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Best Hotels in Otranto – Our 10 Favorite Picks for Every Occasion

Otranto is a popular seaside town in Puglia. Tourists from all over the world love atmosphere and attractions of the city. Let us help you plan your next trip with our list of the 10 best hotels in Otranto.

We’ve put together this list with all kinds of travelers in mind. If you are someone who prefers luxury we’ll have something for you. Similarly, if you feel like a hotel is just a place where you sleep but the real experiences are outside, we’ll have some nice budget options.

1. Palazzo De Mori

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One of our favorite hotels in Otranto. It’s in the name ‘Palazzo’. We can truly attest that this place is indeed a palace and a beautiful one at that.

It doesn’t have a lot of suites and rooms but what is there, it’s beautiful. With balconies overlooking the port and a very stylish interior, you’ll have an elevated travel experience.

What we love about this hotel is its modest elegance. You take one look at the rooms and they have a very unique and luxurious feeling without being modern or too much. Staying at this hotel feels like staying at a noble’s house through medieval times.

It’s a nice hotel and the rooms are well equipped. The only thing we didn’t like is that there is no pool at the hotel. It’s a minor thing but for us, this makes Palazzo de Mori an excellent choice when traveling off-season.

Traveling at the height of summer might warrant a hotel with a pool.


2. Corte di Nettuno

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Our next hotel is another one of our personal favorites and another one that’s on the pricier side of things. Regardless Corte di Nettuno is a beautiful hotel that feels almost like a Masseria itself.

The hotel is themed around the god ‘Neptune’ – that’s where the name comes from as well. It has a prime location and it has amazing rooms and styling.

The whole hotel has a very seaside, mixed with Puglia, and luxury sprinkled on the top vibe. We absolutely love staying in this hotel. It also has a nice deck where you can see the sea and catch a tan on one of the sunbeds.

Once again a pool is missing but Corte di Nettuno is still a great choice.


3. Hotel Palazzo Papaleo

Our final pick in the line of luxury hotels and probably the most expensive. Everything is about relaxing and enjoying life when you come to the Hotel Palazzo Papaleo.

The staff is there to adhere to all your requests and the rooms are super comfy. When you choose this hotel you will be right next to the sea and inside the hearth of Otranto.

There are multiple wellness options like massages and even a jacuzzi. The views from the hotel are excellent and we’ve loved how attentive the staff was.


4. Vittoria Resort Pool & Spa

Hotel Vittoria Resort Otranto
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Vittoria Resort Pool & Spa is our favorite pick when it comes to value for money. Sure this hotel is not the cheapest around Otranto, but it’s cheaper than many of the luxury options.

Yet it feels really close to the luxury picks when it comes to amenities. There is a pool and there is even a dedicated SPA in the hotel.

The thing that does feel cheaper is the rooms. Now don’t get us wrong here. The rooms are all very comfortable and stylish. But they are definitely more simple than the rooms in our more lavish picks.

Regardless, the hotel is awesome. The restaurant is also great so we recommend that you book your room with the breakfast option. Many rooms have balconies as well.

Vittoria Resort Pool & Spa seems to be the perfect pick for a summer vacation in Otranto. It has a very nice value for the money. It’s very easy to recommend this place as one of the best hotels in Otranto.


5. Gelsimori

Gelsimori Interior
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Are you looking for a budget hotel in Otranto? Consider Gelsimori. It’s located right at the marina so you’ll be in the city center when you decide to book this hotel.

The rooms are super simple but they get the job done. Luckily the bathrooms are nice which is always a concern in the case of budget hotels.

Although the rooms are simple, they have a nice retro feel to them. Somehow we felt like being transported in the 80s of Italy. It’s a strange yet calming feeling.

Many rooms come with balconies that overlook the marina. The views, the simple but comfortable rooms, and the price make a nice package and a hotel we could recommend.


6. Venti di Mare

Venti di Mare is an excellent choice if you are looking for something that’s not a hotel. It’s a simple B&B with only three rooms available.

This means the experience can be very intimate and if you travel off-season you might get lucky with no other guests around.

The whole B&B is inside a local residential block so you’ll have a little bit of a local experience here. Returning to the rooms we’ve always felt like we somehow belong and we are not just simple tourists.


7. Agriturismo Serafina

Agritourism Serafina
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This hotel is for those who are looking for a more active vacation. Agriturismo Serafina is not directly found inside Otranto. Instead, it’s a few minutes north of the city.

We only recommend considering this hotel if you rent a car for your vacation as it’s pretty far from the city.

We love this hotel as it can give a great agritourism experience. You will be among nature and beautiful greenery. There is a pool, a tennis court, a playground, and many opportunities for being active.

The rooms are super nice and they all have a modern look to them. This hotel can be an especially great choice for families due to the available activities nearby.


8. La Zudrea

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Once again we are looking at a hotel that’s not directly in Otranto. Regardless, we feel like La Zudrea has a nice place in our list of the best hotels in Otranto.

The B&B is tucked away among the olive groves, making it the perfect getaway for a relaxing vacation. Although it’s not an official agritourism site it very much feels like one.

Even better, you have just one road in front of La Zudrea and behind that is the sea. The hotel also has some bikes which you can use to explore the area.


9. Marimar Apartments Case Vacanza Otranto

Miramar Otranto
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Miramar Apartments is a collection of full-scale apartments to rent for your Otranto holidays. These come well equipped and are bigger than your usual hotel rooms.

This is a perfect choice for anyone who’s had enough of hotels and wants to be on their own. The apartments themselves are nice and they are in a wonderful environment.


10. B&B Villa Striari

Villa Striari
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As our closing pick, we have selected a nice and affordable pick in Otranto. If we were to guess about the price we would say it’s cheap as it’s a bit far from the city center. Not a problem if you rent a car but even if you walk it is not that horrible.

The environment around the villa is perfect and we’ve felt super comfortable here. The whole vibe is just relaxation. As it’s near the outskirts of the city the area is very quiet. The breakfast is also nice and we’ve found the hosts to be super friendly.

Although B&B Villa Striari takes the last spot on our list of the best hotels in Otranto do not disregard this one. If you don’t necessarily need to be in the city center this hotel provides excellent value for your money.


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