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Where is the best nightlife in Corfu?

Corfu is an amazing place to visit. There are tons of different things to do during the day from museum visits to hiking. The island is buzzing with life and it doesn’t go to sleep early, especially in tourist seasons. Today we’ll help you discover the best nightlife in Corfu.

Whether you are looking for clubs or bars we will get you sorted. We will give advice on all the best places to go for nightlife in Corfu whether they are in Corfu town themselves or other places on the island.

Where is the best nightlife in Corfu?

Corfu Party Hard

Without a doubt, the best city for nightlife in Corfu is Kavos. It has a crazy party scene during the summer with beach clubs, dance music, and lots of places to drink. During summer Kavos is usually filled with young people who come here to party and blow off steam.

Of course, Corfu Town itself is not a bad choice. It’s a metropolitan city which means there ought to be places where you can party, and we assure you there are. With bars and clubs open late you’ll have plenty of opportunities for late-night dancing in Corfu Town. Although, it’s not as crazy as Kavos it’s more beautiful during the daytime.

Another town where you can go is Sidari. It has many bars waiting for you to enjoy drinks long into the night. It’s on the total opposite side from Kavos. This place is more suited for people who don’t want to go all crazy, like tourists in Kavos do. A more reserved yet just as entertaining town for the party in Corfu.

Nightlife in Kavos, Corfu

Girl Enjoying Kavos

Let’s take a look at the party haven of Corfu that’s called Kavos. This is the town where tourists come directly to party and go crazy. Only come here if you don’t mind drunk people, loud music, and tons of parties every day.

The main street of Kavos is lined with clubs and bars that stay open late into the night. With the town being pretty small everyone can usually book walking distance villas or apartments. This means you won’t need a car and that the streets are full of people walking, dancing, and enjoying life during the nighttime.

Best Clubs and Bars in Kavos

Let’s take a look at the best bars and clubs in Kavos. We will give you options on where to start and where to end your night. Read on!

Scorers’ Sports Bar

This is the place where most evenings start in Kavos. Some don’t get beyond their table at Scorers’ meanwhile others will later head to one of the clubs in the town. There are plenty of cheap drinks available to get the night going.

Every day there are some drinks on sale and you should always keep an eye out for a happy hour as well. Superb place to start the night with a truly chaotic atmosphere. It’s also a sports bar so when you are looking to catch some football matches, then definitely this is the place.

After midnight usually, a DJ appears to provide music and entertainment for those who choose to stay here drinking till the morning.

Atlantis Cavos

At Atlantis, the party usually starts before the sun even goes down. With foam parties and great music, this beach club is the perfect place to be. You can grab some cocktails head into the water and start dancing while the warm waves wash away at your feet. Most nights Atlantis is open until 2 AM.

TKD’s & Rodney’s Live Music Bar

Bar with live music and great cocktails. You will find this place on the main street of Kavos. You can start your night here with some great mixed drinks and later head to a party. Alternatively, you can stay for the live music and enjoy the vibe here all through the night.

Snobs Bar

Despite the name Snobs bar is a club actually. You can enjoy hip-hop/r’n’b music inside. There are parties every night. This is as close to an everyday club as it can get. Indoor space, flashing lights, modern music, and plenty of drinks will make everyone have an amazing time in Kavos.

Where to stay in Kavos for Nightlife?

Kavos is a small town and even from the outskirts, you will have an easy time reaching the center. This means that you have almost unlimited options for choosing places to stay for nightlife in Kavos.

Only choose an apartment or villa in the town center if you want to be right at the heart of the party. If you plan to sleep for at least a few hours then this might not be a great choice. However, if you want to have the coolest place in town and be only a step away from nightlife then book a room in the town center.

La Playa Grande kavos Boutique Hotel

One of the best party hotels is the La Playa Grande kavos Boutique Hotel. Located right in the middle of town everything will be very close. They also have their own pool and pool bar to enjoy drinks during the day. Usually, there’s a vibrant young community at this hotel where you can find new friends to party with.

Stavros Beach Hotel

You will find Stavros Beach Hotel on a street that’s already calmer, yet you will be within walking distance of all the major nightlife in Corfu. A true beach hotel right at sea with even a pool and pool bar for some daylight fun. Great rooms and affordable pricing makes this one a really attractive package.

