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5 Best Beaches near San Diego Airport (SAN)

Got a few hours to spend before your plane arrives? Do you want to enjoy the beautiful beaches and coastline once more before you leave? These 5 best beaches near San Diego Airport are just for you then!

When selecting this beach we’ve kept one thing in mind: keep it close to the airport. No beach we mention today is further than 30 minutes by car. This means you can get some sun and water just before you catch your plane.

Today we are also looking at beaches where the amenities are quite good. We understand that you may want to rinse off before your flight so we’ve taken this into account when selecting the best beaches near San Diego Airport.

Usually, we select beaches based on the assumption that you as the traveler will have a car. However, getting to the airport you may no longer have a car with you so these are all easily reachable by a UBER. The fact that none of them is more than 30 minutes away is especially good for your minute rate on UBER.

1. Coronado Beach

Distance: 9 miles – 15 minutes

Coronado Beach

First up is Coronado Beach. It’s one of the best beaches near San Diego Airport. Coronado Beach is just across the bay from the airport and you can easily reach it with a short UBER ride.

It’s got everything you need before going home. It really is the full experience. The beach itself is sandy, clean, and beautiful. The waves are usually pretty calm around here (not always but usually) and there is an amazing beach boardwalk.

Why we love Coronado as the last stop before flying is the boardwalk. Not only you can have some fun on the beach but you can easily grab something to eat or do a little shopping.

It’s a nice beach and we can happily recommend it as the best one near the airport.

2. Silver Strand State Beach

Distance: 15 miles – 25 minutes

Silver Strand State Beach

If you want to stay close to the airport but you are actually looking for nice nature then Silver Strand State Beach will be perfect for you. It’s just down the coast from Coronado Beach and as a state park, it offers beautiful environments and serenity. Plus it’s usually less crowded than the city beaches.

Although this is more of a rural beach you’ll still find restrooms and showers where you can clean yourself before you head to the airport. It’s a nice choice if you got more time to spend. The 25-35 minute cab ride means you need at least 3-4 free hours to enjoy this place.

If you do have the time and you don’t want to choose any of the city beaches then this is a great place to swim and enjoy the sun.

3. Ocean Beach

Distance: 4 miles – 10 minutes

Ocean Beach is one of the closest beaches to San Diego Airport. If you want to save on cab or Uber rates and just do a quick trip to the beach then this might be perfect for you.

It’s a city beach but a smaller type of city beach. You’ll find your restrooms and showers and a small-scale beach boardwalk to grab some food.

It’s a simple laid-back beach. Nothing screams extraordinary but not everything has to be extraordinary. Perfect for enjoying a few hours of sun before flying.

4. Ski Beach Park

Distance: 5 miles – 10 minutes

Ski Beach Park is one that we especially wanted to mention for families. It’s located in Mission Bay meaning the waves are especially calm here making it a perfect place for children.

It’s a mostly green area with beautiful grass and sand near the water. Of course, as it’s inside the bay you can’t expect perfect views but we all know kids appreciate playtime more than the scenery.

The parking is pretty expensive but coming in a cab, this won’t affect you, and it means that crowds usually skip this place. So it’s a nice choice for families who want a safe and clean beach.

4. Pacific Beach (+ Mission Beach)

Distance: 7 miles – 15 minutes

Pacific Beach is pretty close to the airport and it’s a huge city beach. It’s got beautiful sand, a big and expansive boardwalk with restaurants and shops, and even a fishing pier.

It’s a very nice place but also usually pretty busy. So if you want to experience a real bustling beach before leaving then this is a great choice. You can also grab some nice street food as you wait for your cab to complete the experience.

Mission Beach is on the same stretch of shore as Pacific Beach and it’s a good one as well, but keep in mind that there is a nice amusement park right on the shore. If you are traveling with kids and don’t have time for the amusement park then it’s a good idea to choose Pacific Beach so they don’t even see it!

5. La Jolla Beach

Distance: 15 miles – 25 minutes

La Jolla Beach

Finally, La Jolla Beach is further away from the airport and it’s another good city beach. It’s one of the smaller beaches around however it’s well known for the fact that sea lions live on and near the beach.

We recommend the main beach of La Jolla which has showers and restrooms but if you really want to try your luck and want a better chance of seeing sea lions then La Jolla Cove is the place to go. Just keep in mind that La Jolla Cove is pretty lacking in amenities and is usually crowded.

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