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7 Great Beaches near Pocomoke City, MD

Although Pocomoke City is on an island surrounded by water it’s not directly on the coast. In fact, the coast is quite rugged and hard to approach around the city. So, we are here to help. We’ve selected 7 of the best beaches near Pocomoke City, MD so you can swim and enjoy the sun.

The beaches around Pocomoke City are mostly natural wonders. State parks and amazing shorelines are abundant in this area. However, we’ll still take a look at more crowded beaches as well so every type of traveler can find something they like.

As always we are listing the driving distance from Pocomoke City and also give you a link to Google Maps so you can easily navigate to these places. So, without further ado, let’s dive in!

1. Assateague Beach

Distance: 25 miles – 35 minutes

Assateague Beach is one of the most amazing beaches near Pocomoke City. It’s a huge wildlife refuge with miles upon miles of sandy beach. It’s a distinctly rural atmosphere and one with all-around jaw-dropping scenery.

We absolutely love coming to Assateague Beach and it’s no mistake that this is first on the list. It’s one of the closest beaches and even if it wasn’t it’s definitely one of the best. That is if you like rural beaches.

Of course, when the sun is out and the weather is warm the beach gets a fair number of visitors. However, the sheer size means there are usually no real crowds as there is enough space for everyone.

And if you want more then you can explore the Wildlife Refuge as well. Plenty of trails where you can meet wildlife, especially birds.

2. Crisfield’s Wellington Beach

Distance: 20 miles – 25 minutes

The second beach we mention is for those who want to get away from it all. It’s a small beach which is mostly known by locals.

Although it is a public beach you’ll never really find crowds here. It is to be expected when there is little in terms of facilities and the size is small. However, it’s perfect if you want to enjoy a laid-back atmosphere.

The only downside of this place is the trash. People do come here to drink and they sometimes forget to take their trash away. Broken glass is a common occurrence so swimming shoes are definitely recommended.

3. Guard Shore Beach

Distance: 25 miles – 35 minutes

Guard Shore Beach is another small and relaxed beach near Pocomoke City. It’s a public beach without facilities so swimming is only allowed at your own risk.

However, the beach itself is pretty nice. Not well known apart from locals so you won’t meet a lot of tourists here. The sand is usually clean and beautiful. Seems like the main problem here are the bugs.

So if you visit make sure to bring bug spray otherwise you’ll get a couple of mosquito bites. Bring your own food and drinks as well as there are no restaurants available. And please don’t forget to take your trash to preserve the clean beach.

4. Ocean City Beach

Distance: 38 miles – 50 minutes

Ocean City Beach
Acroterion, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Ocean City Beach is for those who want that classic beach experience. It’s got an amazing boardwalk that extends for miles. The shoreline is full of shops and bars and restaurants. There are even amusement parks and an ocean pier here.

In short: Ocean City Beach got everything that would make it an amazing beach anywhere in the world. However, it’s here near Pocomoke City so we highly suggest a visit, especially if you love the lively atmosphere.

Needless to say, Ocean City Beach is highly popular during the summer season so you’ll meet crowds of tourists who are trying to escape the heat. Regardless, it’s a nice experience and the beach itself is kept clean by the staff.

We understand that people who hate crowds might not enjoy Ocean City Beach as much but if you don’t mind other people and want a classic beach then this is the place to be.

5. Fenwick Island State Park

Distance: 45 miles – 50 minutes

Do you enjoy the serenity of nature? The amazing scenery that a state park can provide? Then Fenwick Island State Park is for you. It’s just north of Ocean City Beach but the two places could not be more different.

Here you will have a natural setting with clean fine sand and a relaxing atmosphere. It’s not as ‘uncrowded’ as other state park beaches are since it’s close to Ocean City Beach and people who want to escape the bustling atmosphere love to choose this state park beach.

If you know us you know that we love state park beaches so we highly recommend this one as well. Nothing beats the scenery of a state park and the sand dunes are just the perfect backdrop for your beach day.

6. Public Beach of Tangier Island

Distance: 1-hour ferry from Onancock

Here’s a unique beach. Tangier Island is a small island in the Chesapeake Bay. It’s very small but there is a ferry from Onancock and there is a local beach.

It’s one of the most secluded beaches you can find in this area. Only accessible by boat or by plane (yes this tiny island has an airport). This guarantees that there are no crowds.

In fact, not only the crowds are missing but most people are missing. You’ll only see a handful of visitors so if you want to get away from it all, then this is the beach for you. If you can get there.

7. Maui Jack’s Waterpark

Distance: 22 miles – 30 minutes

Finally, we have Maui Jack’s Waterpark which is a nice waterpark in the Pocomoke City area. It’s close to town and it presents the perfect opportunity for a day filled with fun and thrills.

It’s a family waterpark with endless possibilities for children to enjoy themselves. From different pools to exciting slides, there’s a lot to entertain.

Weekend day passes are $30 for adults so it’s not the cheapest place but if you consider that you’ll spend the whole day it’s not too expensive. Mostly in line with waterparks from all around the nation.

We didn’t want to mention too many waterparks so only this one made the list as the closest to Pocomoke City. However, there are even more options near Ocean City Beach so if you are into waterparks make sure to check that area out.

Pocomoke City Beaches – FAQ

What is the closest ocean beach to Pocomoke City?

Assateague Beach is the closest ocean beach.

What is a good bustling beach near Pocomoke City?

Ocean City Beach is the one you are looking for if you want a bustling atmosphere full of life.

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