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Find The Best Beach Towns in Mallorca

Mallorca, the biggest of the Balearic Islands. It’s a truly amazing tourist destination. Full of beautiful towns, fishing villages and cobbled streets, you can easily get lost in the beauty of the island. You must know the best beach towns in Mallorca to visit when you travel here.

As a popular destination, Mallorca is easy to reach by airplane. Almost all major European carriers fly to the island. While there, we highly recommend renting a car, to fully explore and enjoy the beautiful towns and sandy beaches Mallorca can offer.

On our list you will be able to find the most beautiful towns and villages in Mallorca or as the Spanish call it Majorca. We will guide you through the beautiful landscape to get the most out of your vacation in Spain.


The biggest city on the island is Palma. Without a question, everyone who visits Mallorca must pay a visit to Palma. Even if you are not staying in the city itself, you can organize a day trip to check it out. It’s the most important city of the Balearic Islands, and full of history and classical architecture.

There are a ton of amazing landmarks to observe in Palma. The is for example Castell de Bellver. It’s a picturesque castle located on a hilltop. The building was completed around 1300. You are amazed by its unique architecture. As it’s located on a hilltop, you will also have access to a jaw-dropping view of Palma and the Bay of Palma.

You can also see Far de Portopí, the old lighthouse of the town. It’s overlooking the bay and port of Palma. The medieval architecture style will inspire you to get closer and take many pictures.

In the middle of all this is Plaça Major the main Old Town square of Palma de Mallorca. It’s a must-see for everyone who visits the island.

Beaches of Palma

The city of Palma has one major beach that is Platja de Can Pere Antoni. It’s a nice sandy beach with great views of the seaside town. Unfortunately, it’s among the smaller beaches on Mallorca. As Palma will host the most tourists each year, this beach can get quite crowded during the summer. When visiting, we recommend getting here early to secure the best places.

Palma de Mallorca


The town of Alcudia is located in the northern part of Mallorca. Although this beautiful little town is well known for the beaches, there are other attractions here you should see.

Alcudia has a greatly preserved medieval wall around the whole Old Town district. Within the Old Town walls, you will find small cobblestone streets and the best of Spanish and Colonial architecture. When choosing Mallorca as your holiday destination, consider the hotels in Alcudia. It’s a great place to stay on the island.

Beaches of Alcúdia

The main attraction is Platja d’Alcúdia . This is a huge strip of golden sandy beach that you can visit next to the port of the town. Also known as Platja de Muro, it covers a total of 6kms. This makes it a perfect beach if you don’t want to swim near the crowds. You are guaranteed to find a quiet spot here if you venture far enough.


Cala Llombards

The tiny town of Cala Llombards is a paradise for those who love crystal clear waters. All around you will find stunning blue seas and amazing beaches. The town itself is quite small, with most people heading straight to the beach when they visit.

Beaches of Cala Llombards

Now the main beach of this sleepy little town is named Cala Llombards as well. You will find it hidden in a small bay. It’s a nice and calm beach hidden away from open waters. Perfect for families.

We think the best beach in the area is Caló del Moro. It’s a picturesque stretch of water ending in a sandy beach. All around a rocky landscape will keep you amazed.

Even better on the other side of Caló del Moro, you will find Cala S’Almonia . This is not so much a beach, but rather a cliff jumping spot. It’s perfect for those who are looking for some adrenaline or want to try cliff jumping for the first time.

Cliff Jumping

Sant Elm

Sant Elm is a beach town on the southern side of Mallorca Island. It’s a great seaside resort town that is centred around tourism. You will find a lot of hotels and accommodation in this small town. Apart from swimming and sunbathing you will be able to do some hiking in the area. You can visit for example Torre de Cala en Basset north of Sant Elm.

Beaches of Sant Elm

As one of the best beach towns in Mallorca, you will find multiple great spots near Sant Elm. The main beach of the town is Platja des Geperut. It’s a rather small, but otherwise sandy beach. When the tourist season is in full swing you might struggle to find a good spot here during the day.

