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5 Great Beaches near Riverview, FL

Are you ready to get your tan on? Swim in the ocean? We will help to guide you with this list of 5 amazing beaches near Riverview, FL. Whether you are looking for a secluded paradise or a party beach, we’ve got some amazing places for you.

Going to the beach from Riverview means that you will have to drive through some heavy traffic areas. This can make a simple 40-minute trip into a 2-hour torture. So, always keep rush hour in mind. We’ve selected beaches that are close, but rush hour is still a factor.

We recommend that you try to drive before people leave for work if you want to get to the beach on weekdays. On weekends you should be already heading out when people are just brewing their morning coffee. You can have coffee on the beach!

1. North Beach

Distance: 50 miles – 1 hr (up to 1h30mins in heavy traffic)

North Beach, located within the confines of Fort Desoto Park, is an incredibly well-maintained and clean beach.

The sand is pristine and the waves are gentle, making it a great spot for kids to play in. This beach is incredibly family-oriented and never gets overly crowded due to its relative obscurity.

Most people choose to go to more popular beaches which makes North Beach a more peaceful and tranquil experience.

Unfortunately, the park does require a fee for entry which can be quite high. Despite the expense, the fee is worth it for the serenity and relaxation that North Beach provides.

Regardless of the steep entry price, we think this is one of the best beaches near Riverview, FL. Not only do you get a very private setting without the crowds around you, you also get natural beauty everywhere you look.

2. Clearwater Beach

Distance: 40 miles – 1 hr (got to drive through Tampa so can be a lot more)

Clearwater Beach

Clearwater Beach is a well-known destination situated in the Gulf area, renowned for its stunning natural beauty.

The Barrier Islands boast a pristine shoreline, providing the perfect setting for individuals seeking to enjoy a refreshing swim in the sea, a relaxing sunbathing session, or a peaceful day at the beach.

The beach is a popular spot throughout the year, with spring break being a particularly busy period. However, visitors seeking a more tranquil experience may prefer to plan their visit during a different time of the year.

Conversely, those looking for liveliness and entertainment can take advantage of the bustling atmosphere. Clearwater Beach offers a comprehensive range of facilities such as restaurants, bars, and other amenities, making it an excellent destination for solo travelers, families, and groups.

3. Sand Key Beach

Distance: 40 miles – 1 hr (got to drive through Tampa so can be a lot more)

Sand Key Beach is a great option for those seeking a serene and tranquil beach experience in Florida.

Located just south of Clearwater, this beach is peaceful and laid-back, providing a perfect escape from the more crowded beaches.

Even on weekends, Sand Key Beach remains relatively calm and undisturbed, with soft sands and crystal-clear waters that visitors of all ages are sure to enjoy.

Despite its quiet ambiance, Sand Key Beach is conveniently located close to all the major attractions in the area, making it a perfect choice for those seeking a more secluded retreat without sacrificing accessibility.

Visitors can park in the spacious parking lot available for only $5 and enjoy their day in this picturesque coastal setting. Don’t miss the chance to experience Sand Key Beach’s serene charm. It’s one of the most low-key beaches near Riverview that’s also in a pretty popular spot.

4. St Pete Beach

Distance: 45 miles – 1 hr (can be more depending on traffic)

St Pete Beach is a highly recommended destination for beach lovers, situated near Riverview, FL. This beautiful beach is located on the barrier islands adjacent to St. Petersburg, Florida, and is a favorite among families looking for a fantastic day out.

Unlike its sister town of Clearwater Beach, St Pete Beach is renowned for its calm and peaceful atmosphere, making it an ideal spot for those seeking a more relaxing experience.

It has a great beachfront, dotted with hotels of varying sizes and shapes, and boasts stunning sandy shores and crystal clear waters that are perfect for swimming, sunbathing, and water-based activities.

It’s worth noting that St Pete Beach, like Clearwater, is best avoided during the peak spring break period when it becomes very crowded.

5. Bean Point Beach

Distance: 45 miles – 1 hr (up to 2 hrs during rush hour, yikes!)

Bean Point Florida
Ken Lund from Reno, Nevada, USA, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Bean Point Beach is a stunning and serene beach located on the Gulf of Mexico and is a popular choice for beachgoers in the area. It is widely considered to be the most beautiful beach on Anna Maria Island due to its unique natural features and rural vibe.

The beach boasts soft white sand, palm trees, and a remarkable Bahamian atmosphere that transports visitors to a tropical paradise. The charm of this beach is that it is relatively less crowded than other beaches in the area and maintains a peaceful ambiance.

Keep in mind that Bean Point Beach does not provide any amenities and parking space can be scarce. We recommend that you arrive early in the day, otherwise, you might be out of luck for a parking spot.

Access points to the beach are limited, but the effort is worth it for the outstanding experience it offers. We highly recommend adding this beach to your list

To Avoid: Apollo Beach Nature Preserve & Bahia Beach

Unfortunately, we’ve got to beaches near Riverview that we must advise against. These two would be perfect choices: they are incredibly close.

However, this is a big HOWEVER: there is a hush-hush about water quality. A lot of concerns are raised for health concerns due to swimming on these beaches. They are close to some industrial facilities and we can simply not recommend any of our readers to swim here.

We always try to provide tips that are valuable and we try to keep you as safe as possible. Are these beaches safe? We can’t say. Might be, but maybe not. Hence, we advise our readers to skip these options and look for the real beaches on the Gulf.

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