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Best Place to Stay in Croatia for Couples: 5 Romantic Vacation Ideas

Croatia is a popular holiday destination on the Adriatic Sea. It is well known for beautiful beaches, deep blue sea, and lovely little fishing villages. The country is beloved by tourists who seek an affordable holiday at the sea. It is also a perfect destination for a romantic getaway or a honeymoon. We will help you find the best place to stay in Croatia for couples.

Along with the places to stay in Croatia, we will provide you with the most famous things to see and do in each area.

Find Best Place to Stay in Croatia for Couples

Brac Island

The island of Brac is just off the coast from Split. Although it may be one of the closest destinations from Split, it sees less tourism than the smaller islands further into the Adriatic. Overall, Brac Island is the third biggest island on the Adriatic and the biggest in the Dalmatia region.

Due to less tourism, we recommend this island for the couples who are looking for a holiday just among themselves. Here you will be able to find tranquil beaches with little to no people. Brac Island is also a great place for hiking. If you and your significant other are outdoorsy people, you will find great hiking trails here.

The quiet seaside and small villages make Brac one of the best place to stay in Croatia for couples.

Brac Island is Great for Couples in Croatia

Where to stay on Brac


The city of Bol is one of the bigger villages on the island. It also fashions one of the most famous beaches in Croatia. The Golden Horn beach is a white sandy beach that extends right into the Adriatic. Although there are many hidden places to find on Brac, this is not one of them. Everyone who comes to the island must check out this awesome beach. If you stay in Bol you will have the opportunity to go every day.

As a village city, it is also more touristy than the smaller villages on the Island. There are more places to eat, more things to see here, but also a bigger crowd. If you don’t mind this, Bol is a perfect destination for sunbathing and swimming in the sea. If you are looking for a more quiet holiday, consider the off-season. In September, both the sea and the weather will be pleasant, while most tourists will be gone already.

The city is located on the south side of the island, which makes it a perfect starting point for hikes around the area.

Hiking as couples


Postira is a village on the other side of the island from Bol. It is near Supetar, which is the main port for Ferries. This village is the picture-perfect seaside town you imagine when thinking about a Croatian holiday. It’s small cobblestone streets will invite you to explore every inch.

It is a great location for a quieter holiday than Bol. From here you will still be able to visit the famous beach of Bol with car relatively easily. The island has a well-maintained road network.

Things to do on Brac

Visit the Golden Horn Beach

Regardless of the place, you stay while at Brac, you need to visit this beach at least once. Not only famous in Croatia, but it is also a regular contender for best beaches in the whole of Europe.

Hike to Vidova Gora

Vidova Gora is the highest point of Brac Island. At 780m it’s not the most challenging of hikes, but in the summer months, with little to no shade it can get exhausting quickly. However the view from the top will be worth it. We recommend packing some finger foods for a makeshift romantic picnic at the top.

Have a Beach for yourself

While driving around the island you will see many opportunities to just park the car and descend from the road to a beach. We highly encourage you to do so, especially if you see a smaller beach with no people. Having a beach for just the two of you is a pretty great romantic experience.


Rovinj is a coastal village in Croatia, Istria region. It was originally built on an island in the sea, but nowadays it is connected to the mainland.

The main charm of this place is definitely the Old Town of Rovinj. Due to the island nature of the city, this part is almost fully surrounded by water. With its colourful houses and cobblestone streets, you will feel like walking in an Italian village.

As a holiday destination for couples, it offers plenty of romantic opportunities. You will be able to have candle-lit dinner right next to the see. You can just wander around and get lost in the beautiful old town. In the morning you can get into one of the very Italianesque cafés for a Cappucino, as you enjoy the early morning summer breeze. It is an amazing place to stay as a couple.

Rovinj, one of the best place to stay in Croatia for couples

Where to stay in Rovinj

The Old Town

While at Rovinj, we highly recommend staying in the old town area. Although this might be a little bit pricier than other options in the city, it’s worth it. If you can, try to get a romantic suite with a view of the sea from the window, or, better yet, a balcony onto the sea.

