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8 Best Beaches near Tinton Falls, NJ

Are you ready to find beautiful beaches near Tinton Falls, NJ? Although Tinton Falls is not directly on the shore there are still plenty of places where you can go and enjoy the ocean.

We are going to uncover 8 of the best beaches near Tinton Falls in this article. Whether you are looking for a laid-back place or a busy beach where you can meet other people we’ve got you covered.

As always we list the approximate driving times and give you a Google Maps link to the beach so you can easily navigate to the beach access points near Tinton Falls.

1. Long Branch Beach

Distance: 8 miles – 20 minutes

Long Branch Beach NJ
David Shankbone, CC BY 2.5, via Wikimedia Commons

Long Branch Beach is one of the closest beaches near Tinton Falls. It’s a public beach but you’ll have to buy a pass which is $7 per person and the assigned parking lots are also paid by the hour. Free street parking is available but usually hard to find.

Long Branch Beach is perfect for a family day out. There is a small boardwalk with restaurants and bars and the beach facilities are pretty clean. We’ve found the sand to be clean as well and the water to be inviting. It’s a great place to swim.

There are also some beach volleyball courts. It’s a simple beach but it’s fully equipped and it’s not actually well known by tourists. This is definitely our favorite beach near Tinton Falls, NJ.

2. Asbury Park Beach

Distance: 10 miles – 20 minutes

Asbury Park Beach
Arenapr, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Asbury Park Beach is widely regarded as one of the top beaches along the Jersey Shore, making it a perfect destination for families, couples, and friends alike. It’s incredibly close to Tinton Falls which makes this place super easy to recommend.

The beach is pretty popular with locals though so you should try to arrive early in the day to secure a parking spot. If you don’t come early enough you may have to walk between the parking you find and the beach.

Once you step foot on the beach, you will be greeted by pristine surroundings, boasting crystal-clear waters and beautiful sandy shores. Additionally, the famous boardwalk offers a plethora of amenities to cater to your every need, ranging from delectable dining options to charming souvenirs.

It’s a good beach, it’s close to Tinton Falls, and it’s fully equipped with everything.

3. Sandy Hook Beach

Distance: 14 miles – 30 minutes

Sandy Hook Beach
Sandy Hook Beach

When planning a visit from Tinton Falls, Sandy Hook is a highly recommended destination to consider. This beautiful area is known for its pristine beaches, offering breathtaking scenery for a perfect beach day.

To access the national park, there is a fee of $20 per car. Once inside, visitors have the opportunity to explore a vast and expansive area. It’s important to note that only beaches equipped with lifeguard stations allow swimming, ensuring the safety of beachgoers.

It’s worth mentioning that Gunnison Beach is located in the northern part of Sandy Hook. While it may initially seem like one of the superior beaches in the area, this one is a clothing-optional beach. Definitely not suited for all travelers, but if it’s your jazz then go for it.

Overall, Sandy Hook is an amazing place with multiple beaches, clean sand, inviting water, and perfect weather. Highly recommended.

4. Sea Bright Beach

Distance: 9.5 miles – 20 minutes

Sea Bright Beach is a long sandy beach with is all about lounging in the sand and enjoying the water. There aren’t many amenities nearby but the toilet and shower facilities are clean.

It really is a simple place where you can relax under the sun and rinse off in the ocean after tanning. Many people choose other beaches nearby as Sea Bright Beach has fewer restaurants and bars in the vicinity.

Regardless, there are some eateries available and there’s even a 7-11 nearby to stock up on drinks and snacks.

Once again, parking is limited. Although tourists are not drawn to this place, the locals are. They know it’s a laid-back beach without the crowds so try to get here early to secure a parking spot. Tags are around $8 per person.

5. Sea Girt Beach

Distance: 15 miles – 25 minutes

Sea Girt Beach is the pride of the town Sea Girt. It’s a pristine beach that’s maintained extremely well and that provides countless hours of fun for locals and travelers alike.

Sea Girt is a pretty long stretch of fine white sand with lifeguards, toilets, and showers easily available for everyone. It’s a great place to soak in the sun and swim in the ocean.

Those who are looking to do more than just the beach will be happy to learn that there is a historic boardwalk next to the beach full of life and shops. There is even a cool historic lighthouse that provides just the perfect scenery for your beach day.

You can even purchase your beach tags online in advance at Easy peasy!

6. Lavallette Beach

Distance: 25 miles – 45 minutes

Lavallette NJ Beach

Many of the roads leading to the ocean in Lavallette come to an entrance of a mile-long boardwalk, which is a non-commercial walkway. Access to the beach is through walkways located off the boardwalk, in breaks within the dunes at the rear of the beach.

Ensuring the safety of beachgoers, Lavallette employs trained lifeguards who are responsible for monitoring the beaches.

When on the beach, it is necessary to wear a beach badge at all times, clearly visible on the front of your bathing suit. However, when lifeguards are off duty, a badge is not required to access the beach.

Tags can be purchased from tag checkers at the beach entrance. There is free parking near the beach access points, however, during summer they fill up quickly so we recommend that you arrive in the morning.

7. Seaside Heights Beach

Distance: 35 miles – 45 minutes

Seaside Heights Beach is just south of Lavallette and it’s one of the busiest beaches near Tinton Falls, NJ. If you want to be among other people and enjoy a busy atmosphere then this place is definitely for you.

It feels like it’s always lively in Seaside Heights Beach. People are enjoying the sun, playing in the water, and window shopping on the boardwalk.

You will find countless restaurants to grab a bite at and even an amusement park with awesome rides next to the beach. It’s a great place to enjoy but it does get crowded during the summer.

8. Island Beach State Park

Distance: 40 miles – 1 hour

Island Beach State Park
Famartin, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Finally one of the most serene beaches near Tinton Falls. As the name suggests this is a state park which means you will leave the busy streets and buildings behind and get to embrace nature and a relaxing atmosphere.

Island Beach State Park boasts vast stretches of sand dunes and pristine white sandy beaches, providing a thriving ecosystem for a variety of plant species and diverse wildlife.

These habitats have remained relatively unchanged for thousands of years, preserving their natural beauty and ecological integrity.

Visitors to the park can explore and appreciate a range of unique plant communities, including primary dunes, thicket areas, freshwater wetlands, maritime forests, and tidal marshes.

There are multiple designated swimming areas as well. Do note that you should not swim ‘anywhere’ in the state park. Generally, swimming is only allowed where the lifeguards are posted as they will keep you and other beachgoers safe.

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