Instead, you can check out Platja de Cala Conills. It’s just at the southern end of Sant Elm. This is quite a unique place to swim and relax, as it’s a big rocky beach. The rock formations provide a beautiful landscape for you to enjoy.

Sant Elm

Santa Ponsa

You will find this town just south of Palma. It’s conveniently located on a hilltop, so you will have excellent views of the sea from almost anywhere. A great pick if you wish to stay close to Palma, but want a quieter place. It has great beaches. There is even an adventure park located within the town limits. It’s called Jungle Parc Mallorca and is a perfect family attraction.

Beaches of Santa Ponsa

The main beach is called Platja de Santa Ponça . It’s a beautiful and big sandy beach. Even in the high season, you can find a resting spot here. As always the water is beautiful and inviting for you to go swimming.

There is also Es Caló d’en Pellicer . It’s a tiny stretch of sandy beach where you can get some water. Perfect if you are looking to get away from the crowds. You can also check out Ses Pedreretes. You can access this beach from stairs, and you will generally find fewer people here than other more popular beaches of the island.

Santa Ponsa

Port de Sóller

The sleepy fishing town of Port de Soller has an amazing horseshoe-shaped port from the sea and amazing mountain views from the Tramuntana mountains. It qualifies as one of the best beach towns in Mallorca. The main seaside walkway is lined with great restaurants and coffee places.

This town also provides a perfect opportunity for those who want to explore the sea from closer. You can check out the Soller Divers diving center for a unique experience.

For the best views of the city and the area, you should visit the Far des Cap Gros . It is a lighthouse built on the hills nearby. From the feet of the lighthouse you will have picturesque scenes ahead of you.

Port de Soller

Cala Mesquida

Gorgeous beaches, warm weather, and world-class diving are just some of the things that make Mallorca a fantastic place to visit. Cala Mesquida is a small bay that sits on the western coast of the island. It’s a fantastic place to hang out no matter where you are staying. If you’re looking for good weather, great beaches, and a killer view, Cala Mesquida is the place for you.

Spending the day at the beach is great, but to enjoy the top views, you should visit Terazza in Cala Mesquida. It’s an overlook that will give you the best views of one of the best beach towns in Mallorca.

Another great attraction is the Dunes de Cala Mesquida. It’s a small nature walking area within sand dunes. Especially great for taking pictures.

We especially recommend Cala Mesquida for a romantic getaway. There are many overlooks around the area where you can marvel at the views and wait for the sunset.

Beaches of Cala Mesquida

There is just one beach in the town. It beats the same name as the town, Cala Mesquida. Compared to the size of the holiday resort, the beach is quite big. You will always find a great spot even during the summer months.

Cala Mesquida


Canyamel is a small village located on the east coast of the island of Mallorca. It is surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea, hills and mountains. It is a small village with only a few regular residents. Apart from the great beaches, you can also find a golf course in the city. Most of the town is built around tourism. If you like tourist resort towns you will feel right at home.

Beaches of Canyamel

Platges de Canyamel is the main beach of the town. It’s a big stretch of yellow sand and azure waters. Perfect for swimming and relaxing.

Another amazing beach is Cala Serch. You can visit this beach to swim inside a cove.


Colònia de Sant Jordi

The seaside town of Colonia de Sant Jordi is full of beaches. You will find many opportunities for swimming and relaxing. If you are looking for a relaxing holiday this town should be on your list of best beach towns in Mallorca. You will find great sandy beaches both to the east and west of this resort town.

Beaches of Colonia de Sant Jordi

It’s hard to highlight just one beach around this town. To the south, you have Platja es Carbó and to the north Platja des Trenc. Both of these beaches are stretching for kilometres on the shore. You will always find free spots on them.

Then you have Platja Estanys the main beach. It’s closed to the town. Still relatively big and spacious. If you want to check out a rocky beach you can also go to Platja des Dolç.

Mallorca Lighthouse

If you are looking for a beach holiday Mallorca can be the perfect destination for you. You will be able to take your vacation in a sleepy fishing town or find a bustling holiday resort. The island is full of life and amazing places. Finding the best beach towns in Mallorca can be hard, but with our guide, you can have the best time.

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