Nightlife in Corfu Town

Corfu Streets

Corfu Town is an amazing city with many residents and tourists mixing together. It has tons of attractions that charm visitors from all over the world. In all, its fairness Corfu Town is not a party destination. When the sun goes down most tourists and residents head home to sleep the day off.

That’s not to say there is nowhere to go if you want to experience nightlife in Corfu. There are plenty of bars and some clubs that you can visit if you want to enjoy a night of partying. You will meet other tourists and maybe even some locals who want to let some steam out and enjoy themselves.

Best Clubs and Bars in Corfu Town

Let’s explore the best clubs and bars that you can find in Corfu Town. When you don’t know where to drink you can be sure that these places will be great recommendations.

Save Rock Bar

A great place to get the drinking on is the Save Rock Bar. Located close to the old town of Corfu you will have no trouble getting here. With a great atmosphere and a plentiful drink menu Save Rock Bar in Corfu will keep you entertained throughout the night.


Another great place in the middle of town. With super music and a big selection of cocktails, the AldeBARan is a good choice for a night. Many guests love the atmosphere of this bar and the friendliness of the staff as well.

54 Dreamy Nights

If you are looking for the true club experience in Corfu Town then head to 54 Dreamy Nights after the sun goes down. It’s a classic club with resident DJs and tourist crowds each night. It’s a great place to dance the night away.

Where to stay in Corfu Town for Nightlife?

Let’s explore the best places to stay in Corfu Town for nightlife. We’ll give you some nice recommendations for hotels that are especially great for party people.

Urban Suites & Den from LOC HOSPITALITY

Located in the center of town it’s the perfect place to stay in the heart of the party. This hotel has stylish and hip rooms that are well suited for the younger tourists. With an affordable price tag, it’s an excellent choice for staying close to the nightlife in Corfu.

Villa Irini Corfu

Are you ready to get your own villa? With four bedrooms it’s a perfect place to rent out when you are traveling with a bigger group. Everyone can arrange themselves into rooms and you will have your own villa for your Corfu stay. The beach is only a few steps away and the town center is just a couple of minutes walking from you.

Nightlife in Sidari, Corfu

Sidari Corfu

Let’s explore Sidari, the last town that we recommend for nightlife in Corfu. It’s located on the north side of the island, almost opposite Kavos. This place has a much more laid-back atmosphere with mostly bars and cocktails on offer.

It’s a perfect choice for a group of friends who like to let loose, but don’t necessarily want to party hard all week long. Here in Sidari, you can enjoy the sun and the beach with great sunbeds and drinks in hand.

While Sidari is a relaxed place you’ll still find awesome bars where you can wait out the sunrise over the sea. It’s a magical experience after all.

Best Clubs and Bars in Sidari

Read on to uncover the best clubs and bars for nightlife in Sidari. Let us tell you about our favorite places for a great night out when it comes to this small greek town.

Vintage Cocktail Bar

A huge selection of cocktails and a unique atmosphere await you in Vintage Cocktail Bar. We love this place when we crave great cocktails at affordable prices. It’s a good bar to spend the night and maybe meet some new people.

Siesta Bar

Siesta charms its customers with really affordable pricing and live music. They usually have a DJ playing or some karaoke party going on. We absolutely love the cheap pricing, however, we did notice that some of the cocktails were not very high quality. Regardless we find this place a ton of fun and an excellent choice.

Bolero Irish Bar

An Irish bar? Yes! Come here for the import beers and always crazy atmosphere. This is one of the loudest and craziest bars in Sidari. We’ve always found it full of tourists and people having fun and enjoying the night.

Where to stay in Sidari for nightlife?

Are you interested in the best hotels in Sidari to experience nightlife in Corfu? Read on and find out our top recommendations for hotels in the area that you can book and enjoy for a great vacation.

Del Mare Beach Hotel

Superb beach hotel near Canal d’Amour. It’s a great location that has its own pool in addition to being on the beach. You will find the hotel in the center of Sidari so every bar will be incredibly close. You’ll have everything you need for a great party vacation.

Hotel Mimosa

Once again a beach hotel with a nice pool also. This hotel is on the other side of the Sidari town center and provides a great option for saving some money. It’s more affordable, yet it offers a very similar package to Del Mare. Great choice if you are on a budget.

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