European Cities to visit Spring

5 Best European Cities to visit this Spring – 2023

Are you still looking for your spring getaway? Well, look no further! We’ve got you the 5 best cities to visit this Spring in Europe. Whether you are looking for sightseeing or to beat the crowd at the beach we’ve got a good pick for you.

Europe is amazing during spring. People are coming out of their shells as the weather is getting better. You will find flowers and trees everywhere that embrace the sunshine that comes along with Spring. If you haven’t done any travel in March, April, May, or early June then we highly recommend planning a trip!

Lucky for you we have just the list to go along with your trip. These 5 amazing European cities are the best to visit this Spring!

5. Málaga – Spain

If you are someone that can’t wait for the weather to get hot again then you can definitely skip ahead some months and travel to Málaga during Spring. It’s one of the sunniest European cities after all.

What’s great about Málaga is the plethora of options it gives you for exploration. You are right on the shores of the Mediterranean so if the weather permits then you can definitely go to the beach.

Sightseeing inside Málaga also presents plenty of opportunities for picturesque scenes and amazing buildings. However, if you rent a car you can see even more.

Granada (Alhambra!), Seville, and Gibraltar are all within reach but these are only the big cities. There are also plenty of smaller towns and hiking opportunities around.

Spring is truly the month for adventure when it comes to Málaga. It’s easy to spend even two weeks in town while you explore wonderful Andalusia.

Málaga can entertain the whole family during these months, but it’s also a very romantic place to visit.

4. Stockholm – Sweden

Those who miss sunshine will appreciate Stockholm during Spring. As you know Stockholm is located up north which means that the days are already pretty long during April and May.

Although the weather will not be as warm as in some Mediterranean places, it will be good enough for sightseeing. Add the fact that the sun starts setting after 8 PM around mid-April and you’ll find yourself exploring Stockholm until late at night.

Won’t blame you though. There is plenty to see. Whether you are interested in history or fun this city has it all. Spring is also a busy time for swedes. They are happy to come out from the long and dark winter which means pubs and clubs fill up.

Stockholm is especially great for couples during Spring.

3. Palermo – Italy

Palermo is one of the best cities to visit in Sicily and definitely among the top 3 to visit in Europe during Spring. It’s a city that’s bustling with life and as the weather picks up so does the tourism season.

Walking around Palermo is an experience in itself. Inviting restaurants, picturesque alleyways, amazing buildings, and historic sights everywhere.

You definitely need to experience the market whenever you visit Palermo. It’s full of interesting sights and fresh produce. We recommend getting a hotel with some kind of fridge as you will be tempted to take home some fruit.

Palermo is also great for exploring the whole island of Sicily. Whether you rent a car or use the excellent train system that Italy has, you’ll be able to visit towns like Catania, Cefalù, and Trapani – from where you can take the cable car to Erice.

Palermo is also extremely romantic so couples will love a visit to this Italian city.

2. Budapest – Hungary

The capital of Hungary is a great place to visit during any time of the year but even so during Spring. These months create some truly picturesque scenes on the streets of Budapest and the weather is just perfect for sightseeing.

One of the most unique places in April is called ‘Tóth Árpád sétány‘. It’s a small street inside Buda Castle, but what makes it so special? The street is lined with Japanese Cherry Trees that start blooming around this time of the year. It’s absolutely beautiful.

To get the most out of your trip you must also visit at least one of the thermal baths that the locals love. Gellért Fürdő is one of our favorites as it has a nice and spacious outside area.

If you are staying the week and feel like you’ve already seen most of what Budapest has to offer then you may also plan some day trips. Cities like Szentendre, Eger, or Szeged are all worth seeing and they are easily reachable by train from Budapest.

We especially recommend Budapest for couples. The romantic sights like Buda Castle and the thermal baths are all great places to explore with your significant other.

1. Athens – Greece

Athens will probably always be part of any list that has European cities to visit. However, when it comes to Spring, the city definitely shoots to the top of the list.

It’s simply the best place to be in Europe during Springtime. Those who live in moderate climates will love the warm weather in Athens. It’s perfect for walking around in shorts and t-shirts while still not being hot enough to disturb sightseeing.

What’s even better is that you’ll beat the summer crowds. You’ll get to see all the best sights in Athens without waiting for hours in line.

Apart from the main sights you can see interesting places like the Monastiraki Flea Market. Here you’ll find everything from handmade items to antiques. Lycabettus Hill is also a great option as it will give you one of the best overviews of Athens.

As far as day trips go, you can easily see the Archaeological Site of Sounion in one day. You may either rent a car or do an organized trip. Another good option is taking the ferry to the neighboring islands like Egina or Idra (a.k.a Hydra, the island where no cars are allowed).

Athens is especially good for families. Kids can learn a bit about history meanwhile experiencing the ruins and wonders of the city from a front-row seat.

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