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7 Awesome Beaches Near Zephyrhills, Florida

Zephyrhills in Florida is an amazing town whether you are visiting or living there. It’s great for kids with many activities to do and it has a nice small-town US atmosphere. However, as it’s a landlocked city, you might be wondering what are some great beaches near Zephyrhills, Florida.

The main beach destination near Zephyrhills is the barrier islands near Tampa. You can easily reach them via car and they are popular tourist destinations during the summer. They have everything for a great beach day. Read on to find out the best choices and even more beach destinations apart from the barrier islands.

The barrier islands near Tampa in the Gulf of Mexico are tons of fun but they can feel touristy. If you want an experience that’s more local and laid back then we’ve selected some other great beaches near Zephyrhills, Florida for you as well.

Whenever selecting the best beaches to visit we’ve tried to keep the driving distance relatively short. However, you need to know that Zephyrhills is not close to the shore so at least one hour of driving is expected.

1. Clearwater Beach

Clearwater Beach

As you might have guessed we will start our journey at the barrier islands near Tampa. More specifically the first destination we have to mention is Clearwater Beach.

It’s both an actual beach and a town near Zephyrhills and it’s an awesome place to visit. The long stretch of beautiful sandy beach attracts many visitors throughout the year.

The beach is well equipped with rentals of everything you can think of. Umbrellas, sunbeds, standup paddle boards, and other water activities are all available here.

Apart from swimming and sunbathing this beach is also a great place to enjoy some watersports. The ocean is usually pretty calm around Clearwater Beach so you can get up on a standup paddleboard and SUP into the sunset.

As Clearwater Beach is also a nice resort destination you have even more options for a full day out like great restaurants or the local sea life aquarium.

The distance is around 55 miles to the beach and you have multiple route options. This helps keep the travel time low as you can dodge heavy traffic areas.


2. St. Pete Beach

Our next recommendation is another amazing resort town on the barrier islands. As things usually are on these islands both the town and beach are named St. Pete Beach.

St. Pete is usually less crowded than Clearwater but offers just as great a beach experience. The yellow sand, the gentle waves, and the laid-back atmosphere are all there for you.

The area around the free beach is well equipped with restaurants, showers, and bathrooms. Some resorts have private beaches so we advise that you stick to the main beach where most people are.

St. Pete Beach is a perfect alternative to Clearwater Beach. Whether you want a less crowded experience or you are looking for something new, we recommend you check this one out.

The distance is around 60 miles and the traffic is usually pretty okay.


3. Howard Park Beach

Howard Park Beach
Afternoon at Fred Howard Park on the Gulf of Mexico at Tarpon Springs Florida

Howard Park Beach is more of a natural beach for those who want to really avoid the crowds. When spring break rolls around the main beaches on the barrier islands get incredibly crowded but places like Howard Park Beach remain pretty chill.

There is plenty of paid parking available here. We’ve not run into a situation where parking was the limiting factor for the visit.

The beach is nice and sandy and you got your usual amenities like restrooms and rinsing showers.

Do note that although the beach looks amazing and the water is always inviting, there can be seaweed in the water here.

It takes a little away from the experience but it’s an otherwise awesome visit. Our guess is that if the seaweed was not present, you would get an insane crowd each day, so it’s not that bad after all.

The distance is 45 miles so it’s easy to access and the best thing is that you can totally avoid going into Tampa.


4. Honeymoon Island Beach

Honeymoon Island Beach is a hidden gem among the beaches near Zephyrhills, Florida. It’s a natural paradise akin to the ones in the Bahamas.

There are only a few traces of human activity. Once you stop the car and start walking towards the beach you will be walking among nature, which is a rarity in such an urban area.

The island is actually a state park so you’ll need to pay a small entrance fee and you need to be prepared for walking a little bit to the beach. It’s not a get out of your car and sit down on the beach seconds later experience.

In turn, the park rangers keep the sand extremely clean which makes it a perfect secluded spot if you want to avoid the crowds.

The distance is around 60 miles from Zephyrhills and you have two options one going through Tampa and one avoiding Tampa entirely.


5. Sunset Beach

As the name suggests this is the definitive beach to watch sunsets. Okay, it might be over-exaggerating but in reality, it’s a great beach and it’s kind of the little sister of Howard Park Beach.

It has its own little island with sands on each side. You can easily find a spot to settle down on the shore and enjoy a great day out. There are bathrooms, showers, and even volleyball fields for you to enjoy.

People also use this beach to launch jet skis and canoes into the water which can be annoying for some people but we’ve not found it a real issue.

It’s a great lesser-known beach that always has free spaces for visitors. We don’t know if it’s the name or the actual amazing views, but crowds are always the biggest towards sunset.

The distance from Zephyrhills is around 45 miles. It’s a chill drive that avoids any downtown Tampa area.


6. Treasure Island Beach

Now we are heading back to explore even more beaches on the barrier islands near the Gulf of Mexico. Our next selection of the best beaches near Zephyrhills, Florida is Treasure Island Beach.

It’s a huge beach with fine sand and excellent views. You get everything you should expect from a popular beach destination yet you will miss the crowds as there is space for everyone.

Some of the regulars in the area swear that Treasure Island Beach is one of the best places to enjoy the Gulf of Mexico. It’s the perfect blend of amenities and fewer people than other barrier island destinations.

The distance from Zephyrhills is around 60 miles.


7. Bean Point Beach

Finally, we’ll visit our furthest beach when we check out Bean Point Beach. It’s one of the best beaches in the area due to its hidden gem nature.

The whole beach is covered in white sand. Your breath will be taken away as you walk out of the dunes and enter the beach.

It’s a well-hidden place so you get a chance to even see some local animals like birds or dolphins. Just don’t count on seeing them but they can appear as a great surprise.

If you are planning a full day out we can definitely vouch for Bean Point Beach. This beach is an excellent place to wind off and relax a little bit after the stressful workdays.

The distance is around 80 miles from Zephyrhills and the traffic is usually not bad.


Beaches near Zephyrhills, Florida – FAQ

How far is Zephyrhills, Florida from the beach?

Depending on which beach you choose it’s around 45 to 60 miles. The closest ones are around 45 miles of road distance.

What is Zephyrhills, FL known for?

Zephyrhills is known for the excellent spring water it has. In fact, it’s so clear it can go directly into the bottles.

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