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Best Campsites in Slovenia For Holidays

Slovenia is a wonderful country, full of lush vegetation and untouched nature. This means that camping can be an especially great way to get close to nature when visiting. We will help you find the best campsites in Slovenia for an awesome holiday.

Where can you camp in Slovenia?

When it comes to camping, you have a couple of options within Slovenia. First of all, we have to tell you that wild camping is prohibited in the country. When camping, always stick to the official areas.

1. Official Campsites

These are the most common places to camp. You will find them in almost all countries. They are official establishments, where you can camp with an RV or tent. You will have to pay a daily price. Usually, the price depends on the location and available amenities.

2. Camper Stops

These sites are most suitable for RVs or motorhomes. In Slovenia, you will find more than 160 camper stops scattered throughout the country. They are usually free, with some extra paid options, such as electricity or water refill.

If you don’t need any extra amenities they can provide a cheap and easy way to spend the night. Seek out the camper spots using this website.

3. Farm Camping

This is quite unique to Slovenia. There is a list of places where it’s possible to stay overnight with your camper. These campsites are usually farms or mountain inns, where they will provide some basic amenities.

It’s one of the best ways to connect and get to know the locals. On the other hand, it is a little bit harder to arrange than simply booking a campsite.

Best Campsites in Slovenia

Now that you know your options, let’s explore the first one. We have linked resources for the other two, but we will list out some of our favorite campsites in Slovenia for you. Don’t let the order of the list trick you. There is no number one or number five in this list. We think all of them are good options to consider. You have to keep your needs in mind and pick accordingly.

Forest Camping Mozirje

You can find Forest Camping Mozirje near the town of Mozirje in the northern region of Slovenia. When you choose this camping you will be located right inside nature. All around are forests, hills, and the river Savinja.

A great spot to start your hiking and biking adventures. If you are looking for some other options, this campsite in Slovenia offers some guided activities. You can do a number of different sports like rafting, horse riding, canyoning, and even paragliding. When you choose this campsite you will know that you won’t get bored for one second. The place is focused on fun and adventure.

Camping Mozirje
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Bled Camping

Maintained by Sava Hotels & Resorts, Bled Camping is located on the shores of the lake. Given the location, this campsite will offer you the best and most picturesque views and surroundings. You can relax on the lakeside and even go into Bled Lake during the summer months.

Its location makes camping an easy recommendation. Perfectly situated to start your exploration into the Juliana Alps and Slovenian countryside. When you get hungry you can soothe your stomach with a Bled Cream Cake as seen in our traditional Slovenian foods guide.

Kamp Polje

Kamp Polje is located next to the Krka River in Slovenia. It’s one of the most modern campings available for you to visit. Whether you are visiting with a motorhome or tent, you will be welcome in Kamp Polje.

As the campsite is quite new and modern, they have the sleekest looking amenities from our list of campsites in Slovenia. In the surrounding area, you will be able to enjoy recreational activities such as running and hiking.

If you wish you can rent bikes or canoes from the camp to enhance your sporting days. Additionally, you can travel the region and check out the local attractions for a great holiday experience.

Camp Polje
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Camp Plana

You can find Camp Plana towards the southern regions of Slovenia. According to their official pitch, you are only a 30-minute drive away from dipping in the Adriatic sea.

Just like Kamp Polje, this is a newer campsite. The location is a ranch, that has been breeding Icelandic horses. When you choose this camp you can feel really close to nature, as almost every building is made of wood for authenticity.

In the middle, you have BAR 66 that provides food and drinks for the campers. It’s amazing camping that is definitely worth your time.

Camping Sobec

You can find Camping Sobec in the Bled area of Slovakia. This campsite offers picturesque surroundings and access to a natural lake. It’s an awesome campsite where you can have fun even without leaving.

If you decide to explore the surrounding area, you will of course have Lake Bled and the Julian Alps at your disposal. Great location and a great campsite.

If you don’t want to worry about planning too much, Camping Sobec offers planned-out vacation packages. With reasonable prices, you will have a chance to experience nature and adventure in Slovenia.

Camping Sobec
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+1 Farm Camping: Camping Saksida

Although, we said that this list will be about campsites. However, we just can’t skip over Camping Saksida. It’s such an amazing place, that it deserves an extra mention on our list.

This camping is located within the Saksida Family Winery Estate in Vipava Valley. The picturesque location is guaranteed as you will be surrounded by a vineyard. Considering this, great wine is also guaranteed on your travels here. They even have a swimming pool for guests to use.

When you choose this camping make sure that you reserve in advance. As it is a winery the spots available are limited. To guarantee your place, book online.

Camp Saksida
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These five + one campsite in Slovenia are our favorites. When you choose them you will know that you have made the right decision. They are beautiful with great amenities. If you are the adventurous kind, we wholeheartedly recommend camping in Slovenia. The temperature is usually pretty great for camping, and there are a lot of activities to do.

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