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7 Best Beaches near Kingsland, GA

Kingsland might not have its own beach, however, there are plenty of great options near town. Join us as we explore the best beaches near Kingsland, GA. This little adventure will take you over to the ocean and we even have a little surprise as our last pick.

Expect to drive a little if you want to swim and enjoy the beach when staying in Kingsland, GA. Luckily, most beaches are within 40 minutes of driving. If you are planning to spend at least a few hours on the beach then it’s definitely not too bad.

Our picks are almost all ocean beaches except for the last one. The last is a waterpark, but more on the later. First, let’s jump into the list of the best beaches near Kingsland!

1. Fernandina Beach

Distance: 25 miles – 40 mins

As one of the closest beaches to Kingsland, GA, Fernandina Beach is a great option for a day out. It’s a simple clean beach with a nice sandy shore.

The amicable locals and year-round dog-friendly policy make it easy to bring along a furry companion. The water temperature is pleasantly warm in May already, ideal for swimming and enjoying aquatic activities.

During summer this beach is a nice escape as it is not well known to travelers around the area. As a bonus, beachcombers may even have the chance to discover shark teeth scattered along the shore.

Additionally, beachgoers can take advantage of the available amenities, including playgrounds, picnic areas, and a variety of dining options. Public restrooms and convenient parking facilities are also located nearby for easy accessibility.

2. Fort Clinch State Park

Distance: 29 miles – 50 mins

Fort Clinch State Park

Fort Clinch State Park Beach is a peaceful spot to visit. It’s among the most beautiful beaches near Kingsland, GA. It’s a truly idyllic location that guarantees a delightful experience for visitors.

With ample parking available, visitors can easily access the beach without the stress of finding a spot. Take the time to explore the beach and discover an array of fascinating tide pools.

The area is also perfect if you love snorkeling. There is an abundance of underwater life to explore and those who take a look will be rewarded with a variety of animals.

It is a secluded spot so don’t expect the best amenities. Regardless, you’ll find a nice bathhouse, but as far as food goes, bring your own.

The sand dunes in the background are truly magnificent sights to behold and if you are lucky you may even find some shark teeth in the sand. If it’s not already clear we absolutely love this beach and we think it’s one of the best on this list.

3. Peters Point Beachfront Park

Distance: 25 miles – 37 mins

Peters Point Beachfront Park is a wonderful place to relax and take in the views. The park offers a nice swimming beach with fine sand and mini sand dunes for a unique experience.

If you want to do more than just swimming and tanning you can also do some fishing on this beach. We’ve also seen some horse riding excursions available for the ultimate romantic beach experience.

The sunrise is especially beautiful, and a great way to start the day. There is a picnic pavilion for families and friends to chat, and clean restrooms for convenience. Parking is rarely an issue, though it can get moderately crowded on the weekends.

Peters Point Beachfront Park offers a simple yet entertaining place for the whole family. It’s a quiet beach near Kingsland, GA and it’s especially good for families.

4. Little Talbot Island State Park

Distance: 45 miles – 55 mins

Little Talbot Island State Park Beach is a perfect spot for a day out with friends and family, or just to get away from it all. It’s not a crowded beach, so you can enjoy the natural beauty of the area in peace.

The sand is soft and clean, perfect for tanning and swimming, and an amazing spot to cool down in the summertime. The parking fee is only $5 per car, which is extremely reasonable considering the beauty of the place.

The restrooms are very clean, and there are even tortoises that make an appearance from time to time. There are also some nice trails for exploring the area and admiring the beautiful sand dunes nearby.

It’s a nice nature park although, it’s a bit far from Kingsland, GA. We think that a visit is definitely worth the drive but for some people, the other beaches are better options.

5. Jekyll Island

Distance: 40 miles – 45 mins

Jekyll Island
normanack on Flickr, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Jekyll Island is a natural wonderland near Kingsland, GA. There are multiple beaches on this island and they all offer great experiences.

As Jekyll Island is a closed resort island for the most part you may note that access is limited. You will need to pay a small entry fee in order to drive onto the island, however, once on the island you will escape the boring grey landscape of everyday US.

Choose any of the ocean beaches on Jekyll Island and you will be treated to sand dunes, calm waves, amazing weather, and an all-around great atmosphere. If you can come early then you should definitely try to catch the sunrise from the island.

6. Cumberland Island

Distance: 10 miles – 20 mins + a ferry ride

Cumberland Island is even more remote than Jekyll Island. It’s located pretty close to Kingsland, however, you will need to take a passenger ferry (no cars!) to the island itself.

Dungeness Beach will be closest to the ferry landing and it’s a very nice big sandy beach. Due to the remote location expect almost no one else. It’s like having a piece of paradise for yourself.

Of course, amenities are few and far in between over on the island. It’s best to bring your own food and drinks if you plan on staying the whole day.

Check the latest ferry schedule on this link:

7. St. Marys Aquatic Center

Distance: 10 miles – 15 mins

Finally, if you are not keen on swimming in the ocean there is a simple option in St. Marys. All that is only 15 minutes away.

The St. Marys Aquatic Center is a mini waterpark. It’s got a small swimming pool but most of the place is centered around children so we recommend this option for those that have small kids.

It’s essentially a water-based playground for children with the option to swim a little. There is a small slide but don’t expect anything crazy.

Regardless, we found that kids loved spending time here and due to the playground-style they sometimes enjoy it more than going to the ocean.

Beaches near Kingsland – FAQ

What’s the best ocean beach near Kingsland?

In our opinion, Fort Clinch State Park is the best place for ocean swimming from Kingsland, GA.

Are there any waterparks around Kingsland?

St. Marys Aquatic Center is a good mini waterpark for children.

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