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In Pursuit of the Best Beach on Korcula Island

Korcula is a beautiful island in Southern Croatia. Due to its geological location, the weather is great all-year-round. This is especially true for the summer months. Temperatures on Korcula can easily get into the high 30s. You must know the best beach in Korcula to get the most out of your vacation.

There are many amazing beaches on this island. We will be taking a look at some of the most beautiful and interesting beaches in this guide. Our first recommendation for you is to check out your local beach. Whether you are in the town of Korcula, or in any of the smaller fishing villages there will be a beach nearby. Start there on your first day of vacation. Once you are ready to explore, check out the following list of amazing beaches on Korcula Island.

When can you swim on Korcula?

As we’ve mentioned, the summer season, in particular, is great for swimming in the crystal clear waters of the Adriatic sea. Generally, in May the weather might already feel good enough to dip your feet into the water, however in reality the sea itself will be cold. We only recommend the first days of May for those who don’t mind this. Once the water has some time to heat up, it’s really great for swimming from late May. This will stay like that until the end of September. Even if you visit Korcula in October, you might get some great days for going to the beach. However, if you are looking to swim, we recommend going earlier.

The Best Beaches on Korcula Island

Vela Przina Beach

The stunning, sandy Vela Przina is probably the most popular beach on Korcula. This amazing patch of the seashore is hiding among plantations and trees. You will need to come to Lumbarda to find this beach. Make sure you are getting to the one near Lumbarda, as there is more than one Vela Przina beach!

It’s one of the few sandy beaches of Croatia. In general, most of the beaches around the country are covered with small pebbles or rocks. Vela Przina is very popular among tourists, as it is covered in beautiful golden sand. The beach is also equipped with volleyball courts and a bar to grab some drinks and snacks.

Bacva Beach

This beach can be found in Bacva Bay. We recommend it for those who are looking for a secluded spot for relaxing. There is no big city or even a small fishing town nearby. Due to this, you will need a car to access this beautiful beach.

This is a small pebbly beach. The bay is quite long and narrow. You will have a great spot for swimming and snorkelling. The water is always crystal clear and full of life around here. There is also a great restaurant serving the best of Croatian seafood.

Vaja Bay Beach

Vaja Bay is the very typical Croatian pebbly seashore. You can get here about 15-20 minutes of walking from Racisce town. The Adriatic at Vaja Bay is always clear and beautiful. It’s a perfect spot for snorkelling and paddleboarding. If you have a drone, get ready to take amazing pictures.

Martina Bok

Martina Bok is another hidden gem of Korcula Island. Instead of pebbles and sand, this is a rocky beach. The big and beautiful rocky shore forms a picturesque view.

It’s towards the western end of the island. You can leave your car at the parking place. From here, it will take around 5 minutes to reach this beautiful seashore. Although quite secluded, this beach is very popular among tourists. We highly recommend checking it out due to the beauty it offers.

Pebbly Beach

Beach Picena

This beach is close to Vela Luka. We especially recommend this place for those who are looking for some romance apart from the swimming. It has some great restaurants and sunbeds to rent.

Pupnatska Luka

Another beach is located in a picturesque bay. As opposed to the previous one, Pupnatska Luka is quite open. The bay extends over both sides, giving you a lot of space for swimming and enjoying the water.

You will also be able to hire some watersport accessories such as kayaks here. There is a great restaurant if you plan to eat at the beach.

Proizd Island

This one is recommended for the ones who are looking for the most secluded beaches. You can only reach the island by the ship. The best option is to go from Vela Luka, where you will be able to rent a boat to take you to the island.

Everywhere on the island, you will be able to find hidden beaches and amazing water. Considering, that it’s quite a hard place to reach, you won’t find crowds of tourists here. As such it’s very easy to recommend it for checking out. It’s a perfect day trip idea.

As you can see Korcula is full of amazing beaches. As with many other places in Croatia, you will mostly find pebbly beaches here. Regardless we have included a sandy beach for you to check out when you travel here.

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