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The Best Area to Stay in Warsaw

You may be encouraged to go on vacation to Poland, specifically in its capital Warsaw. If you decide to go you need to know where to stay. It is time for you to discover the best area to stay in Warsaw to enjoy your vacation. This city is very interesting, and in it, you can see churches, palaces, mansions, and other cultural areas.

When you go on a holiday in Warsaw, you have to be close to the castle square, old town square, or royal palace. You have to stay very well within reach of Nowe Miasto and Stare Miasto. These are the ‘New Town’ and ‘Old Town’ parts of the Polish capital. Follow our list to find the best area to stay in Warsaw.

Best Area to Stay in Warsaw - Old Town

Prague PĆ³lnoc – Hotel Hetman

You can locate Plaga Polnoc on the Vistula River banks in the Polish capital. It’s situated conveniently so that you can begin each day ready for adventure. This area to stay in includes the Hetman hotel with a 3-star category located meters from tourist areas. You can reserve a room on a budget, and you will save a lot when you decide to do your tours.

This is the best area to stay in Warsaw if you want are looking for a district that is close to the centre but still affordable.

Warsaw Metro

Zoliborz – Business Lux Apartments

You can go to one of the less touristy municipalities in Warsaw named Zoliborz. In here, your apartment booking is more affordable. This area is bordering the Vistula river that is to the north, and the city will be in the south. In Zoliborz, you can visit the Saint Stanislaus Kostka cathedral if you have Catholic roots.

Business Lux Apartments can be a great option to stay where you will be close to the war memorial. This set of apartments offers you a free Wi-Fi connection, large apartments, and affordable prices.

Mokotow – Golden Park Apartments

You can go to Mokotow, an area populated in Warsaw, and have the best tourism options. This area is located south within the capital and is distinguished by being rich in parks, shopping centers, and green areas. You can prioritize Golden Park Apartments, where you will have the Frideric Chopin monument very close.

Although some parts of the Mokotow district can be a little far from the centre there are great public transport options available. This is the best area to stay in Warsaw with a family, as there are a lot of green spaces here.

Squirrel in the city park

Wola – Hotel Royal El Leonardo

It is a first-class neighbourhood that you can locate in the capital of Warsaw in Poland, where you can stay in good hotels. It is the best area to stay in Warsaw if you want to be close to technology. With several skyscrapers, restaurants, and luxury hotels, you will know this neighbourhood in depth.

The Royal hotel “el Leonardo” may be your first option to stay where you will have various services after booking. You can walk from the hotel to the Warsaw Museum, Powazki Cemetery, and its nearby parks.

Similar to Mokotow district, some parts of Wola are farther away from the Old Town part of Warsaw. Luckily metro connection is great in this disctrict, so you can navigate the city easily.

Warsaw Skyline

We’ve put together the list to not only help with areas to stay, but also to help with some hotel recommendations. If you consider your needs you will be able to find the right fit from you within our list.

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