Rovinjsko Selo

If you would like something a little less busy than a tourism magnet, you can try Rovinjsko Selo. This small village is just a 10 minutes drive away from Rovinj. This village has multiple hotels with swimming pools, a perfect place to be #instaready on your couples vacation.

Whenever booking in Rovinjsko Selo, make sure you don’t book a place right next to the main road. Although from the map it might seem like a small road, in reality, it’s one of the main ways into Rovinj. As such the traffic can be quite heavy and loud at times.

Things to do in Rovinj

Visit Pula

Pula is about 45-55 minutes away from Rovinj depending on traffic. This Croatian city is well known for its rich heritage of Roman ruins. You can find roman religious sites, archways and even an amphitheatre. It is one of the best-preserved Roman ruin in Croatia.

Pula is amazing to visit for Couples

Visit Brijuni National Park

For a real couples getaway, you can go to Brijuni National Park. It is a set of islands just off the coast. You can get here by catching a ferry at Fazana.

The ferry will take you to the main Island. Here you will realize there is are no cars on the Island. You will be able to explore on foot. Once inhabited by humans, now filled with ruins and fauna. There is also a safari park on the main island, where you can see African animals. It is a perfect place to visit in Croatia for couples.

We consider this as a perfect one-day romantic place to visit. Once you are off the ferry, you can quickly get lost in the island and get away from any tourists that might have taken the ferry along with you.

National Park


Motovun is a town you think you would only find in Tuscany, Italy. It has it’s ancient city walls in place still today. Once you step through the main gate you will be taken back in time. As it is not located directly on the seaside, tourism is limited. This makes it a perfect little gem for a romantic getaway, and one of the best place to stay in Croatia for couples.

Especially recommended for those who are looking for a really quiet and relaxing vacation, this sleepy medieval village on the top of the hill is perfect. Regardless of not having the sea next to it, you can still easily access the beach with around a 30-minute drive.

Motovun View, one of the best palce to stay in Croatia for Couples

Where to stay in Motovun

Motovun is a small village. As such we recommend staying directly in it. You will easily find accommodations on quiet cobblestone streets, perfect for the romantic couple’s vacation.

Things to do in Motovun

Once you are done with admiring the beauty that is the small hilltop village of Motovun, here are some things you can do to spice up your holiday.

Romantic Dinner

This small village is an excellent place for romantic dining. You will easily find restaurants with terraces overlooking the surrounding valley. Nothing really beats having a candle-lit seafood dinner, while the sun slowly sets on the valley around you.

Take a walk in Motovun forest

Just outside the city is Motovun forest. It is protected by Natura Histrica, due to the European Oaks present in the forest. Following the forest trails, you will be enjoying a quiet and beautiful journey across this protected area.

Explore on a Vespa

If you are not afraid of scooters this is a great activity while in Motovun. You can either just rent a Vespa, or take one of the paid tours that will guide you through the most fun and beautiful places in the surrounding area.


Dubrovnik a city almost at the southernmost point of Croatia. It is famous due to an amazingly preserved, and huge old town districts. Dubrovnik presents you with one of the best Baroque Old Town districts in the whole of Europe. There might be bigger, or some with more famous buildings, but as a whole, Dubrovnik delivers the most comprehensive and charming historical centre. No wonder it appears on almost all lists about the best place to stay in Croatia for couples. We couldn’t resits to leave it our either.

The city was already quite famous, but lately, it has seen an increase in travel due to the popular HBO TV Show, Game of Thrones. It is indeed evident as you walk on the streets, that you will catch glimpses of Game of Thrones’s King’s Landing.

Dubrovnik, place to stay for couples in Croatia

Dubrovnik is a great place to stay for couples, but it is one of the more crowded locations. We only recommend it to couples who are okay with this.

