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7 Amazing Beaches near Ipswich, MA

Are you ready for the summer? Today, we are taking a look at 7 amazing beaches near Ipswich, MA. The area around Ipswich is well known for its natural beauty and the abundance of marshlands. That doesn’t mean you can’t find some great beaches though!

We have selected only the best beaches around town starting with the one closest to the center. This list has everything from secluded, low-key, to bustling city beaches. So get ready to jump into the water and soak in the sun near Ipswich, MA.

As always we will provide you with driving distances and Google Maps links so you can find these beaches easily. We’ve tried to select only great beaches that are relatively close so you can keep driving as little as possible.

1. Crane Beach

Distance: 5 miles – 12 minutes

Crane Beach Ipswich

Crane Beach is the local beach of Ipswich, MA. It’s quite an amazing beach. Beatuiful scenery with tons of nature around you, super clean sand, picnic tables, and no crowds. Yes, there are people always on the beach because it’s great but it’s nothing like the overcrowding you can expect in FL for example.

The beach is in the middle of a nature conservation area with multiple trails so if you want to do some exploring this is also a great place. It really is one of the best beaches in MA, but there is a downside.

You got to get a pass in advance of visiting. You can get a pass here. Just keep in mind that if the beach reaches capacity they’ll not let you in even if you have a valid pass. Oh, and the pass is nonrefundable. There’s got to be a catch right?

The beach opens at 8 AM and if you want to avoid being surprised like the beach is full and you get turned away then we highly recommend that you come as early as you can, preferably to the opening bell.

2. Good Harbor Beach

Distance: 15 miles – 25 minutes

Good Harbor Beach

Another wonderful beach near Ipswich, MA is Good Harbor Beach. It’s a pretty small beach but it has lots of shallow areas. Just what you want from a great family beach.

You will find volleyball courts, nice sand, a small bar with great beach food, and plenty of sunshine here.

We love the local and low-key atmosphere at this beach. It’s a good one to spend the day and unwind. However, not only is the atmosphere local, the beach is kind of local as well.

What does it mean? It means that locals get a beach pass and they are generally prioritized over visitors. Worry not, it is well known that this beach is an excellent beach so out-of-town people can visit it but they must reserve a parking spot in advance.

You can reserve parking 10 days in advance at this website. It’s pretty straightforward but the spots fill up quickly so you should reserve in time.

3. Plum Island Beach

Distance: 15 miles – 25 minutes

Plum Island Beach

Plum Island Beach is a nice and affordable rural beach on the north tip of Plum Island. It’s got good sand and it welcomes visitors from all over the nation.

The beach is among the uncrowded ones near Ipswich. It’s mostly Plum Island residents and some people from local towns that visit this place. Usually, this creates a very nice atmosphere as you have plenty of space for yourself and your family or friends.

Not many facilities are available and the parking is pretty small so come early in the day. Parking is $15 for the summer season or free after 5.

4. Salisbury Beach

Distance: 15 miles – 30 minutes

Salisbury Beach is for those who are looking for a classic beach experience from Ipswich. It’s as classic as it gets for an ocean beach. You’ve got the people enjoying great weather and nice waves.

Then there is the boardwalk full of shops and small bars/restaurants. There is even a small pier like but it’s part of a restaurant so more of a scenery object than something you can just go on to take some pictures.

Regardless we love the liveliness of Salisbury Beach. It really comes alive when the weather is good. Those who love to be among others will enjoy Salisbury Beach very much.

5. Hampton Beach State Park

Distance: 20 miles – 35 minutes

Now, if you are a regular reader of TopFlightsNow you know we love our state park beaches. They just hit a different tone being a state park and all, just like Hampton Beach State Park.

You’ll find soft sand and a nice crowd of people enjoying the amazing scenery and the ocean. Oh, and this place even has a yearly sand sculpting contest. If you can come during the contest then you’ll surely find some amazing sand sculptures on the ocean shore.

Overall, the atmosphere is pretty nice, the sand is clean and beautiful, the ocean is inviting, and the scenery is just amazing. We love this state park. The parking is metered and quite limited. We recommend coming early.

6. Singing Beach

Distance: 10 miles – 20 minutes

Singing Beach is one of the best local beaches near Ipswich. If you want something where travelers are very limited then this is your place.

Singing Beach is named after its special sand as the sand ‘sings’ if you walk on it and wiggle your feet. Not sure how that works but it’s interning and kids are absolutely amazed by this singing sand.

The beach itself is clean with a nice bar and clean facilities. Visiting for non-residents gets a bit tricky.

First of all, the beach is only open from June 20 to Sept 4 for non-residents (+ the off-season) where you can park in any of the non-resident parking spots.

Now, there are only a few of these so got to get here early. Then you need to pay for parking which is $30 per car. Only cash and check are accepted.

Add to that a $10 per person walk-on fee and you’ve got a pretty expensive beach. Money is used well though, the beach is super clean and very beautiful. Still, it’s definitely not the cheapest option around.

7. Nahant Beach

Distance: 25 miles – 45 minutes

Nahant Beach

Nahant Beach is one of the best-unspoiled beaches in the area. It’s a state park and entry is $40 for nonresidents but you get a great beach in return.

It’s a very popular place for both locals and travelers alike. People love the sand and the atmosphere at Nahant Beach. You can truly appreciate the scenery here as you look down the long stretch of beautiful yellow sand.

It’s a very rural beach but due to its popularity, we recommend arriving early. They start letting in cars at 8 AM and already before that usually, there is a line. If you don’t arrive early in the day then you are definitely going to miss out on parking.

Ipswich MA Beaches – FAQ

Does Ipswich have a local beach?

Yes, the local beach is Crane Beach. It’s a beautiful place.

What is the busiest beach around Ipswich?

Salisbury Beach is the place to visit if you are looking for a classic lively beach experience.

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