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Our 10 favorite beaches near Bari

A vacation to Bari means nice weather, especially during summer. It’s only natural that you will be looking for the best beaches near Bari to relax and embrace the sunshine. Join us to discover all the top beaches in Bari.

It’s always nice to go to the beach especially after a long day of sightseeing. And what sightseeing there is in Puglia! From cities like Ostuni, Cisternino, or Polignano a Mare, your days will be filled with adventure. You deserve some time at the sea after a sightseeing marathon like that!

Whether you are looking for a nice secluded spot to enjoy a romantic day out or a sandy beach where you can have hours of family fun we will have you covered. There is a huge choice of nice beaches in Bari and we’ll give you some great ideas.

Do you need a car to visit the beaches near Bari?

In theory, it is preferred that you have a car available. Most of the places we select are very hard to access via public transport. In case you need a car you can always head over to our rental car page and search for a great deal.

There will be some picks that you can do via public transport. Whenever it is possible we will mention it under the beach description. If you don’t see a mention about getting to the beach without a car, then assume you need a rental to enjoy a trip there.

We also have a full article on the topic of getting around in Puglia.

The best beaches near Bari

Now it’s time to recount the best beaches near Bari. We will start right in Bari town so you can get a great recommendation even if you don’t want to leave the city.

After that, we will extend our adventure to the coast of the Bari region and touch on multiple locations. Remember, whenever it’s possible to visit via public transport we will mention it to you.

1. Pane e Pomodoro Beach

Pane e Pomodoro Bari
Gabriella Dolores Calvi, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

What a weird name for a beach. Right? Bread and Tomato as it translates to English. This is a beach that’s still inside the town of Bari. It’s the local sandy beach and it’s awesome.

Bari’s Pane e Pomodoro beach is a long and broad stretch of free sand. Off the coast, getting into the sea is a breeze. Families and the elderly will enjoy a more peaceful vacation at the beach.

There are also some kiosks or as the locals call them ‘bodegas’ selling ice cream, cappuccino, and snacks. It’s a great urban beach especially loved by the locals.

Pay attention to the sunshine hours because it is when the beach comes most alive. Tourists and people living in the area will come out to relax and catch the beautiful setting sun over the horizon.

Good News! You can visit this beach without a car. It’s inside the town of Bari so all you have to do is a little walking.

2. Spiaggia di Ponte dei Lapilli

Our second pick will be the favorite for those who are looking for a secluded experience. This is a hidden gem in the area mostly visited by locals or people who are lucky enough to discover it on their own.

Lodged between two big rocks the beach itself is rocky as well. This is mainly suited for adults as there are a lot of rocks and if the weather is windy the waves can pick up.

3. Spiaggia di Torre San Vito

San Vito Beach Tower
Nicola Cerroni, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

It’s a stunning view from the little community of San Vito’s long, sandy, and partially rocky beach. This beach is great if you want something local. Many people from Torre san Vito come here to relax during the day especially if it’s the weekend.

Due to the big size, it’s also perfect for families. The children will have fun and there is plenty of space for everyone. As an added bonus and spectacular feature, there is the actual ‘Torre’ an old fortress tower at the far end of the beach.

4. Lama Monachile

Polignano a Mare Beach
A small but very famous beach!

One of the most famous beaches in Puglia. Located at Polignano a Mare it’s a beach in the middle of the city. The location makes it truly unique being so close to the historical center and being lodged between huge rocks. On the top of those rocks, the buildings and the town continue on.

It’s definitely one of the beaches you must see whenever you visit the region. No wonder it made it on our list of the best beaches in Puglia.

Due to the immense popularity of this beach, we do recommend that you come early in the day. Although the sunsets are really nice from here, the beach is small and fills up easily. It is one to start the day at then maybe move into sightseeing at Polignano a Mare.

🚉 Good News! You can visit this beach easily via public transport. There is a convenient train connection between Bari and Pogliano a Mare. It’s a short walk from the station, but that should not discourage you. The journey is around 30 minutes and costs just $4. You can get your ticket at ItaliaRail.

5. Lido Cala Paura

Cala Paura
Lucamato, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

There are many grottos and coves to explore on this beach, which is why it is often crowded with visitors from Italy and others. If you want to secure a spot you must come early.

The pebble beach, flanked by lovely cliffs, has both a public and private section. If you want you can visit the private beach where you may hire lounge chairs and parasols.

There are multiple places around the beach where you can get drinks, coffee, snacks, and even proper food. Visiting this beach can be a full day activity as it’s beautiful and you will have everything in your reach. This is one of our favorite beaches near Bari.

🚉 Good News! You can visit this beach easily via public transport. There is a convenient train connection between Bari and Pogliano a Mare. Of course, this beach is further away from the station so expect some walking. If that’s fine by you then do definitely visit. The journey is around 30 minutes and costs just $4. You can get your ticket at ItaliaRail.

6. Cala Paradiso

You can find Cala Paradiso south of Monopoli. We absolutely love this beach due to the huge sandy space and dramatic looks.

It feels like a smaller brother to the Lama Monachile with smaller rocks around the bay but sand under your feet. There are multiple restaurants nearby and even places where you can get sunbeds.

7. Porto Rosso

The beach of Porto Rosso is located just outside of Monopoli. You can reach it by walking a little and it’s the perfect place to visit after sightseeing in the town.

This is a sandy beach the dramatic rocks of the Apulian coastline. It’s loved by locals and tourists alike due to the nice views towards Monopoli and the crystal clear waters.

🚉 Good News! You can visit this beach easily via public transport. There is a convenient train connection between Bari and Monopoli. Getting to the actual beach will involve some walking though. It’s recommended that you do some sightseeing in the city then head over to the beach once the weather heats up. The journey is around 35 minutes and costs just $5. You can get your ticket at ItaliaRail.

8. Lido Ilmaredentro

Lido Ilmaredentro is a nice beach north of Bari. Unlike the other places that we have selected this one is actually not free. You will need to pay an admission fee.

Once inside you can opt for sunbeds and umbrellas. There are two pools available for those who don’t like the salty water that much. There is also a nice and clean stretch of beach where you can go into the sea.

9. Cala Incine

Locals know about this secluded cove, but travelers usually aren’t aware of its existence. It’s a great place if you want to try cliff diving.

With the Incina tower in the background, it’s a beautiful place to swim and enjoy a day out. Perfect for those who want to avoid other tourists.

We believe this is one of the best beaches near Bari. You can meet locals, jump from the cliffs, and enjoy the crystal clear waters of Puglia. Before jumping from a cliff make sure that your body is wet so the colder water is not a shock to the system. Also, make sure that you are jumping in water that is deep enough.

10. Spiaggia delle Dune

South of Monopoli there is a great beach called Spiaggia delle Dune. The beach got the name due to the small sand dunes that are present near the beach.

It’s one of the beaches near Bari that’s huge and sandy. It’s just perfect for families who are looking for a big beach where the children can run free and tire themselves for the night.

The water is crystal clear and just the perfect temperature but that’s something you should always expect in Puglia.

Get ready for a fun time on the beach!

As you can see the area near Bari is full of awesome beaches. To start you won’t even have to leave town. Then if you already rented a car you can start exploring all the amazing beaches near Bari.

It would be a mistake not to check out some of the picks we have mentioned above. Even if you visit in months like October the sea will still be pretty nice and you’ve got a great chance at catching the sunlight.

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