Where to stay in Dubrovnik

The Old Town

Surely one of the best places to stay in Dubrovnik is the Old Town. Stepping out of your accommodation, right into a medieval city is nothing sort of remarkable. This part, however, is a very popular destination, even so than any before on this list. On summer the old town is filled to the brim with tourists. If you and your significant other like a little bit of life, and are not afraid of the crowds this is the place to stay.

Durovnik old town is charming for couples

Dubrovnik Seaside

If you are looking for a more laid-back place to stay, check out the Dubrovnik seaside resorts. Many will have easy access to at least one beautiful beach. From here you will be able to get into the Old Town part very quickly on foot. You can even get a room with a view here.

Things to do in Dubrovnik

Explore the city

We cannot stress this enough. Try to explore Dubrovnik in and around the Old Town. Go up the ancient city walks and get a great view of the historic downtown. Walk the cobblestone streets and settle into a café for a quick break. Eat lunch in a building that has been standing since the 1300s. If you decide to visit Dubrovnik as your couple’s holiday, this should be your top thing to do.

Take a ferry to Lokrum Island

If you want a day to get lost into nature and enjoy the beach this is a perfect day trip. There is a regular ferry service from Dubrovnik to Lokrum Island. On the Island, you will find walking trails, nature, old ruins, and many beaches. You can bathe in the sea at almost all sides of the Island.

Lokrum Island Getaway for Couples

Go Boating

Dubrovnik is full of available boat tours. You can visit an uninhabited island, go island hopping, or go into the middle of the sea and have a romantic lunch. The possibilities are endless. Visiting the Dubrovnik Port, you will be able to see and pick out the best boating tour for you and your significant other.

Losinj Island

Losinj is a beautiful Island in Croatia with lush vegetation and amazing beaches. The shore of the island is literally dotted with beaches and it is very easy to find ones that are empty or not crowded at all. We are in love with this island on our list of the best place to stay in Croatia for couples.

The main town is Mali Losinj. The town’s port is a natural bay and has been said to be the most beautiful harbour in the Adriatic area. The island has a really cute and colourful architecture. Seems like every building is painted a different colour.

Where to stay on Losinj Island

Mali Losinj

The biggest town in the area. It is beautiful, but also the biggest tourist centre around. Due to this, it is a little bit more crowded than the other villages on the island. However, the harbour of Mali Losinj can make up for all the crowds with its romantic beauty. You can just go to the port and settle into a quiet restaurant for the night, drinking wine and enjoying the amazing seafood that’s on offer in Croatia.

Mali Losinj Harbour

As the biggest town in the area, you will also have the best access to connections with other islands. If you are planning to have day trips by sea, it is a good thing to consider.

Veli Losinj

Just next to Mali Losinj is Veli Losinj. Sharing a similar name, it is also a very similar town. It’s smaller and sees less tourism but manages to maintain the charm of its big sister. A perfect location if you are looking at a quieter vacation. Still, you will be able to reach Mali Losinj port very quickly.

Things to do on Losinj Island

Explore the Beaches

As a first thing to do on the island, we urge you to start exploring it’s seaside. You will find many opportunities to get into the water. Exploring this lush island will prove a lot of fun, and there is nothing more rewarding than finding a beach, with no people and crystal clear water.

Mali Losinj Beach

Go Hiking

Just like the Island of Brac, Losinj presents great opportunities to do some hiking. As a starting point, you can conquer the Televrina, the highest point in Losinj. From here you will have an amazing view of the Islands. Whenever you are driving around on the island, if you see a parking spot, we encourage you to stop, get out and explore. There are amazing hidden places you can find this way.

Plan a one day excursion

Starting out from the port of Mali Losinj, there are many destinations available for a day-trip. We highly recommend going to a small island, where you can get a feel for untouched nature and swim at beaches not frequented by tourists.

Losinj Boat Tour for Couples

Croatia is an amazing and beautiful place. We could go on with this list of places quite honestly almost forever. However, these are our top five picks for the best place to stay in Croatia for couples.

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