The City of Ostuni

10 Best Beaches Near Ostuni, Puglia

The town of Ostuni is located in the Puglia region of Italy. This awesome historical town is known for the whitewashed old town, where you’ll find many awesome buildings from another era. It’s a perfect vacation spot for anyone who wants to experience the hospitality in Puglia. Join us to discover the best beaches near Ostuni if you want to swim in the sea on your vacation.

Of course, Ostuni is not directly located on the shores of Italy. It’s a landlocked historical town. However, the sea is not that far. If you decide to rent a car or use public transport you’ll find it very easy to get to the beach from Ostuni.

How to get to the beach from Ostuni?

The first thing you need to settle is getting to the beach from Ostuni. Renting a car is the best option. You will have unlimited freedom to visit any beach any time you want. In case you decide to do some beach hopping that’s also done best with a car.

Italy has a fairly reasonable public transport network. This means that you’ll be able to visit the beach from Ostuni via public transport. Although Ostuni is not known for an amazing public transport system there is a free bus running in the summer months that will take you to the beach. The free bus service will run to Rosa Marina and Diana Marina. It only runs during summer and stops around early September.

The Best Beaches Near Ostuni

Although Ostuni itself is not located on the sea, this part of the Italian coastline is called Marina di Ostuni. This coastline is dotted with amazing beach resorts and beaches. Many people choose it as their base for exploring Puglia.

1. Lido Morelli

Sandy Beach

One of the best beaches near Ostuni and definitely our favorite. Why? It’s both huge and beautiful. Many tourists converge here during summer. However, due to the sheer size of this beach, it rarely feels crowded.

It’s covered in sand which makes it a classic beach. Perfect for any kind of traveler including families. Little children will love building sandcastles while the adults can enjoy the clear waters.

It’s also a Blue Flag beach, which is a guarantee for water quality. There are sunbeds and bars where you can relax and enjoy some cocktails. Great beach, definitely not one to miss.

2. Rosa Marina

Rosa Marina Ostuni
Orsolya Vörös, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

You will find Rosa Marina just south of Lido Morelli. There are multiple beaches here to enjoy and the free bus service runs until this point. This fact alone makes it a very easy place to recommend when you are visiting Ostuni.

The main beach is Spiaggia di Rosa Marina, a nice sandy beach. In many ways, it’s similar to Lido Morelli if a little smaller. We’ve always found it extremely clear with nice and friendly people at the local bar.

3. Spiaggia dei Camerini

An awesome beach located at Torre Santa Sabina. What makes it especially spectacular is the old bastion remains that can be seen from the beach. Found right inside the city you will get restaurants, bars, and anything else you might need within a few minutes.

4. Lido Bianco – The White Beach

Lido Bianco is a beach bar. This part is also known as the ‘White Beach’ due to the amazing sand and white furniture of the bar. As it’s a bar itself you’ll see fewer tourists than on the free beaches and you’ll get your own sun lounger as part of the service.

An awesome beach that’s especially great for adults. Sandy, clear water, and friendly staff make this a good choice.

5. Spiaggia Torre Guaceto

Although we’ve said Lido Morell is our favorite, if we had to select one beach as the best beach near Ostuni, we would pick Spiaggia Torre Guaceto. The only problem with this beach is that it’s a bit far away from Ostuni.

However, the beach itself is part of a beautiful nature preserve. It has charming yellow sand, crystal clear waters, and an amazing environment. We absolutely love this beach and if you don’t mind driving a few more minutes then we say you should visit it!

If you want to experience the ultimate views you can even do some light hiking on this beach. Going up to Torre Guaceto an old fort will provide you with an overlook of the Nature Preserve and beach. Definitely worth it, especially when the sun starts going down.

6. Spiaggia di Gorgognolo

A small secluded beach. It has a dramatic landscape with small patches of beach and huge rocks in between. There are multiple places to go into the water.

It’s a little hidden gem that’s a favorite for people who want a secluded spot. It’s also a great place to take awesome pics due to the rocky landscape.

7. Spiaggia di Monticelli

One of the easiest beaches to access from Ostuni. It’s a pretty small sandy beach that’s surrounded by rocks. Great choice if you want to visit something quick or want to do some walking and get on the rocks for the views.

8. Spiaggia di Pilone

Awesome sandy beach with great views of the nearby old fort. The sea around Ostuni is crystal clear and clean. You’ll be mesmerized by the bright colors on display.

9. Quarto di Monte Beach

Tiny bay surrounded by scrub-covered dunes and protected by rocky cliffs with a beachfront. The locals love it, but visitors don’t know about it. During the summer months, there is virtually always a joyful festival and exciting music, so you might choose to linger for the evening.

10. Cala Diana Marina

The last place on our list of best beaches near Ostuni is Cala Diana Marina. The main reason this beach makes the list is easy public transport access.

The beach itself is pretty standard. With white sand and clear waters, it’s a lot like other beaches around. However, the easy access makes it a great choice, especially if you are without a car. Usually not too crowded so that’s good to keep in mind as well.

Visit the best beaches near Ostuni

Marina di Ostuni
Davide Mauro, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Now you are ready for a vacation in Ostuni. Whether you decide to stay in the city or on the shore you will have plenty of options for beach days. In fact, you can go to a different place each day. We highly recommend that you rent a car when you are in Ostuni, especially if you travel during the off-season.

Make sure you check out our full guide on things to do in Ostuni and our tips for getting around in Puglia.

Best Beaches in Ostuni FAQ

Is there a beach in Ostuni?

The town is not on the sea, but there are plenty of beaches nearby. They are accessible by car or public transport.

Is there a bus service from Ostuni to the beach?

Yes, it runs during summer and it’s free.

How far is Ostuni from the sea?

It takes around 15-20 minutes to reach the sea by car, depending on which beach you choose. The distance is around 7 km.

Do you need a car to visit the beach near Ostuni?

No, there is free public transport but a car is extremely recommended for easy access.

Is there a sandy beach near Ostuni?

Yes, you will find many amazing sandy beaches near Ostuni.

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