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Discover The Best Party Cities In Croatia

Croatia is more than a country with picturesque towns, beaches and old buildings because it is also the best destination for parties. There is talk of the crazy things you can do all over Europe in Croatia with beach parties, cruise ships, or festivals. You have to go to this country in the Balkans and let loose. Find the best party cities in Croatia with our guide.

The Best Party Cities and Regions in Croatia

1. City of Rijeka

A few meters from Kvarner Bay, you can have nightlife in Rijeka with many daily parties. This city may be your first choice for its variety of pubs, bars, and live music clubs. You can go to its promenade and observe that the area is very lively by locals and tourists.

One of the best places that we can recommend is Stop Caffe & Club. You can come here and have fun throughout the whole night. Start out slow with beers. Once the night gets going you can start switching up the drinks and have a lot of party fun.

Rijeka Beach

2. Istria

It is a peninsula in Croatia that you can visit to participate in some festivals and cultural events. You can have many traditional drinks within the area, listen to good music, and dance the night away. In Istria, you will find the Byblos club, which is very popular with tourists in Croatia.

If you want a more passive party atmosphere, you can go to Cabahia, which offers you incredible sea views. You can also go to the small community in Pula to visit the various open bars all day.

3. Novalja

Novalja is the main party city of Pag Island. When you choose to travel to this city, you can go to a lot of clubs and bars for heavy drinking. One of the best features is Zrce Festival Beach.

As the name suggests, it’s a real party beach. All summer long this beach is full of DJs, music and people having an amazing time.

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4. City of Split

With the city of Split in Croatia, you will have several options to celebrate with your friends or alone. This city takes on nightlife in the Diocletian Palace, where you can be part of various music festivals. You can also go to the Bacvice complex to listen to good music and have delicious coffee.

When looking for a place, you can prioritize bars like Fluid, Ghetto, and Puls in the city of Split in summer times. You will have wonderful nights where you will meet people just as partying as you and willing to drink for days. Split is an amazing place, and one of the best party cities in Croatia.

When in doubt, refer to our guide of the best bars in Split.

5. City of Dubrovnik

The city of Dubrovnik is perfect in its entirety for you to go to its beautiful beaches by day and festivities at night. This city is especially great in the summer. Just put on your flip-flops and head over to one of the beach bars during the day. You can go to the Revelin nightclub to have electronic music, rock, and other types of genres in a pleasant atmosphere.

If you don’t want the party in Dubrovnik to end, you can head to East-West Beach Club, which is very popular. Within this area, the party is present 24 hours a day, every day of the week in summer.


6. Zadar

You can find a cheap airplane ticket with our search on the homepage to Zadar. Come here and you will have a great time and a lot of parties. Bars like Kult, Lotus, and Brasil are the points of interest for tourists like you who want to have nightlife. You can enjoy drinks with your friends and have a wonderful view towards the coast.

The city of Zadar comes alive for the summertime if you are looking for parties, while in other seasons it is very cultural.

7. Hvar

You can come to the island of Hvar, and find a hotel in the city of Hvar. We point you to this city, because that’s where the nightlife takes place. This little seaside town comes full of life during the summer. Many young people come together to party.

You will meet strangers from all over Europe, who travel to Hvar to let steam out. You can party each and every night until the sun comes up. This makes Hvar one of the best party cities in Croatia.


8. Tisno

Tisno is a city in the Zadar region of Croatia. This place is known for the amazing music festivals it hosts each year. If you are looking for a big festival this is the city to come to. Events like SunceBeat and SoundWave take place during the summer.

9. Brac Island

During the summer Brac is not only a great family destination but a real party center. The beautiful beaches on the island are paired with amazing bars and clubs. At the height of the tourist season, it feels like the main cities on Brac never sleep. You will be able to party all day and all night if you come here.

The Golden Horn Beach

Croatia is an amazing party destination. Travel here, and enjoy the nightlife. You will have many colorful cocktails and shots. You are guaranteed to have heaps of fun.

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