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These are the Best Cities to Visit in Poland

We can all agree that Poland is quite an unusual vacation spot. Although it has definitely seen an improvement and jump in tourism it’s still not on many people’s list of summer holiday destinations. If you are wondering what are the places to see in Poland follow our guide. With these best cities to visit in Poland, you know that you will get the most out of your vacation.

What is the best time to visit Poland?

Poland is in Central Europe but on the Northern Side. Although it’s definitely not as cold as Sweden and the Baltic states it generally sees milder summers than the popular seaside resorts of Europe.

With this information in mind, you should think about the best time to visit Poland. Visiting in the summer can be great for those who are looking for a more active holiday. As the temperatures are not as high, you will be able to hike and explore even in the hotter months.

The fall and spring seasons provide an excellent opportunity for quick getaways. You can plan some 3-day weekends and enjoy sightseeing in pleasant weather. We especially recommend the spring season for this kind of activity.

Winter can be quite harsh, especially in the Northern part of Poland. You can go skiing and enjoy winter hiking in the mountains around the country. If you are travelling in winter, make sure that you pack enough warm clothing.

The Best Cities to Visit in Poland

Explore the peaceful and rich greenery of Warsaw

The green space in Warsaw is about 25% of the total area of ​​the city. Despite the increase in skyscrapers, the greenery is the secret to the cityscape’s comfort and clean air.

Due to this, one of the best cities to visit in Poland is Warsaw. From the fresh green of spring to the golden autumn leaves and winter cityscapes, Warsaw provides entertainment all-year-round. The city, adorned with trees that change beautifully with the four seasons, is attractive no matter what season you visit.

UNESCO lists the Warsaw Historical Center as a World Heritage Site since 1980. As the capital city of Poland, it has a rich history. The Warsaw old town is lined with unique stone buildings. The large area in front of the old royal palace is crowded with tourists throughout the year.

For anyone travelling to Poland for the first time, Warsaw can prove to be a great place to start. Tourists love to visit this city, from all over the world. It is the biggest city in Poland with many attractions and activities that will keep you occupied. 

Warsaw Famous Palace

Krakow, the glorious capital of the Kingdom of Poland

Krakow is the second entry on our list of the best cities to visit in Poland. One of its highlights, the quaint Royal Palace Zamek Królewski, was built in the Renaissance style. It was completed in the early 16th century and housed large arts and historical collections. One of the most valuable exhibits is the 138 Renaissance tapestries made at the textile workshop in Brussels.

Underneath the cathedral in the castle is a graveyard where the royal people and the great Polish men have their eternal resting place. In the centre of the town is Rynek Główny (Central Square). One of the largest square in Europe.

In the middle of Old Town Market Square, you will find the Cloth Hall building. It’s a huge historical market where you can definitely finish up your souvenir shopping. For those, who are interested in more than shopping, the upper floors of Cloth Hall are home to the Sukiennice Museum.

You can also read our guide to free things to do in Krakow for more inspiration.

Another highlight of Krakow is the Jewish Quarter. You can find it within walking distance to the Old Town. This part of the city proves as the cultural meeting point. You will find a lively atmosphere full of cafés, restaurants and pubs in these parts.

The Famous Wawel in Krakow

Poznan the center of western Poland

Poznan is also among the best cities to visit in Poland. Historically as important as the town of Gniezno. It has long prospered as a commercial town due to its location just halfway between Berlin and Warsaw.

Even today, Poznan has remained true to its history. It’s well known for the International Trade Fair Venue. It’s a pioneer in the history of trade fairs in Europe.

Throughout the year, various international trade fairs are being held every day, attracting many businesspersons and people of all ages. From locals to businessmen and tourists, everyone is welcome here.

The highlights of the city are the old town and its surroundings. The Piast dynasty-related Ostorff Tumski, and the suburban Lake Malta. The former brewery Stari Bruval, which has been transformed into a modern shopping centre while retaining a nostalgic atmosphere, is undoubtedly worth visiting.

Lucky for you we also have an amazing one day itinerary for your Poznan visit.

Poznan Old Town

Szczecin the former German port town

Szczecin is the capital of the province of West Pomorskie, formerly known by the German name Stettin. It is also known as the birthplace of Catherine the Great, the Empress of imperial Russia.

It is now located on Poland’s northwest corner. Close to the German border, it is the second-largest port city in Poland after Gdansk.

The city is divided into right and left banks by the Oder River, with Szczecin Bay to the town’s north. The Oder River flows through here into the Baltic Sea.

Szczecin City

Gdansk, Poland’s treasured seaport

The city of Gdansk has always played an important role in the history of Poland. It connects the mainland parts of the country with international seafaring trade routes.

In the early medieval years, Gdansk was the most prosperous town in Poland. It is only towards the end of the Medieval Era that Warsaw managed to outgrow this town. Even then, Gdansk has maintained its importance through the seaport.

In this city, you will find everything is about the sea. You can visit the amazing Maritime Museum to learn more about Polish seafaring history. It’s also one of the few places in Poland where you can go to have a vacation at the sea. During the summer months, you will be able to enjoy the amazing sandy beaches around the region.

Gdansk Maritime Museum

We have reached this guide for the best cities to visit in Poland. Exploring these destinations will surely provide a great holiday experience for you.

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