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Top 8 Best Pizza Places in Split Croatia

Split is the gateway city to many of the southern Croatian islands. It sees many travellers each year. If you are a tourist in Split you must know where to get the greatest pizza in the city. It’s also valuable information even if you are just passing through. Split will offer a perfect opportunity to grab some food before heading out with the ferry. We will help you find the 8 best pizza places in Split, Croatia to make sure you get great food.

Pizza is arguably one of the most popular foods on Earth. It seems like that anywhere you go, there will be pizza restaurants. It’s no different in Croatia. As Croatia is on the other side of the Adriatic from Italy, you will find there is a great Italian influence in the city.

Bokamorra Pizzaurant & Cocktails

Opened in 2019, this place already offers one of the best pizza in Split. You can reach this place within a few minutes of walking from Old Town. When you come to this restaurant, you know you will get amazing food.

This place offers amazing Neapolitan pizza. Our recommendation is to go simple and get a Margherita. As the name of the place suggests, they also offer a great selection of cocktails to go with your pizza. Check out their Instagram page for pictures.

Pizza Margherita

Pizza Portas Food & Restaurant

This great place is located right in the historical Old Town of Split, Croatia. It’s has a great outdoor seating area. In fact, it’s outdoor area is one of the most beautiful on our list of best pizza places in Split.

There is a good selection of pizza available, however, they are honouring traditional pizza-making rules. There are no crazy, overstuffed pizzas here, only simple great tasting ones. Apart from pizza, you can also find the best Italian cuisine on the menu.

Pizzeria Skipper

Pizzeria Skipper is recommended for those who are looking for a great view. It has the best terrace view out of all the places on our best pizza in Split, Croatia list.

Apart from the view, the pizza is great. What’s even better you will be able to get some special ‘long’ pizzas here. It’s a perfect place to go with a group, order a huge pizza, and enjoy a night out in Split. Check their website to see their special long pizza.

Long Pizza

Konoba Pizzeria Feral

We love Konoba Pizzeria Feral for its local atmosphere. On the tables, there are old-school red-white checkered table covers. There is no fancy decoration here, it’s a simple pizza place.

Luckily, they are pretty great when it comes to making pizza. Located on a pedestrian-only street, it’s secluded from car traffic. Apart from great pizza, you will also be able to get some amazing local seafood in this restaurant.

Pizzeria Ivo Nr 1

Although quite far from the main tourist areas, this pizza place is a great choice for those who are looking for value. They have huge and thick pizzas. You will also find a great selection of local meats and seafood on the menu. All of the portions are huge. This is the place to go if you want the best bang for your buck.

Pizzeria Gust

This pizza place is located in a lovely old building. It’s a few streets away from the Old Town, but still within easy walking distance. Here you will be able to get proper handcrafted pizza.

The main attraction in Pizzeria Gust is their wood-burning oven. The cooks use it to make great tasting pizza. Although they don’t follow any ‘pizza school’, such as Neapolitan pizza, they manage to make some of the best food in the city.

Stone Pizza Oven

Gourmet Bar Basta

Located on the seafront, this restaurant aims to provide the most amazing food in Split. Many think it succeeds in that regard. They have a great selection of pizzas and other meals on the menu.

This is a great choice if you are looking for quality food. The view from the restaurant onto the bay of Split is also a great plus.

Bakra – Steak & Pizza Bar

The Bakra Steak and Pizza Bar is located on the other side of the Split Old Town area from Bokamorra. As such it’s easily accessible from the main tourist area of the city.

Although the main attraction is the steak and burgers, they keep a great selection of pizza on the menu. It’s especially a great choice if not everyone in the group wants to go with pizza.

Split Bay

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