.

1. Union Beach

Distance: 2 miles – 5 mins

Union Beach is a great little beach near Hazlet NJ. The water is very shallow and makes it perfect for kids to wade and play around.

Many families come here to relax and enjoy the day. With paid parking at just $1 or $2 an hour depending on the season, it is one of the best bay beaches around. Of course, the water will never be as clean as on the oceanside but it’s okay.

Officially, swimming is not allowed as there are no lifeguards present. Despite this, it is still a great spot for a fun day out. With its shallow waters, it is a great place for the kids to get their feet wet and enjoy the outdoors.

2. Keansburg Beach

Distance: 5 miles – 10 mins

Keansburg Beach
Boston Public Library, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Keansburg Beach is a great option for a day at the beach. The water may be a little dirty, but it is still quite enjoyable. On a clear day, you can even see New York City across the bay.

It is a lovely place for a stroll and for families, there is a small waterpark nearby, which provides tons of fun. The beach is usually kept quite clean as well.

There is metered parking nearby for added convenience. All in all, Keansburg Beach is a great option for a day of fun and relaxation.

Keansburg Beach is a nice option from Hazlet if you are looking for a city beach and if you also want to enjoy the waterpark.

3. Bayshore Waterfront Park

Distance: 5 miles – 10 mins

Bayshore Waterfront Park is a great spot near Hazlet if you want a more natural beach experience. From here you may even get a clear view of Staten Island on a clear day.

The water is usually at a nice temperature, and though not pristinely clean it is not too bad either. It is a great place to take a walk, look for sea shells and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

There are also restrooms and picnic tables available, so you can easily make a day of it. Fishermen will find this a very nice spot for fishing, though it is not the best spot for swimming.

There is a large parking lot with free parking which makes this place an easy one to recommend.

4. Sandy Hook

Distance: 12 miles – 20 mins

Sandy Hook

Sandy Hook is an amazing place to visit from Hazlet. It’s got multiple beaches that you can choose from and it offers very nice scenery for your beach day.

Entry into the national park costs $20 per car but once you are in you can explore a big area. Do note that only beaches with lifeguard stations allow for swimming. We’ve found the sound very clean and the water much nicer than inside the bay.

Be aware that up north you’ll find Gunnison Beach. If you are not familiar with the area this might seem like one of the better beaches inside Sandy Hook, but this one is clothing-optional, so it’s definitely not for all travelers.

Overall, Sandy Hook is an amazing beach close to Hazlet, NJ. You can swim, soak in the sun, and if you are adventurous you can explore the actual Sandy Hook National Park as well. This place definitely gets a badge of approval from us.

5. Sea Bright Beach

Distance: 14 miles – 25 mins

Sea Bright Beach is truly a hidden gem. It has all the bells and whistles, from great food to many bars, and even superb ice cream. It’s one of our favorite ocean beaches near Hazlet, NJ.

It’s a great place for a family outing, as it is very peaceful and not crowded at all. The water is crystal clear and the sand is soft and inviting. Lifeguards are on duty to ensure everyone is safe.

Parking is free before 9 AM, afterwards, you have to pay, but it’s still worth it. There’s nothing quite like spending a day at the beach with family, listening to the sound of the waves, and feeling the sun on your skin.

6. Great Lawn Beach

Distance: 18 miles – 35 mins

Great Lawn Beach is a great spot to visit with friends and family. It is clean and relaxing, and you can always find something to do

There are plenty of nice restaurants and bars nearby, so you can easily go out to get some food and drinks. The beach boardwalk is an especially nice place for grabbing a bite and window shopping.

The beach can get quite crowded if the weather is nice. During these times parking becomes extremely difficult as well. So if the weather forecast is looking up then you should be up early in the morning and arrive in time to secure a parking spot.

7. Asbury Park Beach

Distance: 20 miles – 30 mins

Asbury Park Beach is one of the best beaches on the Jersey Shore and is great for everyone; families, couples, and friends.

It is important to arrive early in order to find good parking, as the beach gets very crowded during the summer. If you do arrive early, you will have plenty of parking lots to choose from, many close to the actual beach.

The beach itself is pristine – with clear water and very nice sand. Along the famous boardwalk, you can find everything you might need – from food to souvenirs. The food choices are excellent, and there are many different options for everyone to enjoy.

This is a great ocean beach near Hazlet. The only downside is the crowds that flock here during the summer but if you don’t mind it then you won’t be disappointed here.

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